Flow Hive – The worlds best bee hive [Full Official Video]

(upbeat music) – Look at these bees go.

They're such extraordinarylittle creatures.

Humans and honey bees have this kind of symbiotic relationship where we care for them, they pollinate our crops, and, of course, makelots of delicious honey.

But getting the golden nectarhas always been quite a task, I just thought it was crazy tohave to crack the hive open, pull the hive apart, stress out all the bees, and spend all day in theshed just to get your honey.

And I thought, hmm, theremust be a better way.

So my dad and I got to workon what turned out to be a decade long task ofinventing the Flow Hive.

– [Dad] Here it goes.

– [Narrator] Wow, look it.

It's just starting to flow down the tube.

– [Dad] That's the firstdrops and it's pouring.

– [Narrator] It's pouring in.

So we put our inventionup for crowdfunding and it went totally nuts.

We wanted $70, 000 and intwo hours we had a million, breaking internationalcrowdfunding records.

And just eight weeks laterwe had over US$12 million in pre-orders of our Flow Hive.

We now have a passionate, growing community of Flow Hive beekeepersall over the world.

From balconies in Berlinto rooftops in New York, out on farms and in urban backyards.

In hot climates and in cold.

And it's extraordinary to hearall of the stories coming in.

– One of the coolest thingsI've ever done in my life was pull out the firstframe crawling with bees.

And you just go, why didn'tI do this 20 years ago? – And learning about beeshas changed, literally, the way we look at ourcommunity, the world.

– And you learn not to just, respect bees, but to absolutely adore and love them.

And then right at the end ofthis incredible experience where you can't believe it can get better, you have this amazing momentwhere you watch your honey trickle out of your hive withdifferent variations in colour, and yet look at all these bees, they're as happy as can be.

They're completely oblivious.

– Honey harvesting is such a pain, it's a tremendous amount of work and it makes a huge mess, very disruptive to the bees.

It's kind of a disasterno matter what you do.

You just end up honey everywhere.

– Every time I harvested, Iwas killing a lot of bees.

Just poor bees kindastuck in their own honey.

– So to actually just have it pour out of the side of the hive into a jar and skip all of that mess is amazing.

– [Narrator] And now youcan simply turn a tap, sit back and enjoy withyour friends and family as you watch the honey pour directly out of yourhive and into the jar.

It's pure raw honey thatneeds no further processing.

There's no mess, no fussand you don't need to buy any of that expensiveprocessing equipment.

And most importantly, it's gentle on the bees.

– No disturbance to the bees.

It's pretty epic, Cedar.

Good invention (chuckles).

– [Narrator] So how does it work? The Flow Frames are a partiallyformed honeycomb matrix.

The bees cover the framesin wax, complete the comb and fill the cells with honey.

When the frames are full and capped, the honey is ready to harvest.

You then turn the key andchannels form inside the comb allowing the honey to flowdown and out into your jar while the bees are leftundisturbed on the comb surface.

Then you simply turn thekey to reset the frames.

And the bees will removetheir wax capping, complete the comb and refillthe cells with honey again.

– When I heard about the FlowHive, I'm like, oh my god, this is genius because now I can get honey but I don't have todisturb the bees doing it.

It doesn't mean you don'thave to do the work.

You still have to inspect your hive.

– Gives you a method ofharvesting that is so convenient, it's mind boggling.

It's certainly the onlyrevolutionary thing I've seen come out of beekeeping in 150 years.

– It's easy to go andharvest one frame, two frames or all six frames so youcan keep up with the bees.

– You know, I think themost interesting part about the honey is the differencein each frame of honey.

– But that's what it's all about isn't it? It's a little alchemy of flavours, that's what cooking is all about, and it starts with ingredients like this.

– It's such a peaceful andentertaining experience.

So every time we get honey, we make sure all our friends come over and experience it 'causeit's really special.

– I never imagined thatI would be a beekeeper.

It would be one of the most fascinating, rewarding things you've ever done.

– I'm truly inspired to see so many people caring for the bees and making a positive impactfor their local environment.

– Learning about bees has changed the way we look at the world.

– It opens up not just this world of bees, but it's sort of a windowinto being more connected to nature in a much larger way.

– It's a very interactiveway of beekeeping.

– I cannot think of any areawhere you cannot keep bees, rooftops, backyards, urban settings.

– I would say, if you haveeven the most tiny inclination to understand more aboutbees, just don't hesitate.

I wish that I had donethis 10 years earlier.

– We're so proud to be inspiringa new wave of beekeepers all over the world.

Now is the time to get started.

With a wealth of knowledgeand a dedicated support team, we're here to help youevery step of the way.

And if we look after thebees, they'll look after us.

And the honey really is an amazing bonus.

(calm music).

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