Top 5 Outdoor Activities to do in Hoi An

I said right now it's five o'clock in the morning and as you can see the beach is already full of people [Music] hi good morning from Hawaii on in this video I will share the top outdoor activities that you should do when traveling to Hawaii on let's go when mentioning Hui on most people think of the ants in town with a Japanese bridge the lanterns the yellow walls and delicious food however Hawaiian has a lot to offer from nature the countryside the rice paddies and the beautiful beaches there are a lot of things to do in this beautiful city missus walking and taking photos around the ansan town here are 5 outer activities to do in Hawaiian but before we jump into the list is probably worth leaving a bit of credibility to the video we are in until we live in in Hawaiian and we're making video sharing our local knowledge about traveling in Vietnam don't forget to subscribe to our channel to see more videos about Hawaiian and Vietnam we will release a video every week and you ready let's get started number one cycling cycling is the best way to get yourself out of the tourist the ants in town into the rice paddies meeting the family water buffalos and see a different side of Boyan how young is safe to cycle if you travel with kids this is the place where you can let them ride their own bikes you can do the easy bike rides around the central rice paddies between the hotel and the beach you can even do longer runs into the countryside of camp kim island right now i'm in the island [Music] next with the Hawaiian city by a very long road check out our last video about why Hawaiian is the best second city in Vietnam or you can do the big R I like the 55 kilometers coastal ride to the top of – pass this is an amazing ride when you cycle along the beautiful coastal road from her and to Tanana when go up you to the top of the famous – pass this 10 kilometers climb with a 6% gradient brings you to the top of the elevation of 500 meters beautiful views from the top over tenacity and the land cold way the clam is hard but worth it [Music] number two swimming many people don't realize how close we vanish to the ocean Kogan has many beautiful beaches it will surprise you to know that the beaches in Vietnam are most crowded early in the morning our morning swim is a habit of the locals they often go to the beach at 4 o'clock and back home back to work at 6 o'clock so from 7 a.


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Sandra swim with the locals the beach is also a great place to practice yoga or Tai Chi there are many beaches in Hawaiian and it's very easy to find quiet stretch of the beach for practicing yoga the beach is probably the best place for Sun Salutation and you see the Sun slowly rising next to the charm Island number three kayaking kayaking is probably the most overlooked activity by tourists in Hawaiian but this is a great way to experience the time of Hawaiian from a fresh perspective I like to kayak into the mangrove porn forests these palm trees planted 200 years ago to protect the land from sea erosion when you're here you feel like wow this place doesn't look like Korea at all but in fact the ants in town it just free kilometers away oh and please check the time in advance if you don't want to get trapped like us when the tie was too low you can get a closer look into the local life by the banks of the river fishing is one of the most popular ways to make a living for the people in Hawaii on the thousands of ways to catch fish one of them is by the giant Nets the fishing nets are lowered when the water level rises to catch fish coming from the sea each fishing net is approximately 200 square meters by day they remain lifted out of the water to dry out and it's quite fun to move your kayaks carefully under the huge fishing net now I'm joining the Hawaiian cleanup event so every week on Saturday morning we use kayaks to move up and down the rivers to pick up Paul Kaiser British including plastic bags and bottles and trapped into the waters by irresponsible residents or tourists the campaign started in 2017 by people who live in Hawaii on and want to raise awareness among the locals and tourists about keeping Hawaiian and its rivers clean and green if you travel to Hogan on the weekend check their Facebook page in the description below for the event and have some fun while doing something good for the local community number four running I love running I run whenever traveling and I will tell you why you should run when you're in high on with a small population and a nearby countryside runnin is a safe and interesting way to explore and differently I often run in the hotel early in the morning this is the best way to avoid the mark rush of the selfie-stick tourists who invade the Ansan town after nine o'clock in the morning run in the old town in the morning you don't see any selling or buying but a very quiet answer in town gives the daily activities of the people who are actually living in the old town this is the Japanese bridge in evening but this is the same Japanese bridge in the morning another place that I like to run is a trackway herb village this is more farming community growing mostly vegetables and herbs organically running here in the morning you see the farmers working on their plots of land cutting the herbs to bring to the markets [Music] this place is so photogenic in the early morning so remember to take some photos I was all of run in the central rice paddies late in the afternoon this is one of the best places in Hawaiian for sunset watching number five diving and snorkeling whether you have never tried scuba diving before are you a qualified diver Hawaiian is a great place to spend some time under the water charm Islands comprises a small islands 15 kilometres of the coasts this marine park is a place for scuba diving and snorkeling there many dive location offering different ranches of death and challenges snuggling is also a popular option here the waves are small and there's a lot to see in shallow water the sea environment around the island has been improved and protected over the past 20 years if you're an outdoor person I want to connect with nature while traveling and if you cannot do it in Hanoi or Saigon Hawaiian is a place to get yourself out of the beaten path of museums architecture traffic and street food it's very easy to find negative feelings about Hawaiian written by many travel bloggers but there's one thing I find common of all the articles they didn't really spend much time outside of the ansan town the Anson Tao is a unesco world heritage site is a reason tourists come to Hawaii on but please don't judge the city by just seeing the ants in town travel slowly get yourself out of the touristy places explore different neighborhoods and do some outdoor activities I'm sure it will change the way you look at Hawaii on thanks for watching and I will see you in Hawaii on peace.

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