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this is the nest cam IQ outdoor it isone of the best outdoor security cameras that we've reviewed but if you'reconsidering buying one there's some things you need to know before you makeyour decision the IQ outdoor is an updated version of nests outdoorsecurity camera the design is new so is the mount on the new mount the cablecomes out of the back and if you drill a hole in your wall you can run itstraight into your house and no one outside can see the cable it makes for amuch neater installation if you do need to run the cable though down this sideof your house then there are channels built in here for it also new the cameranow mechanically attaches to the mount the only way to get it out is with anallen key the previous version used a magnet and that made it really easy toput up but also really easy to steal the view from the camera out the frontthere's a hundred and thirty degree field of view which is fairly standardfor a home security camera it has night vision which is pretty standard too andtwo-way audio that means that when you're watching video from the camerayou can't just hear what's going on but if someone's there you can press thebutton on your phone and you can talk to them as well and we'll broadcast out ofthe camera video from the IQ outdoor is sharp and clear it is a 1080phigh-definition video image but that's not where the story ends with the videoin this camera inside here behind the lens is a 4k video imaging sensor that'sfour times high-definition but it's important tounderstand you are never gonna see that 4k image the 4k video is circulatedwithin the camera and used by the systems that look for movement and lookfor things that are going on but because that 4k image data is so large Nessdoesn't send it up to their cloud what comes out of the back of the camera andgoes up to the cloud is a down converted high-definition video image it's still areally good image it's one of the best we've seen but when you see 4k with thisdon't be thinking that you can they be getting 4k video one of the other areaswhere it is an advantage though is when you're setting up the camera and you seethe complete image that it's that it can see if you're not interested insome of that you can usually do a digital zoom and just concentrate onpart of their area well if you've got a high-definition sensor in here and youzoom in you're going to end up with less some high-definition because on thisyou're starting with a 4k image when you zoom in until at least you get to aquarter of that image you're going to be getting a high-definition video signalcoming out because it has all those extra pixels in there and all that extraresolution so even when you zoom in you're gonna be getting a good image butagain that's only when you set it up that's when you tell the camera this isthe area I'm interested in one of the other really nice features of this is anest design service called super site now you have to have a subscription fora super site but it's a pretty slick thing when the camera sees somebody itattempts to zoom in to show you a close-up view of their face now goingback to what we're just saying that zoom in is on a high definition image and theway the camera zooms in and the way it pans it almost looks like somebody'scontrolling the camera for you and if you want you can press a button and goback to full frame so that's super sight the other thing or one of the otherthings that you get with the subscription is a facial recognition thecamera won't just alert you if somebody's there but once it's you'vetrained it and it knows members of your family and your friends it will tell youwho's there or if it's a stranger so that subscription service not thecheaper subscription service out there for a home security camera ten dollars amonth or a hundred dollars a year and that will get you ten days of storagefor your videos and there's also another option which is $30 a month 300 a yearfor 30 days if you decide not to subscribe you don't get the super siteyou don't get the facial recognition ness gives you three hours of videostorage which is not very much it's fine in the daytime if say you can alert onyour phone you're in a meeting and you can look at it 30 minutes later but atnighttime say someone's in front of your house at 2:00 a.


if you wake up at 6a.


it's gone it's deleted so if you have one of these cameras you'reprobably going to end up with a subscription service so when you'reconsidering buying one factor the cost of the subscription service into yourdecision this camera is reasonably expensive it's349 dollars you can get 2 for 598 dollars but if we just thinking aboutone of these 349 dollars if you have it for 4 yearsyou're more than doubling your investment in this systemso do your sums and make sure it's a figure that you're happy with one of theother features of a nest is that it's always streaming to nest in the cloudthat's one of the reasons why the subscription service is so expensive andit's a nice feature because it means that you've got video for the last 10 or30 days always available to you in the cloud service even if the camera didn'tspot anything even if you didn't get an alert the video is there and you can goback and look at it but it sends a lot of video Ness says that the minimuminternet speed for one of these is 2 megabits per second but you really don'tworry about that consider the amount of data it sends every month because mosthome internet connections do have a data cap if you go over the data cap you'reeither going to get slowed down or more than likely you're going to get chargedmore money there are 4 quality settings in this camera in the lowest qualitysetting the app tells you that the camera is going to try not to exceed ahundred gigabytes of data transfer a month in the highest quality setting 400gigabytes a month if you have two of these cameras at 800 gigabytesI looked at my home internet connection and my data cap is at 500 gigabytesafter which they start charging me more money so if you're gonna buy one ofthese or two of these or 3 or 4 check your home internet you might have toupgrade that or you might end up paying extra money so factor all of that intoyour decision as well that's really the big negative with this the price of thecamera and the subscription and the amount of data it uses which might forceyou to get a better internet in the internet package from your provider moreexpensive one but on the positive side the app is really good love the newmount super side is really well done in a very useful feature and you get agreat image from the camera so that's what we think about the nest cam IQoutdoor.

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