THE SCARIEST SPORT Dan and Phil play Golf With Friends 4

hello Daniel Phil I thought as about safe haunted holes but I'm gonna change that to zombie caddy lads and welcome to always gonna be the scariest video areas okay kidding me you want horror no this channel look this wasn't our bad idea a shocking amount of you actually

asked us to do this yes oh it's spooky week the only gonna play a few horror games what you want we want them to do spooky golf yeah so here we are today we're gonna be playing golf with friends first of all we used on our hats where's

my flag gone you mean a flag on this and now there's no flag you need to respect your property fell oh it's gone do we have to do this isn't it [Music] I've got some cobwebs to make them haunted oh great yeah that's exactly what I want you

to do right now witches I love that getting excited – looks like a bird's peed on it that's not scared okay there was an attempt and to add an extra spooks I thought we could turn this into a bit of a challenge as well yeah this is gonna

be the golf jump scare challenge so we're each got three jump scares each where we're gonna try and scare each other during the making of this video and then the winner is the person you get scared the least and you can play along I hope if you're watching

this with a friend you can watch this video and scare each other three times meet with this guy okay sure that's a spooks add yes add to the the lack of friendship so that begins when we start the golf round any 5mn could arise fighted yourself to this

I already fell dead nice why are we slowly zooming in on some kind of triceraton it's spooky and shit look Wow look at this she's human baby heads in jars this is up to every dream we could ever have what we're gonna call the name Fanta Wien physically

hurt you're disgusting password is no fill no there we go no feel no I created it so levels first oasis Twilight which we did haunted which is already there so I guess we're doing haunted yeah there we go or to me Candy Land which is the true terror

I mean right look at that don't know just go back that is the thing of Nightmare is actually pretty terrifying okay customize your bar customize my eyes it's Halloween I'm gonna definitely go for a spooky green how do I make orange how do we make orange this is

kind of oranges a bit of questions from Phil oh yes look at that that is very white look at us – we are ready to go and what's the password noir film noir please save me I hate everything okay I'm ready look at us Scott are you ready

for this let's do it ah-ha suppose you do Oh immediately let's look around Oh what is floating we're in a spooky house there's axes that are floating shares I'm a bit worried I'm sure okay go first I'm gonna I'm just gonna go for this power and then go

miss miss miss what is a miss here that's not a very scary pole though is it it could be like a skeleton hand no but I am looking at the wid floating baby mannequin haunted statue acts things that are coming up are you ready for the hole in

one oh there we go oh my oh dear okay my airdrome is no longer wells Phil went there we go and then I went a bit too far but maybe the next time maybe he's gonna power me to do better this extra adrenaline now what's this okay I

can't even see where I am right now which is not oh yes okay very fast in the hole the bogey of a goblin know myself I'm usually amazing or terrible there's no invitations no ever in between us there okay we've got a bit of a red glow from

this course interruption it is it's very red on the faces quite ominous okay whole – it's me Phil first me go right watch out lads Phil's gonna get you ghost oh oh oh good through the crack oh my god yes okay that was amazing Phil well done that

was quite impressive I should have been paying more attention to what you did the crack okay yeah okay yeah yeah no less less less less less that's right Oh eager beaver eager to be this boo boo boom okay we're in the floaty chair room ominous lightning flashes I

mean if you're having a drop dinner party that's the way to go floating chairs hey guys you're on the ceiling poltergeist activity oh right the rim Pacific Rim okay Oh oh my god another speed bogey from Dan imagine if you went super cific rim soon it was just

this video there'd be a disappointment wouldn't it yes fellas john-boy is that word he's holding the chairs analyzing at the jump scares and the score just flagging that right now oh yeah hollering into the night right where the F yeah uh scared by the lightning in a golf

game I see the Hollywood person okay oh okay right Eric and I can do this in two I'm gonna ricochet off the barrel there are puddles and buckets this is not being well-maintained Oh No hello thank you for joining me mine's got such a better glow than yours

and you got glow Envy no I'm happy with my green one Glenn hey yellow in my Oh almost did you see that I am on a golf roll today like the ball rolling straight into the hole Oh unlike Phil who has no idea what's happening your face pas

parler well done most of all Howell right you go first I too am scared of brains on trolleys going round the room sure ok let's see there is a big hole here Phil looks like he is preparing for a scare relaxing okay well that was a very anticlimactic

short trip over the hole where we're gonna go I was supposed to go second there I think we've got a good thing you weren't paying attention they go I'm gonna go for whack go for what oh oh oh one died and all actually worked out pretty well I'm

gonna go like this oh no okay this is like that place in Disney where they shrink you down and it feels really weird that place in Disney where they shrink you down yeah I can traction in Disney where everything's really big yeah or maybe it's Universal Studios I

