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[Music] all righty so the way wolf is quite is kind of like ghosting the great drugs but there's a little bit of a twist so there is a wolf the wolf goes in hi yes direct threat to the players are the Sheep however the Sheep has a leader of the sheet the leader of the sheep goes out searching for the wolf oil the other sheep follow the leader of the sheep as soon as any player any of the sheep find the wool they call out let me get my phone because mrs.

Olav catchphrase y'all say y'all I think she said y'all we're going to the leader of the Sheep says that because they're gonna gather the Sheep into heat all the Sheep have to freeze as soon as they sing I sweat the wolf okay well as soon as the wolf gets pied the wolf can take one giant leap towards the Sheep but as soon as he hears the word wolf which is at the very end of the phrase rise by the wooly bully wolf that's soon as he hears wolf he can start chasing those sheep and those pyramids better run back to their pen okay now if the wolf tag sitting in the Sheep the Sheep then become Wolf's so then the next round there could be two three four wolf oh good take you can tell everybody is a wolf alright try this okay so we're playing this at night we're gonna play it on those dark paths down there so it's gonna be kind of crazy okay so this is the base Audrey's gonna hide she can hide roam this building that's pretty limited numbers building six so you go I will stay here somewhere we the sheep talk to run back to two minutes let's figure out the leader of the sheet who thinks they would be good and leading all their little sheep you'd be the leader this time because you know the phrase yeah okay nobody say so I go first everyone else follows me anybody can spy the wool all right well started and give her a minute all right guys here we go she's ready this is getting a little bit okay cuz it's nighttime we can't see her mom's the lead sheet with baby ducklings thank you to everybody who told us to play this game we've never heard of it before this is actually really cool I know I think we have to spike her okay I don't think it's a jump-scare okay but it's also gonna be scary we're getting pretty far from our pain guys did you get tagged you always get tagged oh I gotta get back before she gets me okay I hope you can see me but I hope I can get back before I get tagged and there was my pin I was so close yet so far away oh did you get all of this you too or say thank you the good sheep oh right okay switched places we're now down by building nine round two the sheep that are left are tight and Jordan who's going to be the lead sheep I guess do you want to give me okay okay suppose our wolf so we're going to go hide they get a comes ready okay so right here this palm tree under building nine is going to be our base alright let's go let's go wolves face that way hi just turning around and looking I'm gonna go down here backtrack alright so I'm off on the left side mom and hopefully we can give it a walk through the middle and you can strap them there they are next one these guys are the walls oh no you guys okay so this tree is my base this round everybody else is a wool guys I have to paste the seconds they're gonna go hide but I'm really worried because I'm literally the only one left I'm feeling they're gonna circle me and so have like one person at the base and like everybody else like kind of sort of in the middle and then at the end that way I'm traveling a circle wolves I'm so worried you guys so this base is pretty close by which is nice but I'm kind of outnumbered I think the time is almost up I don't know you guys I'm oh I'm so worried I think I'm gonna get out I just have a feeling this round so my tactic is to tiptoe in and be super quiet that way they don't hear me coming and I'll just hurry and say the phrase and get out of there as best as I can so let's be super quiet let's go guys you guys we're entering into wolf territory do you guys see anybody in there I don't know I'm feeling that they're gonna be right in that little corner right there or right in that corner right there okay oh my gosh but that's how it goes Gary okay we're gonna keep going nobody's so far they must be at the end or something oh gosh they're gonna be right here it's not just jump scared though so don't jump on me Wolf's we're good we're good oh no there's not much of this hallway left hey could you guys see that do you guys see that there's not much of this hallway left I'm not sure about this where the wolves where'd they go hmm Oh Sam I'm getting really far away from my base I think that's our tactic nope where are they oh my I don't know Oh mice machine I knew you guys had me really where's it on was it that door oh I only I looked in that door not through that door yeah you were actually in there oh that's a great tactic all right guys we're gonna start the game again daddy's going to be this time everybody else the sheep are you guys ready to go yeah okay so this is base right alrighty but I will okay come here guys who's gonna be our sheep our lead sheep is Audrey awesome all righty lute sheep lead the way got this guy's some run home against me I don't know if I can bail try yeah because I'll be in the back all the way down sweet to run a long way oh no and I'm gone for Jake's gonna attack by a stick like this kind of creepy guys there are a lot of places we could get trapped here yeah I was like K by magic this Scott scenario or you could go back here or anywhere but I don't think the wolf's supposed to be sneaking around cuz you're us let's move until we spy you see you really play fair you've been no rules on every game today is like dad goes rogue and makes up his own rules yeah sigit ball okay guys so dad better the rose a little bit so we took a ball we should keep the round half high beautiful as well or if we should cut every start and we're deciding that we're going to restart dad's can be the only one but everybody is still a sheet let's go alrighty Audrey okay I think already this is so scary it was behind us he snuck around he walked all the way around Viet last time this time you can't do that so check all the trees and the shrubs get true there's no keep your eyes open so you go through the dark alley [Music] what is this is this I got creepy eyes what is this what go guys go we're back we have no status right there and we have to wait calls saying and then run okay ready he's called us an Audrey can't make it everybody else made it Jacob – didn't back there son Oh Oh No find out so Jake's got flip-flops oh if I can't get him this is pretty bad Oh smart kid Jake that was genius good job buddy wait did you get new location by building one this is the base and that's the direction you have to go and mom and dad are the wolf Oh No okay everyone face this way okay let's go that's electrical ground no no [Music] [Laughter] I'm hurt I saw mom and it distance I was like oh no I was like I almost passed straight by then I like no poor chicken let's try to get that right so that way do you guys think they're ready yeah let's go great yes yeah sad them over there think it's a leg I guess yeah over there did you see that how do I go that's definitely there [Laughter] [Laughter] someone I saw someone with it you know you sometimes like I like popped out I was like I think that's someone like no someone was over there down that wall so we can't see okay what's our game plan joins a good leader we haven't gone out guys we've been lucky like two rounds it's true boots so dusty okay but they're the longest legs I have all of us she get outrun us okay let's go sheep no you are I hear them we're going down the aisle anybody nervous that's up against a cleaner yeah okay ready you go Jake's going first wait what's out there yeah what's over there oh no we have to go down the dark alley not really dark but you know it's scary I think and closest from behind we just run oh dear occult it's just like it's got me this way so the Sheep won this round the sacrifices Jordan but Joe is a good leader for those rounds she knew when it was coming so that's it for this video hope you guys enjoyed it and if you could give it a big thumbs up also cause of love do you want more wolf game and waiting app yeah that was super fun we love playing that so we want to know what you guys think down below remember to Like subscribe and share and and we'll see you guys next time [Music].

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