Hi sisters James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel happy holidays sisters I hope everyone is having an absolutely amazing week this year apparently Santa has decided to bring me a sty I have not been able to put on makeup for six days Now which has been so incredibly inconvenient if you've been following me on snapchat.

You know that literally a few days ago It was so swollen that I can barely even open it so now we have definitely made improvements Please do not leave any comments.

I am well aware of the fact that I look like I am looking in two different directions We're just gonna roll with it I have to get this video done.

For today's video I have something actually super super fun plan that I'm very excited to do in honor of the holiday season obviously at the holiday times It's time to see your family at time for friends love laughter lots of good food and also the season of giving I personally love giving gifts to all my friends and family It is so much fun for me to be able to think of really really cute things just to give back to the people that Mean the most to me, and this year's gonna be the first year that I'm actually not spending with my family on Christmas I'm gonna be here in LA all alone so in order to compensate for that I force all my close friends to give me gifts (laugh) No, but in all seriousness today's video is going to be doing a full face a youtuber Christmas presents I hit up all my favorite content creators that I really really love and look up to and I assigned each one of them 1 step of my makeup routine, and they all picked out a surprise product and hopefully we can come up with a good look by the end of it without further ado I have my Santa hat on or To get into the Christmas spirit of opening all these cute gifts I have a ton of packages here in front of me for all of my favorite youtubers and some of your favorite youtubers so if You see someone you love it.

Don't forget to give this video a big thumbs up especially if you were enjoying it and let's get started So let's get right into this routine And you guys know our first step was always going to be to prime our face so our first Christmas gift today It's from my favorite sister Safiya Nygaard So along with every gift each creator sent me a short cute little video explaining Why they picked what they picked.

Let's see what Safiya got hello James Merry Christmas I sent you this Urban Decay quick-fix Hydra charge complexion prep priming spray I also bought myself another sample size.

I don't usually use like primers that you put on with your hands I like to spray stuff on my face, so that's why I send you this and I hope you like it I feel like I don't have as much experience with primers as you probably do, but I do like this one And it smells nice when it goes on your face Anyways, I hope you like it Merry Christmas again and a Happy New Year thank you sister Safiya so now that our place is all primed ready to go our next up is going to be foundation and for this I assigned it the queen of skin Tati Westbrook Hey sister James so by now.

I'm sure you have looked in the bag This is the La Mer soft fluid liquid foundation that is expensive But it is a miracle product, and I'm curious what your thoughts are on it You already have pretty awesome skin But I think that it is time for you to branch out and try new things that are not your Makeup Forever stick foundation.

Oh All right, I hope you love it.

I'm curious to see how your look turns out, and I love you lots Oh So mama Westbrook wanted to come for me today.

I see how it's gonna be Tati.

Let's go and apply this Tati got me shade number ivory O2 hopefully it is a good match for my skin Oh that is a good match you guys know I'm definitely a very very a full-coverage type of queen even when I'm doing a more natural look I'll still use a light foundation and just sheer out I would normally never reach for a foundation this sheer, but I actually feel like it layered beautifully on the skin So I'm very excited to keep using this and trying it out.

Thanks sister Tati.

So our next step is gonna be to hide our under-eye bags and make our face nice and bright like the Star on top of the Christmas tree and for this we're gonna be using concealer, which is sent to me by it Nicole, Concilio Hey, James its sister Nicole so my gift to you is Tarte-shape tape because I really feel like that was such a staple product of 2017 it was everybody's favorite and I know That you really like it too, so I wanted to give you a nice gift for the holidays Merry Christmas Thank you sister Nicole Sent me the shade light, which is actually the shade that I use all the time so she's definately a true sister Let's go and Apply this on all the right places Sun sister Tati sent us a very very light coverage foundation today Obviously you guys know shape tape is very very full coverage So I feel like these two will balance each other out really nicely to create a beautiful base Okay, so now that the foundation the concealer all in place obviously we have to set our face so It lasts all day long and for this I assigned no other than sister Patrick Starr We all know he's the full-coverage queen he always wears tons and tons and tons of powder But he still looks flawless somehow So if ever did be the perfect person to give me the best powder ever hey sisters it's Patrick Starr Happy holidays And is want to say grab Patrick Star powder and Patrick lipgloss Who doesn't love a juicy lip glass shiny look on the lips with a classic red? It's definitely so so beautiful, and um the powders set your makeup flawlessly It's so so gorgeous then.

I hope you guys love it for this holiday season I'm Pascal and Merry Christmas Oh Patrick's new lip gloss is also in here – I've actually been rocking this a lot lately So this'll be the perfect lip later on thanks Patrick for contour today I have a package from one my all-time favorite youtubers Raw Beauty by Krisit.

She sent me this pocket open here See what she got us Hey sisters today James asked me to pick a contour product And I was like what contour product should I pick and I thought initially hm Kat Von D.