know no wait which one it is anyway is weird I'm questioning your geometry quite a lot I'm looking for the hole well you okay wait hold on to your socks I know what I'm doing do you okay we'll go great turn face all right they'll write about that

in history books next to this are you ready boom boom boom boom watch an arc okay you know some people have a sexy thing where they want to be shrunk down and put onto a giant human in like a sexy way yeah macrophylla I thought about this before

very very unusual Dan but that's just very strange well do you think they like tightness of the railing zero king shaming so maybe although none of them have genitals so that would be a very strange dynamic okay I didn't think I'd be talking about that in this video

but sure here we are oh this is us okay I don't actually know where the hole is the thing so I'm going slow now we've got to go fast are you ready for this yeah boom I'm grace right after you I don't know what you'll wish snookered me

there that would distract it's like amazed this level oh okay I want six there's no way we're getting par okay or double bogey now this even get apart this one they feel like after these golf games are you bloody help dad like I'm just dead inside God how

do you not jump that hole ruined me I was ridiculous my hole is ruined through for real how have you got nerves of steel I was just so emotionally destroyed by my own golf flopping that there was nothing left there were no normal emotions right you go first

this time you supposed to go first like five goes in a row fine head towards a fibre lace that must be the goal it's another maze jerk and anyone's ever died in a maze yes because we'll start white good conversation I mean Doha ramp there must be a

bit of randomness that means some people never get out of the maze well I don't think anyone makes mazes that are so big that they do well I went in one there was astronaut themes I was lost in it for like four hours well okay yeah like if

it's a billionaire with a hedge maze and no one finds them maybe but I think if it was like come to amaze they're not just gonna let a customer die of a giant astronaut the game crashed again of course the game prize don't understand how bad this game

is it's never not okay we tried to redo it and get the same schools effed up a bit so I just have to toot once if fanciest once they were even – last time there we go the collision is on don't touch me okay I'm gonna go I

think it's not this ramp I'm gonna run pit of the wall and then over the top ah is that like a rich mahogany fireplace wall there already we're just gonna have to like skate ramp up right now very much like the Sims I think having a burning fire

under wood under an entirely wooden strangest yes right the dangerous gang are you ready to be fully jealous yes hit me with your triangle skills fellow Oh oh yeah are you kidding me Oh what did you just do with your tongue I don't know that's what I do

when I'm full like oh my god no this has gone downhill guys just scoop my ball into this hole Oh God this I'm not in the mood it's an annoying bird I'm going to shoot it right okay Jesus go oh man this is disgusting Oh Billy's back in

town absolutely horrific okay next one all right brain trolley look I go first you owe me like three going first now I don't know where to go I'm just gonna blind leap blindly guy lay leave in the trolley the trolley Oh phantom foot oh my god well someone

is pushing the trolley around Phil there's a ghost leaving footsteps and I totally miss to his whoops okay it's mum it's not my mum it's your mum's face that's you know really rude that was terrible oh yeah through the trolley I should get like a bone oh no

missed it your mum right okay this is like that thing in the cube where you can't go too far nothing is simple in the cube Daniel everybody understands the British game showed the Kuebler forums if you're not from the UK I'm missing out on the cube I'll tell

you that how are you are you really okay watch me do this Phil Oh Danny got a bogey what about Phil Langley feels quite close I'm close I was expecting Phil to be much worse wait this is a lot less satisfying than I'm crap wait here we go

here we go if you don't do it now then okay Oh even okay oh my skin oh it was a bit obvious what do I feel it's talking about someone at the door jeepers became the Jaypee you've used all yours up so he'll know to toast unto you

oh he looks friendly and my turn to go first now it's bath with the Friendly Ghost boom boom boom fuck and I've ended up there back then we started it is golfing Danny Caspar Lee after he dies right I'm going this way did the ghost he did something

the ghost is corporeal golf ball he does not believe in golfing he believes in haunting okay oh you pushed off well like he just helps you you just literally help spoon-feed you this golf course like a spooky gelatin yeah I'm going this way keep talking spot gnomes sounds

like you're about to start doing man's not hot don't get I'm ahead okay oh this is beautiful gonna go guys I am having the best day I'm giving birth I think pinging in unnatural directions that's the horror version of one direction what unnatural direction is that a septic

i floating in the background I feel like I'm spotting a very nollie Billabong which is not some reference to jacksepticeye or la what game are we exited guy not in yeah all right shit this is crazy this one go Phil Maxwell I'm just going on hold on you

literally look like I've got places to be by 9:00 okay so what the hell failed again okay I'm just trying to get over let me just join you on the other side no right now stop and watch me do my go I'm watching it and oh my god

