Outdoor Party Games for Kids

happy birthday to me! Shawn here and today is my birthday andI thought I would give you seven outdoor party game ideas for kids tocelebrate my birthday.

If it's raining where you are and you want some indoorgame ideas come back next Wednesday for some indoor game ideas.

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If you hear any babbling, that is my almost 8 month babygirl sitting right over there.

Let's get into this video.

Donut on astring is a classic party game that will have everybody rolling in laughter asyou try to catch that donut with your mouth.

Here I've used floss to hangthe mini donuts from the string that's just attached to our yard swing.

The bigger donuts probably would have worked better and lasted a little bitlonger but all I could find was the mini donuts atthe target.

so there you have it.

Building Cup towers is a lot of fun and actuallydifficult especially if you are trying to build towers on a windy day like myson and I were here.

We used index cards to make it a little bit harder, tobalance the cups on.

You could also practice pulling the index cards out andhaving the cups to stack themselves by pulling the index cards out.

Itwas way too windy of a day for us to try that so we were just building towerswith our stacks of cups.

You'll notice that they fall a lot but this isa really fun party game.

If you don't have a index cards, you can simply juststack the cups, the Solo cups, up as high as you can get them.

That can be another fun party variation of the stacking cups.

Here are my husband andson doing marshmallow wars with marshmallow launchers.

DIY marshmallowlaunchers.

I have a whole video on marshmallow launchers and how to makethese.

But you just fight with mini marshmallows and shoot them at eachother.

I mean what is more fun? This would be an awesome party, birthday party gamewith a lot of kids.

I will link that DIY in the card up above.

I'm leaving thebubble wrap noise in this game because you can bubble wrap hopscotch.

It'snot fun if you don't have the popping sound when you're playing.

Here's my husband and son playing Headshoulders knees and cup.

As you can see, my husband and son are playing headshoulders knees and Cup.

You just have one person call out and you take turnsbetween the two of you calling out the head shoulders knees and Cup and whoevergrabs the cup first is the winner.

Pool noodle charades is a lot of fun atparties.

Here my son is trying to be a bunny rabbit.

Here I am trying to be apenguin.

You just use pool noodles to act out your typical charades and youcan work together in teams as well.

Here my husband and son are trying to be arhinoceros but I have a whole other video on games using pool noodles that Iwill leave in the card up above as well as in the description box down below.

Frisbee twister is a fun game.

Assign adifferent point value to each of the colors: green 100 points, yellow 200, blue300, and red 400 points.

Toss your frisbees.

This is classic twister with a twist.

The board has a part where you have to raiseyour leg or an arm or something up in the air as well as put your feet or yourhands on the dots.

I hadn't really planned to include this in the video.

We werejust playing for fun here.

I pulled my back out after this video atsome point.

I apologize for the bad angle.

Don't forget to come back nextWednesday for some indoor game ideas for kids just in case you're having a birthdayparty or you need to move your kids indoors to play some games and you needto entertain them for some reason indoors.

I'll have some game ideas foryou then.

thanks for watching!.

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