Shade + light I know I love that one and I know James does too, but then I thought What would James do and I think he would use code James for 10% off so today? I decided to go with the morphe 9 C palette So have fun contouring and don't forget to use code James like you ever could oh She is the cutest ever and also this packaging is the cutest as ever she even added a little bow.

Thank you sister, Christine I Reckon a face is all snatched and set and please.

Thanks to sister Kristi I literally love her in her videos so much and don't forget to use code James for 10% off this holiday season Even though our faces all chiseled out we are missing one thing and that is blush when I think a beautiful skin and just happiness And beautiful rosy cheeks.

I think of Alissa Ashley Oh, this is a beautiful color Thank you sister Alissa happy holidays from me to you now I'm going to dip into a little bit more of Patrick's powder, and I'm going to bake my face So while our base is baking in place at 350 degrees and we are making some beautiful Christmas cookies We're gonna move on to the eyebrows normally I would say eyebrows are supposed to be sisters and not twins But obviously you want them to be as close as we possibly can get so to snatch my brows in place today I asked my favorite set of twins to send me brow products.

What's up, sister.

I am stuck in bed right now unfortunately But for the holidays I was able to send you an expo marker for your eyebrows because I feel like this is a very underrated product in the makeup world and it's gonna get your eyebrows looking nice and thick because we love a thick sister happy holidays oh My god, what's up? Sis I sent you uh? what I send you I Don't really know what it is.

I asked my mom and she said it was good so I sent it well but its for your eyebrows These are actually so good, okay Grayson sent me the Kelly Baker brow pencil and brow definer Kelly Baker is legendary a brow person Hopefully I can make some combination of this work I hate you Joke's on you sister because this doesn't even look that bad Huh all right now that the brows are all snatched in place.

It is a Christmas miracle if I do say so myself Thanks, Ethan.

We're gonna move on to the eye shadow you guys thought when I started off doing makeup I was in it for the really really colorful beautiful Creative looks and when I think of eyeshadow and really really beautiful vibrant colors.

I first think of a sister Jackie Aina.

Hi James It's your girl Jackie Oh what it's so do I really have to explain why I chose a Pat McGrath eyeshadow palette come on come on It's Pat Mcgrath like come on seriously You're you feel me you feel me Pat McGrath is not only one of my favorite makeup artists But I really kind of feel like You know how to push the envelope and the boundaries when it comes to color and playing with the eyes and shadows so I chose one of my favorite palettes from her collection I know that you can put whatever your heart desires to using that palette so good luck and Have fun sister Jackie sent me the Pat McGrath mothership palette.

I've actually never I've actually never tried a Pat McGrath shadow before, but I've heard they're absolutely legendary Pat McGrath is an iconic makeup artist I'm very very excited to play with this today I'm first gonna grab the shade dark Which is this one right here on M441 put this on my crease I'm gonna go in pretty lightly with this because this palette actually does not have a lot of matte shades So I really want to make sure that this is blended out really nicely and doesn't look too crazy next add some holiday cheer I'm gonna grab the shade right here called a blitz emerald this is beautiful bright green shade I don't want you to spritz it with a little bit of setting spray and pat this on the lid to create a halo eye effect Well that's pigmented that's beautiful oh my god And then for a bright holiday pop of color I'm gonna grab this Bronze shade right up in here and once a little bit more setting spray and pop this right in the center of the lid All right guys that is the shadow all complete.

Thank you sister Jackie for such an amazing and beautiful palette I had so much fun trying out the Pat McGrath shades.

They're absolutely beautiful and clearly the pigment is literally unreal I'm definitely looking forward to playing this in the future And thank you for a challenge as well it has been a while is that I've been able to play with color But obviously the eyes are not done yet, we need to apply the lashes So we all know that a good pair of flirty beautiful lashes complete any good eye shadow look and when I think of a flirty Beautiful sister I think of our country gal, Laura.


Let's go ahead and see what she picked out for us today Hey James E wames e so the lashed I picked for you are their Lilly lashes Miami or Lilly lashes mykonos And I picked them for you to be a good friend because I know you love a big Vivah boom lash I was thinking about giving you a little Ardell wispy Wispy lash which I know with sabotage your look But I didn't I just had to be a good friend and give you a good old thick lash from Lily lashes I hope you enjoyed them.

I love you so much, and I hope you the best holidays.

Oh, thank you sister Laura Lee oh my god Good Lily lash in style mykonos.

Just went ahead and I popped on the lashes from sister Laura Lee and I also applied some mascara to blend together the real ones and the Fake ones once again it please bare with me here on the eyes I didn't really want to apply too much mascara or any eyeliner So if they look a little bit wonky your just got to bear with me I'm trying not to go blind here so now that the eyes are both complete we are gonna move on to the rest of the face and of course our next step is going to be the glow when I Think of a beautiful dewy skin and a highlighter ready to blind everybody walking by I think of sister Jaclyn Hill Hello, sister James and Happy Holidays For this Christmas I wanted to give you the gift of glow and because I am extra just as we all are I could not narrow it down to just one highlight, so I sent you three three of like my top dog.

