Thunderstorm at Outdoor Wedding! | Fun Austin, Texas Wedding Video at Brazos Hall & Four Seasons

Jordan, David, this space is filled with peoplewho have so much love for both of you.

Ordinarily, I'd ask that you'd just take aquick moment to absorb it all.

But I think under the circumstances, we'llmove forward.

Now the wedding ceremony consists of two parts.

The first part is moving back this way.

Love is not just an emotion.

Love is a decision.

And so by accepting Jordan's item of value, David will obligate himself to Jordan, accepting upon himself the Ketubah obligations of hisbride, the binding nature of nature and the deep responsibility of love.

I know what you all may be thinking, “Whochooses to get married in Texas in summer?” In the blazing heat and the potential delugeand thunderstorms, we did.

These guys.

That was pretty magical.

You know you plan things and sometimes thingsdon't go to plan.

But they turn out better.

And when it was over, Jord and I sat togetherand I looked at her fighting tears and I said, “Jord, I probably wouldn't change a thing, because it was awesome.

” And I loved every moment of it.

We'd lik to welcome everybody here tonight.

The Samson family have traveled from manydifferent countries.

Liz and I have a lot of family and friendsthat have come from far away, our own families are here to celebrate.

Let me take you back to that first time wemet Jordan.

She was coming over to our house for a casualShabbat dinner and before she came, Lilly ran to my room and anxiously asked, “Jess, do I hug her? Do I shake her hand? I don't know what to do.

” The next day, on Facebook messenger, I wrote, “Jordan, it was so nice meeting you.

Out of all of David's girlfriends, you aredefinitely my favorite.

Hope to see you again soon.

” Jordan, Dave, what can I say but finally? Your love is contagious and there wouldn'tbe a more perfect couple on this perfect weekend.

I knew you would be the one who would marrymy sister and handle my psycho, crazy, fun, but loving family.

I'm Elliot, Riley's fiance.

The story that I'm about to tell you happenedalmost three years ago.

Jordan and David had been dating for aboutfour years at the time.

I was scrolling through my Facebook in Shulwhen I came across a comment from my 88 year old aunt Pauline from Israel.

As I'm scrolling through, I came across AlanaSamson listed under Pauline's about page.

I immediately go outside and call my auntEv and I ask her how Pauline knew Alana and she explained.

That's when I realized that Dave and I wererelated by marriage.

I immediately called Dave and we were like, “Holy crap.

” I still can't believe out of all the guysat USC that Jordan falls for someone who has a connection to my family.

I'm thinking that maybe God did a little matchmaking.

It's freshman year and Jordan, a curly hairedJewish Kappa is searching for a date for her sorority senior sendoff event.

I always remember David, he has this coollittle accent, so I told my friend, “Who's that one with the accent? Maybe I should take him.

” We've got the wedding date on the right sideand then on the pants, “Hey, how are ya?” I had committed to going with another girlfrom USC but I always had my eye on Jord and I had kind of deep down hoped that she wouldwant to go with me.

He actually had a date to another one.

Yeah cancelled, cancelled.

We went to the senior sendoff together.

We had a great night.

We went in a limousine.

It was really a memorable night.

He came with me and that was the first nightwe kissed.

And then that was it and now we're gettingmarried.

I love you all.

Thank you, thank you, cheers.

Jordan has made everyone in our family a betterversion of themselves.

She's the kind of sister who is happiest whenI'm happy.

She is proud when I'm proud.

And she smiles when I'm smiling.

I know she always has my back.

So when you have the perfect sister and she'sgetting married, she better find the perfect soul mate.

David, you could not be more perfect for mysister Jordan.

The thing about David and Jordan's relationshipwas that it never really looked hard.

On the contrary, they loved each other soflawlessly and so naturally from the beginning.

You know when two individually warm and caringpeople come together and form a love so organic and so easy, it creates this sort of magneticforce.

It makes you realize how good love can be.

It draws you in.

It makes you want to be around them.

Turn around.

You look amazing.

Damn, you look good.

How good does he look? Ready? Let's do it.


Let's go.

Liz and I always enjoy bragging to each otherabout how cool Jords is.

She can surf.

She crushes it on a snowboard, a wake board, and a slalom ski, and she can actually barefoot water ski.

I mean really? Who can keep up with all that? But Liz and I stand before you to let youall know that she has found the one and only one person in the entire world who can keepup and then some.

David or Daveed as I've been calling him sinceI've met him is truly the one and only one for Jordan.

He is always there when you need him and evenwhen you don't ask.

The Harmon family has gained a brother, ason, a grandson, a nephew.

And most important a husband to our firstborn child Jordan.

When you first met back in 2009 through amutual friend at an event at USC, who knew that one day the two of you would travel theworld together? Jordan, you knew.

And David, you knew.

Because the love that you have for each otheris as strong as it is secure.

It's as long lasting as it is true.



Many waters cannot extinguish the love.

And that's being proven true right now.

There is no distance your love could not travel.

Today is your Sinai moment.

But today should only be the beginning ofwhat we all know will be a remarkable journey, the journey the fruits of which please Godwill forever serve as a bracha for you, for your families, for Israel, the Jewish people.

Mazel tov to you both.

Jordan Samson, we lovingly welcome you intoour family.

Jords, seven years ago you came into our liveslike a ray of sunshine.

David and Jordan may your home be the kindof home that is so filled with light and warmth it will spread to the community around youand to the rest of the world and then we will really, really say, L'chaim.

Nothing could have prepared me for the momentI saw you walking down the aisle.

I want you to know how lucky I feel rightnow knowing that we're gonna grow old together.

I promise I will always cook you dinner andnever, ever let us miss a meal.

I promise you're the person I call with goodnews or bad news.

I promise to love you and be there for youthrough the sweet and the sour.

I will do this with a heart full of pridefor the rest of my life knowing I have you, my best friend, by my side.


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