New Suzuki Swift Sport Hybrid 2020 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a newvideo the new Suzuki Swift 2020 mild hybrid it's right here with me and I'mreally happy to review it for you interior/exterior I will go throughevery detail and I hope you will enjoy the video I will start first time bytelling you that this car it's a mild hybrid that mean it has a 12 voltbattery under the front seats also the inverter it's also under the front seatso the extra weight for this car it's only 50 kilograms so don't worry abouttoo much about the heavy of the car because it's almost similar with thenormal version of the Swift and what can I tell you it's that they improve theconsumption of the car by 10 percent around 10 percent and also the co2emission around 10 percent there maybe a little bit less but they still improve alittle bit more those those components and I think in my opinion with all thoseregulation these days and they did a great jobnow LED light in the front the blinkers and the turn signals as you see here inthe front they are normal both light no LED but the daylight it's LED and notonly the daylight but also the low beam and the high beam are LED light butabout that I will show you a little bit later here on the mirror we have an LEDlight on the blinkers so you can see it very well right here then you can seethe mirror it's pretty big it's also come with blind spot technology rightthere in the corner and also the mirrors are heated so in the winter you don'thave to worry about freezing it we have the keyless entrance lock unlock the caronly with your key in your pocket so that's another cool feature in the backas in the front the turn signals are normal bulb light no a ladyright but the tail light it's LED and it's look really coolalso on the left side we have the tank so if you want to fill the tank it's onthe left side just to make an idea about that then we have a swift sport logoright here on the right side a little bit downer we have the hybrid logo soyou you will know that it is a hybrid version I like very much the exhaustpipe the two exhaust pipe I think they look really spectacular and in myopinion the back design of the car it is spectacular and it looked nice and alsothe car have four parking sensors in the back and four parking sensors in thefront I will show a little bit later I like very much this plastic here the waythey design the down part of the plastic if you look closely guys they have thisdesign on the plastic the plastic looked like a carbon fiber so I like that verymuch LED light on the number plate and againsomething cool we have camera reverse camera and then you have that fog lampsdirectly in the middle and the brake light it is up on the roof I've shown inthe moment right here on the roof the roof spoiler has a nice design in theblack because all the roof of the car it's in black here it's also the thebrake light the LED light and you can see the roof it's in black the car is intwo colors also the handle in the back it's the same as on the normal versionof the Suzuki Swift and the rims they look also pretty spectacular and I thinkthey fit very well with the car the design the way they look I think theyare just perfect for the way the car it's looking I don't know it just makean idea of yourself but I think they stay they fit perfectly and I likevery much the way they insert those plastic even in the front here on thefront bumper those plastic and carbon fiber design they look spectacularhere's the fog lamp it's also normal bulb lights so no LED light on the foglamps again the plastic in the front the same nice design if you look closely onthe design it's like carbon fiber and yeah of course the front of the carnow again we want to show you something here are the cameras for the lane assistalso the raining sensors and if I'm not wrong I'm not sure if the car can readtraffic speed limit I will have to check it out but anyway I like this color thiscolor it fits very well with black and I like also those plastic that they addunder the car there I think they make the car look much more sporty ER andspectacular here are some information about the car we have the 1.

4 literpetrol engine 129 horsepower here are all the options and this is the price 27thousand francs around 26, 000 new dollars and I think around 25, 000 heromaybe less 24, 000 you are around there now it will go inside I want to show youalso the trunk and to be honest guys it's a very simple trunk don't expect tofind so high quality inside here but it's a very practical car and I thinkthe price it's super awesome and look at look at here look at how much space youhave in the trunk you have 40 centimeter deepness there you have a light a normalboth light here you have some hooks in the left sides and plenty of space forsuch a small car I think that trunk it's it's pretty bigand this is something that most of the the people that are living in the cityand not only most of the people that want to go in holiday with this car theywill be happy to find that this car it's it's really spacious and you have a bigentrance in the trunk right here you can see it better right now I take out thattrunk protection for you so you can see it better and I think the space it'spretty good also I will fold down the seats and I'll show how easy is to folddown the seats you just have to put your press that button push it down and youcan see how the car look with all seats folding down we have a bump there Ithink 20 centimeter it's kind of a little inconvenient but you can fit herethe all four tires only in the trunk without any problem and you have a hugespace for a city car you have really a normal space and the price it's alsovery good for what this Suzuki Swift can offer I think it is pretty good spacehere and also you still have plenty of space on the legs there so let me showyou it is a little bump between the seats but still plenty of space there soin my opinion a lot of space in the car going forward guys and I just want toshow you the interior and the space there we will start with the doors asyou can see here is the handle it's make a little bit of blind spot from theinterior other than that one simple fix window we have some plastic most of thedoor it's made from plastic even here it's aplastic even if it's have a little different design it's still plasticelectric windows I like that also a space for a bottle there and the speakerbig entrance in the back I like that the seats are made fromfabric material so no leather stuff like thatI just fabric material your straight away they don't have side support orsomething like that in the back but they are pretty comfortable behind the frontseats we have soft material stuff material and pretty small space behindthe passenger seat you can see it closed up here no center armrest or somethinglike that other than that just the seats so now I will go inside to show you thespace so you can see for yourself the space the seats in the front it's anormal position normal driving position maybe I can do it a little bit more infront for me and the space in the back it's quite good the visibility the spaceon my head it's good you didn't expect that but you still