Wild ‘N In w/ Your Faves: DC Young Fly SUPER COMPILATION | Best of: Wild 'N Out

you [Music] [Applause] [Applause] if you've ever had roaches Oh bidness somebody's house with roaches ah it can be super embarrassing let's talk to him a little bit though when you owe [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] don't you know [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] hitman holla while the grand soon as

I let that chop off I kill everybody killing everybody when I'm in a club I make it ring I'm gonna okay do you read don't give me no big wedding man okay your word is compensate can I go back and come back again and I'll be middle door

look look look we pay pay pay pay we sleep and trip and we trip and we got knobs they're playing golf look I love me a tender can put you on an alligator penetrate then I come and get that money cut me sing [Applause] [Music] my white cable

what you a pool I'm trying to [Applause] [Applause] I mean abounding take all my boys that we sell it he writes with it I'm gonna show you that I'm so gangster I'm gonna take out so other app and play dice with this show is over because last year

was powder this is y'all ready stay ready head and gotta get rid I heard that [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] well I can't ignore your body is built like an extension cord I mean alright [Applause] [Applause] okay okay calm down a little bit he didn't really win yet [Applause]

[Music] [Applause] DC stand for the crack baby because I know you smoke crack boy he got a Wilin out girlfriend but on the low she like fat boys now that might be true you've been a wild an eyeful full scene you just mad cuz I hit one before

you talk to a doctor hold up wait a minute Jimmy I talked to his doctor he said he might don't make him he's so beard on the stretch my all the like pieces of bacon [Applause] I bet your favorite karate boo [Applause] [Music] I'm from New York home

with its symbol and boots jumping [Applause] [Music] [Applause] listen I don't know my name shouting below this I love beanie harness I really like your mama and putting a gum gum top I'm gonna chest that's the yum yum sauce okay okay yo uh you know my mom told

me about that she said it was amazing cuz when she's seen you he thought you was Asian she was lying [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] the game pulls out all your cheek so I just wasn't ready for that till she showed her breasts I call that [Applause]

[Music] [Applause] [Applause] gun fell out come here right tight check this out you ready look look look yeah you got a track called I hit it first you just make its Khun Jane sperm actually works Ward goes to Donald Trump [Applause] [Music] I want to thank everybody who

voted for the impeachment award I love peaches I'm glad Hillary Clinton can find those emails cuz I sit for a couple big I have a shelter for kittens come grab the cat below look I might beat you with a sonic boom your career ain't without auto-tune I thought

you don't get me though I hate you every time you do this in your video he ain't that dude a small Chris Tucker with these little Wayne tattoo [Applause] [Music] that's what interests he's very monkey since I want to dress like a Mizuki but now these are neat

thoughts I'll be watching that basketball housewives bull and you change the name of the basketball side chick cuz Jackie got a bigger nose I want to sing over the sine of C fish breathe the man sees beer but it [Applause] check this out right look I'm Chris Tucker

and man up in the puss out here's the frequent Craig not you [Applause] I ain't with the joking oh I'll make that body pop listen they'll beat your ass like Craig did you could get molly-whopped it's nothing like the riches you know throw him in iron and then

we move out the way and let his body drop [Applause] I'm on your side now debo three missing he said yo I like the majors [Applause] [Applause] I cannot believe knee candy just got you up you're being a while ago just seemed like that a messy what baby

come here boo so baby will I go in the coffin I'll be there okay see you mess with blimey I don't have you on the wrong way baby [Applause] listen come here skinny pasta look at this kidding you're not gonna help you crackhead Big Al's lives I mean

you could whisper in your own ears he look like a Rick Ross starter kit with a salt bath sphere you be behind bushes like I'm about to make that lion bring that ass yeah [Applause] yes I buy sneakers I feel it important I love them when boy what

is wrong with them Jordans wrong with the time you need you some stickers I bet when you walk yo I'm about to go got the sneakers you feel it no when they come to the kicks on their illness boy I don't know what you're talking about Willis yo

