Merancang Antena Flower Pot Portabel 2 Meter Band VHF (Outdoor & Mendaki Gunung)

* electro chill music * Okay bro, this time I'm going to make a very, very simple portable antenna even simpler than the dipole antenna that I made before For those of you who haven't seen my dipole video antenna, please see first at the top here! Okay, so the antenna that we are going to make is a flower pot antenna which works at a frequency of 2 meters VHF band which was made by VK2ZOI Where in this tutorial, I'm going to make this antenna exactly as exact as made by him, why? Because, you need to understand that I doesn't have an SWR Meter for measuring antennas So, therefore don't worry, God willing, the final result of the SWR meter not going far from the final result that uncle VK2ZOI is making! Or if you don't believe in this video you can go directly to the source in the link in the video description below friend Okay, let's start the design right away! First of all, you need to prepare the following tools & stuff, m8 such as 1-inch PVC pipe along the length of 1 meter complete with a lid 2 meter long RG-58 cable complete with PL Male connector solder along with the lead glue gun and its contents sandpaper screwdriver and wax and other writing supplies Okay, before you start designing if you are lazy or don't have time to make this antenna just calm down mate, I'm ready to help you guys make this antenna Just open the purchase link in the description, bro Okay! First of all, you need to know the following sketch That the antenna that we will make this time will be designed by to be exactly the same as the antenna sketch made by uncle VK2ZOI So that later, the final SWR meter will not be far from the final result made by him When you're ready, let's start by preparing the RG-58 cable and ruler then mark the top cable to the middle along the 45.

7 cm and remove the rubber shield and the outer copper coat Remember, don't cut it all just leave the inner rubber coat and core copper cable bro After that, mark the second cable again starting from the middle of the cable until the end of the cable along 44.

7 cm bro In this section, nothing should be cut into pieces just marking *girls*, who knows they're match with us right After that, prepare 2 pieces of rubber and wrap it around the end and the middle of the PVC pipe as a cable fastener RG-58 for a while If so, insert the RG-58 cable into the rubbers then align from the top to the bottom The purpose of this is to mark the cable holes that we will make later, friend After that you can mark the cable hole in the PVC pipe, friend but please be careful, don't mark it wrong br0o! After that, make the coil 9 times from the first mark to the end of the coil Then mark the other end of the coil, m8 * electro music * If so, we prepare candles and a small screwdriver friend Don't forget to light the candle using fire Don't make it ignite the fire of hostility, because our house will be burned LOL​​ Heat the iron screwdriver on the candle a few minutes, friend then puncture the marks on the PVC pipe to form a hole and fit it with its RG-58 cable * electro music * * electro music * * people singing * If so, we enter it starting from the end of the cable that we peeled off earlier into the uppermost hole until it appears at the end of a PVC pipe After that, you can prepare the glue gun If the glue is hot, then pull the RG-58 cable slightly from the top end of the pipe and coat the ends of the RG-58 cable with glue before sticking it to the end of the inner PVC pipe above * electro music * * people singing * * electro bass music * Please be careful when attaching the end of the RG-58 cable that has been glued earlier, because it is quite hot bro If the glue dries and is strong, you can Pull the RG-58 cable down then wrap it 9x as long as it enters the other hole, m8 Remember, don't make mistake to put in the other hole.

We might become a family haha: D If asked, about the number of turns you can see the table unlce VK2ZOI included on his website where the diameter of the pvc with the number of turns is very influential at optimal performance at certain frequencies br0o So, all you have to do is decide on what frequency you want it to be * electro chill music * If you pierced it correctly, the RG-58 cable will be very solid, friend Oh yeah, don't forget to remind you if you like this video please leave it like it and subscribe to this channel okay! 😉 For the final stage, all we have to do is plug the male PL connector into the RG-58 cable, friend Because this antenna I made for portable purposes then you just use the PL male connector but for the base station it is better to use a PL female connector or just pull long the cables * electro chill music * Broadly speaking, we have designed this antenna For the test itself, before I had time to test it directly from Tongas to Banjarsari with an estimated distance of 10 km and antenna height is only 1 meter the result .



very good friend The operator there had answered my call, only unfortunately not recorded at that time Well, I designed this antenna portable because I believe it for communication antennas when climbing on a Mountain, Bro Why do you have to use this antenna? Because the default small antenna HT does not necessarily have the ability like this antenna, m8 As I said in the previous test that in a crowded building with a height of only 1 meter it can penetrate a distance of 10 km, friend especially on the mountain.

It was super awesome! yeah although only limited to emergency needs anyway In addition, if this antenna is mounted on a carrier it feels cool just like a special force Really good! Great Antenna! * electro chill music * Thank you for watching to the end, if you like this video please leave the like button and subscribe to this channel If you have questions, please write in the comments column below! Also watch other amateur radio videos at the end of the video, br0o0o see you again! * electro chill music *.

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