that was quite yes okay come on cell cream Leigh sexual all right watch this you just you just made golf kinky and about it no stop okay one you're being weird stop wasting you goes nearly cuz you're freaking out too whispers right okay to go on there the

viewers right I'm gonna get this back are you Phil got one got one more stroke left so GL if you were rooting for me I don't blame you if you switch sides makes here we go what is fair weather golf supporters and that is a big big him

dong Wow shit Phil look at those scores don't judge me I'm having fun and that's all that matters right there's something weird happening down here spooky skeleton he's sitting on the course that was a lot bouncier than I thought it would be down the steps Oh through the

banister that Bowl was even physics is having a bad time right now kick me out please oh wait now you wait I'm like a dog you slay you dwell oh yeah yeah felt felt no no Phil you get to treat if you wait for me to go no

just oh yeah okay coughing ah right in front of it how disrespectful sleeping in a coffin cannot be comfortable as all I think vampires must have bad necks ironically bad posture right you've joined me down here now wait whoa yes oh thank god okay there's sorry miss that's

a bit I'm actually a bit pretty yeah that's almost a bit too nice oh look we're together change to the wall look at that laughs what did he do wrong oh he's not he's missing his feet where did his feet go maybe he stole something with his feet

and they chopped his video that's a very specific theory yeah you know I think someone should be rewarded if they manage to steal some this is really hard I'm just putting out the call wait wait wait no almost okay with this is gonna have to be pretty insane

to get over oh really this is not our we've both completely lit what's this no we've completely right as I knew one way capital knows go go no hit that glass thing crap oh we both flop with everything well that one rocked it just ignore everything with that

round didn't happen my my talking about never motions right something to scare you if you don't like spooky things everyone has a certain thing to scare you if you don't like spooky thing everyone has a skeleton inside them Wow yeah think about that it's the only thing that

keeps me going Phil boying well you need a lot of power I'm told our lad it's like the best thing to do is literally just I was actually back in a straight line ready Jamie come on come on bounce bounce oh no come on baby wait wait wait

into the hole witness my triangles the power of failure right what is it like this dink aah more like fills the bowl well I got around the hole bogey so doesn't really matter got a lot of ground to catch up Phil this is my ground you know I

know subtle clicks beneath the between the mooses caboose on is not a moose sure about you well did you look up black Phillip let's make it the Daoist make covenant with black Phillip Oh uncodable moon I think I hit him right in the Yaak balls you know were

you trying to think of something kind of more tasteful yeah and I just say you ended up saying balls yeah the wrong animal and then like going halfway around the room okay wait wait very badly behaved dog I would return you to the show what the hell is

your opening to me okay all is happening Phil you know and you just watch me do my jump scares were so powerful that I've just completely ruined you Europe you're shaking nervous mess okay this one come on not enough most a smooth one ooh bogey double bogey no

lo no game I need to somehow make up ten points yes well I mean it's happened I thought right that's horrible obviously the map artist a was having a lot of fun and they were like we're not a gorilla statue also got some baby hands let's put the

baby head under the gorilla is it a reference to Harambee or is that two dog it probably actually is I'm just saying like casual meme lords that would do this uh off the book I reckon boom O'Shea goin around for a bleep alarm there's a gorilla no there

was a gorilla Ram what the hell watch I'm gonna come go straight to the mooses mouth you ready for this oh my god oh my god I actually did I act oh my god the hype is real real around but that angle was very strange oh I don't

know okay okay that was tasty Oh God okay I think I'm gonna have to reposition myself watch me okay go on this is it no it's not this is it Phil says right okay I'm gonna I'm gonna reposition myself again okay I'm doing mine spook oh that was

a mess you can you can work with that load now I'm gonna get this in guys watch it's not gonna be even close to a double bogey but I'm gonna finish it finish him I'm going around this corner oh please don't please please donate your triangles have really

betrayed you they've forgotten about physics and how it works right let me try and get this it can happen to anyone at the best of times watch this watch this watch this smooth Oh imagine when someone's life is golf when they're doing an actual tournament or something like

that happens they're so sorry bad you're good we could actually watch a golf game nobody know the terminal area how it works like that brief time about invited Wimbledon and spend two days learning about tennis yeah lead the way you first oh jested by the books here we

go oh yeah oh each of us got a different shelf Oh same shelf more like hell me it's almost called shelf that would be their Halloween spooky Avia okay yes yes yes ah okay okay there's a there's a ramp and I can't I literally can't do I'm feeling

really stressed because everything sorry Bob wait wait wait wait I'm just gonna write let me ask prime ramp location oh my god right what did you do I just you know did I just went through that middle hole fell it's okay to admit yeah you suggested this jump