tartanbeat the evolution of Justin Bieber Justin Bieber at 15 Justin Bieber at 17 Justin Bieber at 19 Justin Bieber at 21 [Applause] DC hey my name is Chieko beep hey I said some about you earlier but you know you might eat no I got nothing else to say

just want to let you know I agree that do sittin right there look just like a Negro properly treat listen who does they eat little lies Scipio first baby daddy usually get repo and a second baby daddy out of shape I know I got a chance with that

ass cuz girl yo stems all load of place hey DC point coming that being wrong DC I'm bound to catch a case you can never hear blac chyna with that glow on your face [Applause] oh that was funny huh you got to know Yoshi if you go cheese

come on [Applause] we need to stop we need to [Applause] [Applause] Oh [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] my mother is a single mom the preacher says she got the farm he comes to the house preach [Music] [Applause] [Music] and the winner is Chris

Tucker [Applause] [Music] [Applause] first off I want to thank I'm tired of y'all calling me smoking cover cover cutter I'll let you finish but rush hour was your best movie of all time took me a white girl no you ain't talking about me please don't start yo hands

up you're dressing like a disco ball in the trailer park [Applause] I know you ain't talking about og right here uh-uh can we don't play fair how the hell yo ass 50 but still got baby help hello when I get down with him Oh G go give me

a raise I'm gonna get a Porsche a mic around and take yo cuz you gotta put in I got a full-blown horse Oh Oh swell [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] polo Michael Blackson let me make one thing clear you so black at night when you blink you disappear hold

up motherfucker let's go DC you know nig has to sleep with every girl to get him on a show right are you sure you wanna make that one out girl your wife let me tell you so I don't give a damn cuz I ain't no well I told

her you still gotta work for Nick because I'm a pimp [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] my boy chance buddy to get married so he let me keep his own Oh unseated him no I grow I say oh we see him look real slow I said don't

do that you lot and your new that you thought you get me but did not go down there girl teach me [Applause] [Applause] listen witness for you I beat it up she made me lick my girl in the best [Applause] my boy Nick Kennedy is so patty he

couldn't get caught or be so he got exactly glance wait a minute listen I gotta come home and save my team nobody had bigger than my bed Chico bean I need sit tight would I'm like right my you go here so big when your pal comes up they

like tight bridles I see the th [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] I just got one question I think everybody know where I wanted them when you put your arm around their Duke and you said you know big soldier is from the hood where he said any moment now

he gonna hit with you not see we're happy woods they got things out here Carl awesome she did good on saying hey you know I don't worth 30 million you know I'll say no I ain't trying to get none I ain't trying to quit know about no chicken

boy your parents must be beets cuz you built like day [Applause] your parents must be jealous cuz you built like Jay you got on the railways train ain't never seen real talk listen and I mean it look i'ma tell you it looking scary you look like a master

and scroll fairy in the bottom of the bank did you wish it you never hand I'm [Music] [Applause] with you Nick with you this you like cliff huxtable do much good but did your last boy back to the zoo walk your hands walk ahead [Applause] [Music] how do

people do this with the money you give them the question again all these people do this with the money you give them my boy I appreciated my [Applause] on the tree without the roof I'm the roots without my boots Wow wait out the south hi do the South

without the without the ropes cuz I'm a boss laughter I win you never lost laughter see you know but that's the cow okay you like to roll off Martin okay damn now let's get this understood okay if you wants to make a hit single today I bet it

sound like don't you know who [Music] [Applause] quick bring an ass here boys what you say at the heavy round but why you look like it put your titties face down Martini's tape down you need to stop your fake ass nickimja not what are they boy you built

like a ghetto Victoria's Secret model skinny here as what why bring yo ass fire fume get your show on hard to get my food at the drive-thru looking at well you know like the first person I ever learned how to draw you stick figure body have an ass

but look you don't get your small team back on the eat South fool look in there potato salad wait a second y'all yeah do y'all like follow Instagram and stuff you know you know the boy that was like gay and then he came he came out it came

back out and was like oh I don't like me is not mores yeah he was I got a don't waiver don't look just like that kid I was saying [Applause] [Music] Oh enjoy your lap around the theater because you're not gonna be booking any other work your lap

around the theater cuz you're not gonna be booking any other work you need to buy your Danian how do you take your got their braces off with your cut in the middle part stupid agar sitar between the wires just keep the wire [Applause] we completely darkness like you

live in like a $750 a month apartment and you like can barely afford it with your while and outside to fight know when it come to winner man I am proof sound crazy but although I did knock your head a Wilin out thing we come through it's Valentine's

