Opening 5 Early Christmas Presents!

I don't figure out you'll look at that one but that's beeping animal we'll get to that one to that later [Music] welcome to an early Christmas video here we have some things that we got from some youtuber friends and also some things that are just stuff that we didn't really don't want to wait for Christmas to open up yeah and we thought that we would share them with you guys and do some early Christmas because surprise we are actually going to be in Australia for Christmas this year Melbourne is now they like to say it supposing somebody told me they'll be must say Melbourne but we say Mel born or Melbourne but we're just gonna go there we're not taking our Christmas stuff with us we'll probably do another Christmas video at some point but there are some things that you might be looking at then we just wait and oh come on come on what some of this stuff we really want to open so we're gonna do that surprise okay so first let's move some of this stuff away present number one came from our good friend Zac let's bring everything and cambrie thank you for the Christmas present thank you I'm really curious what this is oh no deeper and deeper and did we get something from D brand what bulletproof banana skin thank you okay so we've had this sitting here for a while we've been waiting for Christmas to open it perfect thank you for the bulletproof banana are you liking what you're seeing here what Heys awesome this – wait I can't see it it's Falcon in how can heavy I want these all in my room that is cool I saw that watch two space one time here did scale record oh it's showing on there there's a car but that's not a car a lot less three no your Tesla so you kids sorry this is the original Tesla Roadster with space man that's in space right now orbiting the Sun these are all going inside my new it's metal or are ya there's no questions AK this is amazing so cool thank you so much well why do we have to yeah got two things did you mean to give us two Merry Christmas oh man once we take eyes off of it – it's gonna look so good you guys are so nice look at that go the way to my heart want one of these in my garage for next Christmas it's like a real wind yeah somebody tweeted at me the cyber roadster like a cyber Tesla car and they took the truck and made it look like a car it's pretty cool it might even be cooler looking than this really yeah I like how they broke the glass on that – well I mean that glasses of that maybe bro that's even better that was present number one for Christmas Merry Christmas it was like three presents that were all amazing very good very your piece of all of my new in the room I know you want these on your room but I think he really was giving them mostly to me really will clarify yeah let's call him right now okay [Music] hey what's up we're both here we're filming our Christmas video right now and we just you're on camera right now so careful what you say we just opened up your Christmas present time roadsters that they are so auto roadster it ain't so cool yeah what was the question we had a question the question was who is the present primarily for like if it was for me I like a broom up my thing wants to put them all in his room yeah three of the pictures so we thought we'd clarify for you but I'm sure you guys can like work it out between yourself we'll work something out little competition sorry Lincoln you just have to get some cool sounds like that even yeah let us know what you guys think is gonna be for Lincoln we have lots of cool things here the next one we put this in the pile today this is a an adult coloring book called pooping animals a funny coloring book for adults see there's a dog and it's pooping so you coloring those two peeping me that's funny it looks like let's look for an example what it would be do dinosaurs poop yeah that's another dinosaur I thought they were coming yeah oh it's pooping that were really is pooping we specifically bought this as a gift that we're giving for Christmas to our friends I just seen Justine and Jenna they're sisters on Instagram and Twitter it seems like they always they have this really cool dog yeah really really cool dog with the dog thing Matt Madi Matt Veach a minimap and what did they like to do on Instagram they really liked taking pictures of the dog while Matt's pooping how would you feel if people were taking pictures of you and posting them on Instagram while you were pooping I wouldn't feel good yeah not feel good about that so the dog maybe likes it we don't know but yeah we clearly know that Jenna and Justine do you like it and so we thought let's give them this so we're gonna send this to them you can let them know if you want to on Twitter or something yet we're sending them a pink coloring but we didn't really get it but the rest of them we are there for us so pooping book number two number two before we get to a couple of the other ones that are look pretty awesome too this is one that maybe you would not fully expect you probably expected the pooping book this is my Brookstone this is a mix – er de sons they somali or the english sleep sounder did I say that right Leslie mix eldest oldest of may so you sound like Siri in our household every day of Lincoln's life we've always had sleep machines inside of our house like in every room even when I'm like sleeping on a plane it's like white noise going on in the background play noise i usually put headphones on and I listen to my own white noise problem is they have these the ones that we have right now have little holes inside of them somebody in the house I'm not gonna point fingers at anybody it could be Lincoln I'm not gonna play fingers but somebody's been taking a little girl bobby pin I mean it could start in your hole it could start with the nail then when it spins around it sometimes rattles we've been dealing with it and finally we're just like you know what we reached out to Brookstone and they said you know sponsor a video and we will give you a free work stone sleep sound mixer so let me tell you about the sleep sound mixer usually it's $99.

99 but right now it is $63.