I love these three So much So I decided to give them all to you.

I love you glow get them So cute are You kidding okay, so of course Jaclyn sent us her collaboration with Becca champagne pop we all know this beautiful and iconic highlighter She also sent me the Stila heavens q highligher I've actually never tried this one before as well as the makeup forever pigment in number.

I guarantee it number 13 I love this one as well.

This is definitely a recipe for a blinding glow okay, literally I'm just gonna apply all three highlighters today because We got to be extra for the Christmas season and of course gotta be actually like sister Jaclyn, so I'm first going to grab my M501 brush and dip into the Stila highlighter This highlighter is really really stunning It's like a beautiful pinky shade, but it's definitely like a glow from with in type of highlighter not like a blinding glow So I'm gonna go over top of it with a champagne pop And last But finally not least just for an extra pop of this holiday season I'm gonna layer over top with the littlest bet Because let's be real.

This is intense.

Of the make up forever pigment number 13.

Oh My god, Santa and the reindeer literally just ran into the chimney.

That's how bright this highlighter is.

Are you kidding? Oh? sister Jaclyn snapped I'm gonna go ahead and line my lips using the Mac Patrick Starr lip liner in the shade brick And then fill it in with the Patrick gloss in the shade Patrick Oh my god this red is literally so stunning if you guys are gonna buy anything for the Mac Patrick Starr collection.

You need this frickin lip gloss.

It is so stunning I've never really been a red lip type of person until the last few weeks for some reason I've just been putting it on and oh my god like I'm obsessed you need this Thank you sister Patrick for the amazing collection and for the amazing gifts so last But certainly not least our faces obviously all complete, but we have one last step And that is to set our face in place so it lasts all day long to all the Christmas festivities and all the holiday cheer and for this product I Signed it to a youtuber that I have loved forever have looked up to for so long but knows absolutely nothing About beauty and that is sister Shane Dawson wow I love Christmas promo code Christ hi James So you wanted me to send you a setting spray, and I don't know what that means now it's not technically a setting spray but is a Catnip spray called yahwah, Juwanna, and you're not supposed to ingest it or have it anywhere near your face, so good luck sister.

Oh My god well I May not be able to attract any boys under the mistletoe this holiday season, but at least I know I'll be able to attract some Merry Christmas sister Shane All right guy that is this holiday look all complete using all products my favorite youtubers and friends I swear to god I had zero idea what any of these products were and I'm honestly so proud of myself for holding back and not Opening it any of these presents until filming this video but looking in the mirror I feel like even though all these products were a complete surprise We did a really really good job And I honestly love how this look turned out it is clearly perfect for the holiday season I want to say a huge huge huge Thank you to everything one of the youtubers who sent me products for today's video This time of year is obviously so incredibly busy and youtubers have very very intense lives so it really meant a lot to me that everybody was willing to take time out of their day to not only go to the Store and send me product, but also go to UPS and ship me all this stuff Thank you so much to everybody you all mean the world to me if you guys are watching for you sisters who you're watching it Definitely check the description box down below where everybody channels will be linked I do love everything one of these content creators And you definitely should subscribe to their channels and check them out if you have not already if you guys did enjoyed today's video and your in the mood for giving this holiday season, please click that big thumbs up button down below And if you'd like to join the sisterhood click that big red subscribe button and don't forget to click that Bell notification So you can be notified every time I upload a brand new video if you'd like to follow me out of my makeup journey you Can follow me on Instagram and Twitter out there both sister James Charles and my Snapchat for more behind scenes and stuff is James Charless with an extra s after Charles.

You get to see snaps of my my wonky eye that I've barely been able to open or you also get to see my sister giveaways as i've been doing for the past few Days you guys obviously mean so so much to me so for the past 12 days leading up to Christmas I've been doing giveaways every single day on my snapchat story and giving away prizes to all my favorite sisters out there you are definitely Gonna want to add me over there and be checking my story every day because the last few have been really really lit I'm not gonna lie this week sister shout out goes to sister Cherilynn thank you so much for always smiling and supporting I love you so so so much And if you would like to be the next video sister shout out make sure always retweet the video links and they go live on Twitter all right sisters that is all I have for this video.

Thank you so so much for watching I hope you all have the best holiday season ever have so much fun with your family and friends I will not be posting until the new year I'm gonna be taking a few days off to celebrate with my friends and family this year has been So so so crazy I am so thankful for all of you guys And I am so excited for what 2018 has to hold you guys are not ready you're about to be so shook but your gonna have to wait and see I love you guys so much, and I will see you in the next one bye.

🎶holiday music.

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