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let's talk about the corona virus pandemic in California's roadmap for reopening Sacramento County is seeing a spike in new coronavirus cases we had a record 93 new cases that were added Saturday another 91 cases came on Sunday the good news no new deaths were reported over the weekend instead the death toll went down by one Sunday morning dropping to 66 but the rise a new case this comes as County health officials issue a new order which lets more businesses reopen ABC tens Collison data is live in Sacramento to tell us more about the changes we're all gonna start seeing today good morning to you Carlos good morning Kirsten as a Sacramento County's new health order is now in effect you can expect thousands more in our area to head back to work this morning and as you are out and about today you'll definitely see many different things a few changes in our area one of them is actually just passing by right now to my right it's public transportation that is now in full operations here this is a twenty ninth Street light rail stop expect a lot of commuters hopping on today as they're heading back to work today the county's new health order went into effect Friday night after the governor's office allowed the latest round of phase 3 reopening to begin in 53 of the 58 counties in the state health officials are now allowing places that provide personal care services like nail salons and tattoo parlors to open back up and things like massage therapy waxing piercings can also resume but only with strict social distancing measures in place hotels lodging and short-term rentals are also allowed to reopen and jobs like plumbers electricians exterminators and landscapers are also cleared to go back to work the county's health order also says they must all follow the statewide face covering order issued by governor Newsom last week this new phase of reopening cursing comes as you mentioned earlier when Sacramento County saw a big spike in cases over the weekend that's why County officials say that these businesses must follow and enforce all safety guidelines back over to you okay Carlos before you go let me ask you this question our health officials concerned about the rate at which we are reopening when it comes to Colonna virus yeah definitely are concerned of course over the weekend they saw the largest daily spike in months so they want to make sure that not only customers but also employees are following all those safety guidelines that we've been telling about all morning all right we all got to work together to stop the spread thank you for that Carlos okay 606 for you this morning experts continue calling on people to wear those masks when you are in public to avoid spreading the virus last week the governor announced that masks are now mandatory all across the state but there are still questions about how that rule is being enforced over the weekend tensions reached a boiling point at a Walmart in Turlock take a look at this video police say a family was asked to wear mats and they were fused and then they were asked to leave the family allegedly refused to leave and that's when the store manager called police to report the family was trespassing Bobby crane shot the video of this incident and when the officers you see there the family out handled better desperate situation for store manager there we've reached out to Walmart for statement on this the company says it encourages everyone to be mindful and to listen to recommendations on using face coverings in public Trellick police tell us they are not issuing citations for people who refuse to wear their masks in public now that brings us to our question of the day who should enforce the masks order you can vote on our app or an ABC 10.

com slash vote and we want you to join the conversation on our Facebook page that's ABC 10 TV hundreds of you are already chiming in on this one so here's what you're saying this morning first off Emma ever says if I have to wear my mask for an eight-hour shift you can wear a mask for your 10 minutes of shopping we could all get back to normal if you just obeyed the rules thank you come in Emma Diana Wayne Stephen says I won't shop at Walmart's in my area because they don't enforce mass I wish I lived closer to this one I then shop there and Kim Snyder says it's up to businesses to decide to enforce the rule no shoes no shirt no service masks can be a part of that policy thank you so much for sending in your comments right now first of all it says 53% of you are saying no one should be enforcing that mass Porter sounds like you guys don't want to wear those mess.

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