Day Massacre movie see why you screaming thug life you look like the main character from A Bug's Life [Applause] cool I'm gonna need my respect look this ain't got nothing to do – cuz you need to get out there a relationship in check so let's go listen wait

girl why you coming to me i'ma tell you right now yo [Music] [Applause] think that you are bitch I don't look like an alien from little red states [Applause] braids and you look just like a farmer cuz you only deal with chicken what to talk do you need

what [Applause] I got one for you Donnie Tom I'm going over the wall [Applause] today cup baby every time I grab your head I always just want to give you a chance and there's something that you need to know I can't marry you today cuz I'm still [Applause]

[Music] [Applause] [Music] man Big Mac bring your stupid ass up here you to D D G whatever you hear DDT crow with you Chico's you stay your land right here now Big Mac don't come for the red squad you already know we do best yo ass ain't got

no neck so when you swallow your food go straight to your chance now listen hold up Chico yo buddy is so sloppy you dress like a security guard that ain't gold chase nobody we ain't no damn Busters Nick you lied to me who is this you said we

were gonna get uh sure wait a minute wait a minute that was unfair that was unfair your topic is African culture [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] you know why I did already mm-hmm I'm just let you know ain't nothing gonna block me from loving you know blacks

why that is so wrapped we the best team that is a fact this fat-ass will have an asthma attack these seats built like Bobby Brown after the [Music] [Applause] okay okay check this out right I ain't never seen no better rapper up that wall capris you can hold

it your mother pastor that's how many time that you been open don't need white people's favorite flavors what is mayonnaise [Applause] [Applause] come on now do you pick what's up Nate you good what's that nijo-jo that's my name that's my name uh if you had a trash can

right okay which one of these would you throw away okay your music career yo move a career uh-huh braids damn sweetheart I think your braids are beautiful [Applause] but I love my music yeah my movie summer please the fish let them talk about you like that you're just

a them do I fit it don't have my teeth I can't believe you did this don't like the underground and lami cuz everything down they're going out of business hey CeCe umm the ball baby you need that spark your booty says why that's Piedmont Park shit I got

some ass shots and I'm gonna knock at the door look at your nose it's not even that smoke everyday you doing cuz you ain't got no joke dude got a joke you just gotta listen you probably can't hear me cuz you boys keep [Applause] [Music] now listen mama

almost in the casualty they all didn't let me rap in reality hold up with the ropes no I'm comedian you know I got the totes holo we bow in it hold up what that he'll let on the seal what about have a girl real dripping like a water

I found it no good boy I know babe praise be [Applause] okay well if you'll get your goddamn Bobby Brown looking every little step I take boy if you don't get your goddamn who meet the potato salad nigga don't get so Jim clip looking ass like a ballet

driver let me go get your cost boy if you all get shot – my 7-eleven you can't mess with me your girl came to my store and gave me a Slurpee Angola won't give up what you know the next time I'm gonna steal out of yo people stole

the next time I go in yo people stole all my steal build big bag of chips from promised people stole yo man you know what I can't even believe this man out really buy I never thought I was gonna see them in person like this you know say

like they known for blocking shots they're like you only see them on TV man like y'all make some noise for the White House shoulders [Applause] the answer is things white people say while watching a scary movie what is oh my god can you guys be quiet what is

yes Matt one winning some black people watching the movie right now I'm actually I could never happen because human body scientifically doesn't and we get much blood what if I was on you guys inside you have been talking about shrimp night know that so please don't push me