have a huge spacehere in the back visibility on the window is very good you have a blindspot kind of there in the corner even for driver and for passengers but Idon't complain I still have good visibility the the quality on the roofit's not the best but it's okay I can say like that here we have a cup holderin the middle no vents nothing no USB port or stuff like that plenty of spaceon the knees so the space on my knees it's it's pretty good and you can seefor yourself in the front where are located the seat now I can stay alsowith my legs together something that I like very much this is because theydon't have a bump in the middle plenty of space in the middle as well on myhead a little bit less than on the side for free people in the back will be alittle bit tighter maybe in the city it's okay what for long trips it's notso comfortable now in the middle we have manualactually handbrake and there are the buttons for the heated seat in the frontand the dashboard I like very much the design of the dashboard the design ofthe steering wheel I like the colors on the cockpit even ifit's a standard one a classic one I still like the colors I like the redinsertion and the design of the dashboard look niceI wish it has much more quality and much more soft materials inside but at thisprice I can complain it's still a great deal and still looking nice and the caris doing the job the way it should do so we will go in the front huge windows inthe front you have fantastic visibility in the front on the doors here kind ofthe same story plastic on the upper side but this time here in the middle we havestuff material soft material right here where your arm are resting electricwindows electric mirror from here you can see it look the windows also lockand unlock the car buttons are there some some nice glossy plastic in redbigger storage space here in the door band also a speaker big entrance in thecar huge entrance I can say you can see here aluminum pedals again another plusfor the car I didn't expect that then you have manual seats the seats aremanually but look at those seats in the front they are just phenomenal guys Ilove the seats in the front even if they are from stuff material they are supersporty look at the design look at the sides board they they are just fantasticI love the seats and they are also very comfortable so that's pretty coolto see on this Swift and also you can see the sport logo writing right therein the middle a side support the design the way they are made I think they arevery comfortable for every person so I don't know if someone can complain aboutthat now here we have the buttons for parking sensors then on the dashboard wehave plastic everywhere so the – it's made from plastic so don't expect toomuch high quality great visibility on the windows when you look around the carin the mirrors on the windows it's great maybe a little bit of blind spot blindspot in the back you can see the corners in the back but the car still have areverse camera so you don't have to worry about that manual hand brake as Itold you some storage space in the middle here's the gear shifter six yearspretty good quality some leather there in the middle then you have the sameplastic on the side closely with some red two cupholders and going down thereyou have space for your phone if you look closely here is the climatic systemguys pretty easy to use I will show you also the lights a little bit later thendown there you have an USB port and a 12 volt port and some space for your phonethat you can put it there and then you have the multimedia system I don't wantto go into details it's pretty simple it's nothing fancy like you find it inthe new Volvo hands or I would even say this but it's it's quite simple youstill have the navigation and all that stuff in the cockpit it's classic as yousee before here we have the glovebox so it's quite goodfree books are their start/stop engine button and you can go closely guys andsee that the cockpit it's classic you can see the video meter andspeedometer and the right side the steering wheel it's one of my favoritepart on this cyka shift and I like the quality on the steering wheel it's it'sit feel like you are in another car I don't know it is so nice and the qualityis so good it's leather you have red stitchesit looks just just spectacular to be honest I wish they can implement this inall other parts in the car but still the dashboard it it look nice and it has anice design also you have a big mirror great visibility in the back here wehave some normal bulb lights then you have another mirror right here prettybig mirror and other than that everything it's pretty simple so let mego forward and let me show you the rest guys so let me show you the exterior Ilike very much the steering wheel the dashboard and the seats those are myfavorite part then I like the rims and the back design of the car with theexhaust pipes they are pretty cool and I like again these plastics around theedges of the car so you can see it right now down there and the bumper in themiddle of the car and also in the back they look really spectacular and thiscarbon-fiber design make them look unique because I never see that in othercar on other car just this Suki Swift only on Suzuki I see this carbon-fiberfake plastic and I like that I like that all the car manufactory make thatplastic so flat so normal and Suzuki come on with a nice idea so I think thisis pretty cool the front the grille the design of theit is nice I like it it's not the best but it's nice you can see the rims arealso super spectacular and the way it comes with those plastic around theedges of the car it's super nice and those plastic around the edges of thecar are not just nice but they also protect the paint of the car in timefrom scratch and stuff and you can still order it and buy itand change it very easy so those plastics can be changed super easy theexhaust pipes as I told you in the back you can see how nice in the car look andhow sporty the car look with those exhaust pipes it's just phenomenal hereis the engine guys for some of you that want to see how the engine look like Ijust want to show you a little bit here and we have this one point of view for apetrol engine plenty of power I think in my opinion you can see also down therethe engine so anyway yeah I guess that was the video guys I hope you enjoy thisreview with the new Suzuki Swift 2020 mild hybrid please don't forget tosubscribe to my channel check out my other videos also thank you very muchguys – to all of you that watching my video and subscribe to my channel itmean a lot for me I hope it was helpful for you I hope you make an idea aboutthe car if you have questions please ask me and yeah I guess I see you soon inthe next one thank you again and stay safe guys here you can see thebackground ambient light from the car I think they did a great job also withambient light I think the ambient light looked nice and the colors are very veryrelaxing in the night the same as BMW have before this red with whitecombination so thank you again for watching stay safe and see you soon inthe next one bye guys you.

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