Pilates 21 Day Challenge ♥ Full Body Workout For Results

hey guys we are just north of santa teresa in costa rica the sun i shining it is so hot and I've got a pilates challenge for you for those of you to that loved the pilates challenge we filmed in Thailand you're going to love this one number 2

this pilates challenge will be working through a lot of different exercises that will focus on your abs your obliques and your inner thighs inner thighs are an area of our body that we rarely focus on so I wanted to really incporporate a lot of different just for those

bad boys fight here all the description to this pilates challenge is down below of this video so i want you to go ahead scroll down read all of the description that you need to make this challenge a successful one or if you're ready grab a mat and lets

do this go ahead bring your legs up tp table top hands over to your rib cage deep breath in exhale dra the ribs in press the lower back imprint the spine hands behind the back first exercise twisted single toe taps touch opposite elbow to knee inhale exhale twist

and center reach opposite elbow to knee and twist almost there last one next exercise extending one leg at a time then double toe tap ready 8 times here we go keep going you guys lower back stays grounded extend and in just keep breathing shoulders away from the ground

double toe tap release the body were going to move on to our next exercise kick and reach extend and in reaching over your head inhale extend inhale lower exhale in keep going at your own pace lift shoulder blades off your mat dont stop extend and in almost there

you guys opening to pilates stance heels together toes apart hands behind the head interlace the fingers moving on to our next exercise leg drops 10 times lower the legs up and down ready here we go inhale lower exhale up stay up with the shoulder blades as much as

you can pull belly botton to spine never arch the back you got it your guys reach the arms up scissor kicks cross ankles back and fourth open flex your feet flex and in open and in open flex and in point your toes lift yourself off your mat scissor

kicks cross ankle of the other roll like a ball roll back and come forward hold roll back and hold try to find momentum here to find speed hold here 20 seconds inhale into your nose drop down to your forarms extend your legs next exercise called your corkscrew draw

big circle with the legs the bigger the circle the harder the exercise bend the knees a little bit last one hold this position flex feet here we go one two point three four inhale one two exhale three four cross cross cross those ankles corkscrew to the other side

big cicles keep going you guys last one inhale criss cross drops flex bring them up here we go flex the feet and up cross cross take it up point your toes bend the knees and then slowly lets come over to the side were going to do some lower

body exercises here knee side plank kicks bring weight to your hand lift that top leg eight times here we go one nice straight line with your body hold the plank holding that position for me inahale exhale breathing reach for the sky with that hand plank circles full side

plank stack feet hold 20 seconds here we go remembering to breathe reach under all your going to do is take that top arm bring iy through and release try to shoulder blade as you reach and open touch and open almost there can modify if you need to release

body all the way down tap your feet together to start lets take that left leg up try to have physical contact with both feet seven eight keep going you guys keep that top leg up the whole time amazing exercise for the obliques lift the legs high as you

can simply lift legs together 8 times air walk 8 times moving legs like your walking lets do it open up those legs beautiful release switch sides start from the very top here were going to go into our side leg lifts inhale exhale keep reaching that top arm hold

this position hold it here you guys plank circles draw that circle keep going eight reverse it keep pushing through it make our way over to side plank stack your feet going into plank hold that plank fro 20 seconds here we go reach the arm up pull belly bottom

to spine reach under 8 times in and open keep bottom knee on the mat keep reaching make your way tot he mat scissor snips touching bottom foot to the top lets go again engage through obliques toning up that wasitline try to get physical contact each time with both

feet you're almost done breathing through it awesome keep feet together hold 20 seconds five lift it last one air walk ignoring your glutes enhgaging your back here as well keeping upper body relaxed holding here now 10 seconds dont move engage yur glutes and hamstrings baby pulses awesome extend

lift as high as you can right into our heels beats one two keep going airplane lift legs and arms breath engaging your glutes lift as high as you can final exercises is pushups elbows close to you working the triceps 10 times stay on your knees almost done come

on over to your mat childspose reach the arms forward allow yourself to release tension out of the lower back reach the arms forward inhale into your nose letting go of tension giving your back a stretch lets come over to your mat come to seated with your feet crossed

take a deep breath in exhale thank you guys so much for joining me today you did an amazing job don't forget to follow us on instagram and facebook let us know how you like it thanks so much and ill see you soon

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