you just make it a white man is doing the mannequin challenge all in Mariah's you and your wallet our girls we're tired matter of fact who gonna pay for all that formula cuz both y'all [Applause] [Music] yo hold on I got you that job ain't the answer hope

you inject into your alga castle [Applause] hold up hold up guess what TR am proud to deke canceled but that except I'm working so hard guess what you can also catch me on hip hop squad that may be true but guess what I'll produce that too [Applause] cometh

easy hey hey what you call a lesbian dinosaur oh no one lick a lot of [Applause] what I wrote I bet you once they bring that ass here to Jason Lee [Applause] you'll get your guard down but to get ready to play in the church basketball need you

got them I look like a black of mouth when you put it out try to light it again 65 next week you're a go how to shake is where you'll get to goddamn dress like a handbag a wheat looking they're so private you will get your goddamn fall

days ago I fell to sleep at the light come on gotta move boy if you don't get your goddamn decease you got something right here it's looking they're so proud if you don't get you got down what a devil's that in the gross [Applause] yo ass is too

big you need to quit I bet when you get in your bed you gotta do it just like this okay I said DC that was cool but you don't wanna battle me especially cuz you built like that tree on guardians of the galaxy ooh look at your titties

move dancing okay I regret sometimes I got this wait but see you you'll regret is in the middle of your face now chill that right now ain't it soon as I got this tattoo mother I got rich what up beat yo what up big over do that yo

I'm trying to tell you talking [Applause] [Music] [Applause] might hurt your pride but this height you dress when you can't find your clothes on your outside this Basha is always look at you you need to just switch you look like the dinosaur from lilo and stitch [Applause] d

we a I hear we're still Bobby so James okay some chain NAT sound porn beat him go get some look broad this on the front of approvals in Philly now you pay soon I got them okay supe hole oh man we took her allowed like a puma [Applause]

we are not related I don't know where he lives but I know DC sister and she know why my feet so big this my cousin Whitney and she's single has to be her last left cuz she got a chance just like DC [Applause] [Music] never did naptime I

never ever lay down I was to alternate go to the playground top of my playground then a hard yogur be swinging over monkey ball 2 mm I don't curl let me hat over slide hold up tree hole oh ooh oh oh you know what I [Applause] know with

three shirts and sixty five pairs of pants you're the richest homeless person [Applause] right please see that was funny but it wasn't towards reported dude I'm sorry I'm sorry about your no from far your answer is the cheapest thing to feed a family when you're broke what is

one of my favorite dishes noodles what is a wish sandwich today where's that aside what is sugar water [Applause] what is sleep [Applause] what is the syrup sandwich BC young fly y'all ready thanks BC you don't me gangster from Atlanta with as my last ID to bet that

hold on y'all Liberty math I do got a burr but get what when you wake up in the morning oh you know I did [Applause] [Music] why not a quitter take care yeah God I don't know we will you touch him he makes sound a fee [Applause] [Music]

every show you coming all you gotta do is press oh oh oh look like you need to help [Applause] – but how's it feel to be on television and this all you do [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] I wanna go to Africa so fat when you're gonna let

me go [Applause] Oh Gerty so do you beautiful y'all give it up for my wife come on nine you you know I trained you better than that now give it up they're back come on see that way I can't beat you you just give it up there [Applause]

[Applause] I see you know what you don't want to step up here cuz he know his feelings gonna get hurt that's why he back there dress like the windows in the church [Applause] [Music] [Applause] smash for free last time you queefed you popped out a nickname and CD

that counted as a sale okay don't tell me cuz everytime you burn it smells like with that only thoughts be wearing the bucket hats I just want to beat them in oh oh my let's put my no you go you're dressed like a picnic [Applause] dressed like a

picnic do that dance but DC is shaped like the garden and with your little hands and your little feet and all you think when you DC you my god but I still got a bar can't you dress like some leftover barbecue barbecue please no life no hair look

like curly fries that's true but I still do and oh oh oh oh whoa oh smoke huh to the tone oh oh I got one that's colder Q how big a shoulder to the TC [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] ah [Applause] you

wanna be one on TV huh that's what I do [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] things DC young flies built like alright what is a wish [Applause] [Music] [Applause] you don't wanna see my face cuz that means your stupid ass don't go to of chase oh now

