[Music] basically I twisted my knee they took me here in an ambulance and the messed up thing is that I have a crack so now we're just gonna check it not gonna lie that's quite a lot [Music] today we're gonna learn how to recover from a sports injury

because most athletes in our case football players suffer some sort of an injury during their careers and very important to know how to deal with those setbacks for you to bounce back and get back on the pitch stronger than before and to help us out we're gonna hear

advice from the one and only Eden Hazard as well as myself because for the past two years I've been dealing with my knee injury that has so far taken me through two surgeries and months and months of rehab so this is how to recover from an injury [Music]

number one rest when you're out injured the only thing you want to do is get back on the training ground but keep in mind that whether you're fresh out of surgery or just strain your muscle a little bit resting is the crucial first step in your recovery and

sure you might be able to push through the pain and continue practicing but you'll most likely end up making the situation worse for yourself day one of recovery I'm not gonna lie I made quite a lot of pain today even the smallest movement hurts like good advice here

is to pay attention to the level of pain if the pain doesn't seem to go away over time that's basically your body telling you dude it's time to rest and let's be honest here for most of us active footballers resting is one of the hardest things to do

but it's the first step in every successful recovery period so don't be afraid to take some time off I have to ask you about your injury I know you had a little setback with your ankle so how does a professional footballer actually you know recover from an injury

what's the first step first you need to run because when you don't have injured you don't know how to deal with it yeah you just need to learn to be you know like your patient because as long is along injury three months and then you just need to

focus on the recovery you know we have a lot of physios so we can work in the booth way with Chelsea that's that's quite good [Music] number two rehab rehab is hands-down the most important part of recovery if you don't rehab your injury properly chances are you won't

get back to your old physical level now proper rehab doesn't mean exercising once a week no you need to dedicate time for your rehab exercises every single day basically how my whole physiotherapy thing works is I go in there twice a week and then the exercises he shows

me I need to do the next couple of days the rehab process usually focuses on two main areas one increasing range of motion and to rebuilding strength to the injured area of your body and depending on your injury this very annoying period can take anywhere from just few

weeks to a full year but the sooner you start and the more dedicated you are the better the end result is gonna be now if you're experiencing an injury that is not healing do some research on physical therapy facilities around your area these places will be able to

help you with a rehab plan and get you started I have a problem with my knee only thing I hope is that there's nothing wrong with my knee otherwise I'm gonna have to get another surgery that would suck number three stay focused and stay positive I know we've

all heard this phrase a million times it's such a cliche but having the right mindset is a major key during your recovery period sure you'll have plenty of days when you're feeling down and it sucks not being able to do simple things such as walking or even kicking

a ball and the worst thing is that you still ten more months away from your full recovery but don't worry it will get better look how much thinner my left thigh already is trying to round yourself with supportive people who want to see you succeed and while you

can't be out on the beach helping the team use this period of time to also focus on other things in life that make you happy and keep you busy really really you're gonna make me do this hold my beer hold my beer being sad losing focus and feeling

less motivated always results in lack of training and Rehab and lack of training and Rehab always leads to a prolonged recovery which is the last thing anybody wants so stay on the right track even though you're doing the same damn exercises week after week it'll be worth it

how do you stay motivated throughout the process because it is tough when you can't play yeah because you miss football and you just want to be back on the pitch that's the only thing I'm just looking forward to be on the pitch you know with my teammates the

fans I just want to be there with them no matter what it's all good we're making progress and it's amazing to be back on the pitch number 4 minimize future risk while this might seem obvious a lot of people he'll do too much too fast stop their rehab

and end up getting injured again remember that even though you've done your rehab for the right amount of time don't rush into things especially when you've been out of action for months and I know it's hard for me personally patience has been the biggest challenge during my recovery

because you want to do so many things you've always done but have to hold back and knowing your limits is more important than ever when you're slowly starting your normal training again and to prevent any further injuries from happening try and identify how you got injured in the

first place did you do something wrong did you not warm up properly and is there something you can do to not let this happen again these are important questions to think about because it's first when you're injured that you truly start appreciating being healthy don't break it muster

and that wraps up today's video I honestly hope you never have to experience a serious injury in your career but even if you're watching this with a broken ankle or have a major surgery coming up in two months time don't worry take responsibility stay on track follow these

steps and the recovery will be worth it in the long run make sure to subscribe to our channel for more awesome videos and share this episode with your friend that needs an extra push on his road to recovery and with those words arm outs

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