99 create a customized blend of eight nature and relaxation sounds plus seven available nightlight colors to create the ultimate environment and a calming way to drift off or simply relax and unwind and there's colors at the bottom of it for us we will be going strong with the fan but for you you might like listening to some soothing flute and a mixture of mourning birds well you can mix that with the different thing and have seven different colors that are going on with this sleep macaws are really cool that is one of these fanciest sleep machines you don't even have to have it plugged in all the time when it's full it has 240 minutes of charge and you can charge it fully within just four hours so keep it plugged in or don't even plug it in this is a great gift for the holiday season for somebody that really values their sleep and wants to sleep better with some sleep noise and you can buy it at Bed Bath and Beyond it is available and we got this one thank you Brook stone for sponsoring this video we will use it every single night sleep soundly maybe even take it to Australia with us probably take it everywhere the next one we have yeah more presents these are two presents one of them's from a youtuber one of them's also from a youtuber this is from a youtuber called me yes you a youtuber called Lincoln if you look at the custom nike packaging and you look on the back it says this word on it Netflix official merchandise why would it say Netflix on a shoebox you might ask well this is a pair of shoes that I've been wanting for a very long time I was going to buy them and my dad was like no this is gonna be better Christmas present so he bought them and hid them and said my sister's room and I haven't seen them for a month in half and I am very excited hiding him since 1985 these are stranger things collaboration with Nike Lincoln you've been waiting forever o for it okay Lincoln's not seen stranger things this wrapping this is the art course star court mall it's a blueprint of the mall are you serious making wall yes look at them those are amazing you are straight out of the 80s back when I was five years old but the cool thing about these shoes is that they are great for what's inside oh yes the kids are soaked look at those fancy pens so Lincoln what is so special about these shoes you guys I'm serious heck this is interesting most people watching were things I didn't even know this but apparently like the upside down to the world where everyone gets like me or something sure and it's like bad to have fire there like it kills them upside down this is me like trying to explain a thought watching changer thinks with this shoe if you like light it on fire which sounds messed up it like scratches off see if I can make it something fingernail grabbed some fire [Music] it's like denim I burned through the denim like this is a strong torch well here's your new shoes son let me burn them for you Hill so nothing yes I think you should just not burn them anymore wear them to school like this no I just want to burn this night outside Nike logo in the back Wesley's very concerned behind it [Music] ah-ha-ha-ha fire n is bubbling supposed to see strange things she was linking whoa you burned through it I see the foam through it I think we should use an angle grinder on I mean that feasibly no Dremel on this one no razor blade stay tuned for an update on these shoes these are cool shears congratulations they're really cool that same feeling I have inside of me right now is the same feeling I had when Ella must broke the glass with the metal balls do you feel that same feeling yeah at least a pinch of cool you like light like wire this feels so wrong this is a strong torch burn through it the last one is really cool a little air went out of the building but we're not gonna let that affect us we're getting back to the excitement level of noise I know that bad let's just forget about the shoes for him actually not let's just stop that bad burns shoes hole through it this is a Tesla Roadster that says that it's actually 118th size diecast this is very difficult to get this is directly from Tesla no they did not send it to me my friend Ben from Tesla Nam –ax I was at the Ford eat ramen I thought they caught Maki that's right Maki and he said hey I got a present for you thank you for all the help you give me my youtube channel here's this which is crazy because I had just seen the tweet earlier in the day that they sold out in these and I think in one day and people were selling these for up to a thousand dollars I've never seen one more these in person so okay roadster inside of this right there has a really good weight to it really feels like really high quality Lincoln this is the closest you've been to the Roadster this is beautiful the door is open even says roadster like on your eyes you've got the screen with some navigation on it it's cool steering wheel which I would love to see if they actually bring up the collection let's look good just take a minute to it how do we pump the jump after the fire thing I think we're a page just having the trunk Oh close okay let's take this out then let's just leave it in there it looks great this will go maybe in Lincoln's room but now are in the studio and then actually get all the paintings [Music] that is a beautiful car yeah hopefully 2020 we'll actually get one of these amazing cars for free because of the referrals I think right now we are number seven in the world 277 in the u.


241 referrals so guys thank you for using our code I can't believe you hundred and forty one my god this steering wheel if you turn the steering wheel the wheels turn I gotta be honest this does get me excited for the actual Roadster like it makes it feel more real that it's coming yeah and it's strange that Elon keeps driving the sniper truck around but doesn't rent the Roadster round like let's get this going he drives a cyber check right over the round yesterday this weekend so there's a few of our Christmas presents yeah we opened them up early this is kind of not the best cuz I didn't know we weren't supposed to use the lighter door you but this does look good but the painting Thank You Zach Thank You family this Justine your presence and mail and burst oh thank you for sponsoring this video and hooking us up with a sleep sound mixer and if you would like to get one of these you go to Bed Bath & Beyond we'll put a link in the description for some more information about this and merry Christmas to you we will be down under a Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne I don't know you let us know how it's there the ocean there ice is really cool this is really cool that's really cool that's really cool my Christmas Merry Christmas happy holiday yeah Thank You Leslie wait how do you say in French though Siri how do we say happy holidays in French thank you [Music] nothing bad is Melbourne like an ocean place it is on the coat okay got it yeah I burn my shoes.

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