I got the gravel and this wood to go see when I bang this mother OH [Applause] I'll let you talk to Brittany like that because he said I got a grapple it's called a ground I don't really care about the next season I'll really eat [Applause] now you

said that you was gonna fire you – no no I'd be doing my music man and Nick finally gave you a feature but I went home and took his eyes off the song features no features oh look Nick Cannon wants to give us a future [Applause] why did

you tear me to meet you here get up in his father – I can't be seen I told you this week this we're not in a relationship I already got a relationship listen you are moving too fast like this dude full head girl you are ahead of yourself

[Applause] Oh [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] patty [Applause] you tell me we were getting Paris Hilton not parade [Applause] [Music] come here I'm gonna keep it real you thank you pilgrim opinion last our pants appeals dance bitch that's gonna kick your way [Applause] I bet you once they bring

that ass here to Jason Lee well if you'll get your job down but to get ready to play in the church basketball me go get the goddamn I look like a black of mouth when you put it out and try to light it again you don't get you

got down on 65 next week yo I know how to shake it well you'll get the goddamn dress like a hand bag of wheat looking they're so private you will get your goddamn four days ago I fell asleep at the light come and gotta move boys you'll get

your goddamn decease you got something right here looking there so glad you don't get you got down what a terrible sad in the gross [Applause] okay shake hands with Joe conscience stupid sick hairy brain [Music] [Applause] Oh Maggie [Applause] give me your clock [Applause] give me little hat

cork tax if you don't get your loot here – you look wrinkled neck ass up out of your boy while your head the same size can I look back on the inside of a Sun flat seam I know what you got total slogan from you was walking around

Midtown with your ass that was like bring that ass here you know your hair so smiley said naughty girl ponytail oh you know with three shirts and sixty five pairs of pants you're the richest homeless person um oh [Applause] please see that was funny but it wasn't towards

reported Duke okay here we go i am nicolas cannon though ain't gonna lap what you like little mother you got a purple thermal the winningest own sake you got into thermal some purple [Applause] why did you tell me to meet you here get up what is wrong with

you I can't be seen I told you this we're not in a relationship I already got a relationship listen you are moving too fast like this dude 4head girl you are ahead of yourself [Applause] my boy Nick kara is so blind he told me that we was gonna

reshoot this in the summertime in Atlanta and I know it's gonna be hot so I made about all the women lights from oh excuse me ma'am you need one okay so me with a head I gotta fight I would let it go – I am Nick Cannon's thoughts

good damn I'm hot in a mother you know head I'll make it out you scared of y'all it's a boy dudes but I am planning on your handle I take hope will fold the tree away your talk stupid damn boy hold on a scientist drop the beat [Applause]

[Music] [Applause] oh gee those are easy those are too easy is your church friends and yo Scott away you spit out that water would sexy hey doodles turban come in one size right we got baby size turbans hey gray I look like a green Powerpuff Girl [Applause] I

like your green hair girl I do too everything nice this is my uncle and his wife nice when the police come around holy is where I had my we come here big man now listen big man hey you will never have a six-pack one two three oh you

got Billy rose okay DC you know I like the action and you look like an undercooked michael Blackston undercooked Michael Blackson you want some nacho please a mix with some broccoli come through who the hell dress you okay a strip club manager [Applause] all right DC who you

got over there man listen you you ain't gonna bleed ease first of all you need coinsurance you know I'm saying you probably seen them all all the car insurers and I ain't got no car but I'm excited man y'all give it up for the lizard of the Geico

commercial you might see him at Home Depot looking for job [Music] Oh [Music] your starting point guard coming all the way from a trap house near you your uncle he's your cousin I am Nicholas thought you do got a little uber dance wit way oh and look like

jet Lord Oh american dragon yo yo yo yo the only kid is Nick ever seen was a camera DC look like designer Congrats old panda alright booth sir I'm gonna get your life for this one come here wife bring that ass here now look the dish tracks about

