We Gave our Kids BAD CHRISTMAS GIFTS! *Hilarious Reaction*

towards a tortilla what my Saudi family guys Christmas is over oh all the presents are gone it's kind of sad this tree is empty this tree is empty and this tree is empty I have some extra wrapping paper and I'm not ready for the season to end so

I'm gonna wrap some presents now if I can just find something to wrap [Music] [Music] so I didn't necessarily say that is the presents the kids are gonna open are going to be good presents but they're gonna be presents isn't it the opening that's the best part not

necessarily what's inside but the anticipation of like ripping wrapping paper and tearing open boxes isn't that the best part rather than what's inside right all right so there is this trend that I have been seen on YouTube the people have been doing that I want to get in

on because I think it's hilarious I think my kids would react react really well to it and it's a day after Christmas so who doesn't want presents parents are wrapping ridiculous gifts for their kids around Christmas time and letting them open it and see their reactions so someone

is gonna get really excited to open this big boy all right guys so my plan is for this one to be Blake's because I actually have something cool inside but the rest of the kids will get excited about because Blake is gonna be opening her present first and

then they're in for a treat when they open theirs [Music] now to tell the kids that they have an extra present I said guess what you have an extra Christmas present we forgot it out yes they I put my stuffing it says girls guesstimate there are extra presents

under the Christmas tree that we forgot what girls guess what there was an extra Christmas present for each one of you that we forgot under the tree really come on Steven there is an extra Christmas present that you forgot to open what underneath a Christmas tree I need

Christmas present mom and dad forgot that we had an extra present do we have to go y'all here's to oldest of course Blake does first it's like every other time we open presents this poor guy has to go last always airports if yeah things at airports this is

her present that's about the right size do you have the big one what's inside present present okay ready [Applause] [Music] [Applause] all right Parker grab the big one open it and see what is it a torch a tortilla what [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] sorry

I guess you lost your present Jordan Lake one said wait Payton before you open it I don't think that's a tortilla you better shake it inside what do you think's inside Dietrich what is it I think you're gonna get something good okay let's see okay did you get

toothpaste toothpaste inside the box because we're good this year we better return it they're big nice Taylor are you excited to open your ear thingies [Music] okay ready you look so excited [Applause] oh it smells so yeah why is she so disappointing why you doing this I think

it's hilarious thank you guys upset you don't like your gifts I love their gifts so ungrateful I worked so hard on these like really what did you get dye you don't like diapers goodness gracious peeper rip it up grab some mittens some hats baller Express Express alright kids

so do you guys forgive me for the crazy presents earlier yes 100% who said no Jared ended why not Jordan all right guys so every year we ride the Polar Express and usually we do it before Christmas but guys this time we're doing it after Christmas we were

a little late to the game and ticket sold out but we're going after Christmas which is even better it's an extra day after Christmas surprise for the family are you ready to go on the train like I heard that we're gonna see Santa I thought he was on

vacation right now that's what I would do I'm gonna know why if I was Santa so I've been looking everywhere where is the 850 we're never gonna find it walked up to those people and ask them is this the 850 right when he was standing right by the

number the say 15 just where we go he's taking Sam [Music] I know Elvis was [Music] yummy yummy in your tummy [Music] she couldn't even stop a second from regular hot chocolates again it was stupid [Music] he's like [Music] [Applause] what's he wearing what [Music] dance is really

on vacation maybe he's gonna come in here all the kids train get a bell [Music] all the kids my uncle there you go did you just [Music] dear sir [Music] you look I didn't count and hit the club well guys that's it for the Polar Express and that's

it for today's video it's late these kids are gonna fall asleep in the cars we tried all right yeah yeah whoa thank you guys for watching today's video make sure you subscribe to our channel if you have it click that Bell so you can get notifications of when

we post give us a lot [Music]

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