scare challenge I scared you so scared I just completely destroyed like a vampire you drained all my golf skills okay wait wait wait I'm gonna do this look at this well we I don't understand this I'm gonna pork it you might actually do this yeah yes uh-oh oh

yeah I've committed to this now wait Oh make those films return begins back for summer okay here we go Oh straight into the metal okay go go it go into the obviously you have into the cold rain yeah sure that's the God why would they even hype that

they're just giving all they're just wetting our appetite and then snatching the snack away this my god oh my god no has the Phil uprising truly begun no bad oh oh oh wait a minute wait a minute hello there hi retreat you fool bogey I'm back in school

is fine double bogey ah did we do that like a lot better than we were all levels left nice floating Bay lobotomize the baby put the baby on the jaw and kept him pickled yeah I go you go okay I'm going straight to baby head bank okay baby

if you not appreciate that baby didn't baby doesn't like it oh right I did that to you hotels going too far wait wait but just a casual just a little nice nice yes allegedly look this the several baby jars and a pumpkin first one again lots of baby

Joe yesterday oh no it's a pumpkin job oh good that's somehow less creepy they are the Yaak balls way if I just go like for insane is hell no it was good that was that 100 did you even remember what that this one I don't like how to

do it you go a bit forward first cuz you're too far away Erica I think that's the issue and then then that way no no no go right but straight line real whack yeah like that yeah no please see I give no best advice that was horrible advice

I try to be fair you literally had no idea what direction you were even going in oh oh I'm sorry everyone okay I think you should take a moment to just comment ask oh ah how much did that get you so you can play golf better oh boo

I'm coming around the mountain you that was very it was very overwhelming I wanted to get ahead of you I'm gonna go this way screw oh shit there's no wall there well nevermind green cobwebs scary ok I'm gonna do this oh no this is looking but uh I'm

totally like this is such an advantage for me see we gotta go up the cobweb is yeah amazing nope yeah good ok here we go oh ok oh I'm ready for this I'm ready for this okay pretty good starting position watch me go from Phil whoa round the

web that sounds like the coolest yo-yo trick ever Wow oh my god that gave me okay going off this edge come on yes yes that was good that was impressive it is dented but so was that two to go could I even beat you now if you get

like two twos and I completely screw it then yeah BAM oh I did a lot of good jar avoidance then that was good good jar of I didn't yes you should get like a commiseration trophy just good jar avoidance today spiders but is gonna be sore after release

like all of this way they've been busy ever hey there but they needed they need a break I'm just knee deeply knee deep in that spied about juice okay where do we go from here I'm just gonna walk it up the side Wow boom down we go no

yes yes yes no I'm back yes that's not the start no it's good yes I'm literally back where we were no that's not the start what is wrong with your brain oh no it's not okay boom boom boom I'm gonna get this in five are you Phil I'm

literally gonna throw myself out I'm having the most fun day ever this is a really great video thanks for watching I hope you had fun time for the last hole hello spooky man this is spooky what is that just like a pumpkin a giant pumpkin okay you one

of us goes left for me because right hey I'm really and here we go one really weirdly round wow I didn't even survive it I wonder do you survive it no no we screwed the pooch okay round we go I was a good one I got a bloody

glitch there it's a but I did a stroke but that's okay cuz I'm like still gonna do it okay yeah I was good that was good for me you did a clean one yeah okay just like next to me okay I'm gonna I'm gonna keep going the left

roots they need to go to the ax men of death now ah oh I can do it I can do it I see the pile is the last is the head of me are you ready for this this isn't Ords the spooky tree okay they're all babies have

you just realized yes about the start they're like henge baby mannequins okay oh I tell you although that was very stuff cuz I was so cruel at the end let me try let me try you ready I'm ready Phil go oh come on a little bit slower this

time hope yes yes are you at this point Phil I just are you your dad yeah at this point I just want to see you finish it I just want to get you in I need I need to formally nice well done right every only advice wait do

it when like they're coming up so now oh oh I believe in you good come on please Oh disrespect ridiculous my god with a score of a hundred and two to a rod Jesus the game was the game was over fell shaped what are the rules here I

thought I was safe because the round had finished jumpscares will be in the description yeah just someone types that in the comments well I'll see you in prison Kazan probably calling the police right absolutely I think we somehow managed to make that game of golf spooky I mean

whether it was the PC completely blue screaming yeah you getting scared all the times or just how terrifying my heart laelia was eating quite low I think this was a truly spooky Aereo give us a thumbs up if any of our scares scared you for the comments in

this video let us know you can subscribe if you want to see Kubik videos coming willing to our last one over there make sure you watch the last couple that I've been up here and you can check out our channels for less spooky content yes avoid babies and

jars I look forward to my life until the next time have to put this horrible hustle back

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