Nikki yeah you put her in her place but guess what I got a surprise I brought Nicki Minaj here now say it to her face here we go now big boy all want to sound like no hater but when I google your name guess what came up a

refrigerator okay Colleen alright try to come in yeah might be big but I'm still demand oh if I'm the refrigerator get you the hands [Applause] is arbitrary hi y'all ready here we go big titties tight look look look mama mama we trauma trauma we talk look I can't

go to court I'm very scary we just passed them on a February look where it is there and why you look like your name is arbitrary [Applause] this my cousin Ashley she graduated from nine school I always say jinkies cuz you learn like Velma from scooby-doo this like

and she's a keeper do with toys and so Lisa look ahead in a day so right hey y'all go ahead look like a brake light [Music] this is my cousin and peep always approaches they always try to fight us cuz she look like I'm Rosa oh oh my

please put my bow you go you're dressed like a picnic dressed like a picnic do that dance but DC is shaped like the Garden Inn with your little hands and your little feet [Applause] that tattoo on your face you know that's a no-no it look like enough finished

coach logo if you live no one would be missing you you look like employee of the month at Jiffy Lube oh all right listen y'all know I'm about my bread you got a band-aid oh you need stop giving I was at the slut walk and it really changed

my world I was in the streets hoeing with your mom and your girl [Applause] cousin you got your hair like real puzzle but guess what don't nobody want to save you from it draggin ass [Applause] what did you want to be Christopher so bad why don't you go

ahead and save Sooyoung don't get your goddamn white girl out the hustling flow for you DC you got two toothpicks for legs and you built like a dirty q-tip microphone head ass boy oh my god damn you get you got down all the time you bring to the

barbecue against mayonnaise think you're messy and they wish you would do better you should introduce your top lip to your bottom lip cuz they never been together [Applause] we don't rap you were Real Housewives aside [Applause] hey PC Miele I'm tired of hearing you ramble y'all looking at

the face that got TRL cancelled you talking about tre I got counsel damn you hit me on the loan let's talk about when you called me three months ago tell myself please can you get me on the show she was like breathing me they choking me okay here's

the thing that is no rule so let me hear your Ron Ness okay TRL call me they wanted me to be a guest they said you really good and the fans know your face DC I keep it real they wanted me to take your place playin we all

know you ratchet you look like Steph Curry if you never made a basket these they all mean to be a hater but you look like Doug funnie if he grew up in Decatur okay that's cool but this is critical yo Dee is garbage Cotto outfit made out of

trash bag material okay it must be Thursday I better take my ass to the curb trash bag yeah I'll take that but you Soulja Boy if he never made crank dad [Applause] okay BC I don't mean to be rude but you so skinny and look like you allergic

to fool with pants that tight you can't even get your lean on you look like the wake up the power jeans on can't breathe in there is a damn shame you know what you need to do you need to go to every look here birthday party and swallow

the heliumite that below and maybe your boss a change DC there's one thing that I can't ignore your body is built just like an extension cord I mean you're a vapor you need a smoke a joint matter of fact your body felt like you're next flashing points all

right that was against white people jokes here we go back to the hood all right it's hard for me to pick up that you got some soft oh you need [Applause] [Music] now Nixon look they go hit is where you got a scarf around your neck that's good

[Applause] okay look at me right there what's that okay well listen guys calm down a little bit he didn't really win yet when he hit last night I had a hat is it in yet wait a minute uh you cannot be talking about my girl who sounds like

[Applause] just a them do I fit it don't have my teeth I can't believe you did this don't like the underground and lame' cuz everything down they're going out of business hey well PC on the farm baby you need that spark your booty says why does Piedmont Park

shoulda got some ass shots and I'm gonna knock at the door look at your nose it's not even that smoke every day you cuz you ain't got no joke dude got a joke you just gotta listen you probably can't hear me cuz you boys keep [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

[Applause] look why you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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