Eye On Health: Pregnancy And Coronavirus Q&A

in today's eye on health we've a very important topic to talk about pregnancy is an exciting and an anxious time sometimes now kovat 19 is in the picture so what do expecting couples need to know as their due dates nearer yeah we are calling an Allegheny Health Network maternal fetal medicine specialist dr.

Jordan Knight to get some answers to questions moms and dads to be may have thank you so much for joining us doctor we really appreciate it absolutely my pleasure and you know pregnancy of course can be an anxiety filled time for some people now with Kovan 19 what are you hearing from these moms and dads to be I mean what are their concerns right now absolutely this is very unprecedented anxiety is very high and for good reason this is new I mean the most concerning thing we hear from patients is mostly am I going to be able to deliver safely in the hospital and it's our number one priority is being safe for both providers and patients and having the experience be as normal as possible we've been implementing the guidelines that everybody has been using nationally through our our College of obstetrics and gynecology maternal fetal medicine the w-h-o the CDC to implement the the practices that everybody's doing social distancing and if you're sick not coming in and to reach out to your doctor especially if you're having any of the symptoms that would be concerning for cope with 19 well I know getting sick during pregnancy is especially hard because there are very few medications that you can actually take our pregnant women at greater risk of contracting kovin 19 and could that cause problems with their pregnancies that's a great question that we often hear and unfortunately don't have a ton of data as this is a novel virus but as far as we know patrons aren't a higher risk of contracting the disease nor having a more severe disease but with that being said pregnancy does suppress the immune system and it's important to pay attention to those symptoms and and and reach out to your doctor to get some advice on what to do as far as pregnancy complications again there's not a ton of data out there to rely upon as far as miscarriage rates or preterm labor or other complications that we would counsel other patients that have known viruses that could affect the pregnancy doctor if a woman does have Kovan 19 can she pass it to her newborn is that necessarily something that would happen or is that something we're not sure of right now because as you say this is so new we're getting new information all the time yeah that's a great question David that there isn't as much information and that the current answer is we don't think so I mean there's certainly been a small face series out there that have looked at some cases in China that that had fortunately to what's called vertical transmission not been seen and that's that's an important point so it's been tested in the amniotic fluid and placenta and the virus has not been positive in those cases there have been cases of neonates one or two days old that have contracted it and we can't specifically answer that question from the exposure standpoint of whether that was contracted after delivery but where we stand now a vertical transmission is not yet been seen so I know there were some reports early on about whether or not two separate mom and baby after the birth because of years of corona virus how does that play a role in all of this I know that that has to be a very anxious feeling for expecting moms and also how does breastfeeding play a role in all of that absolutely Heather I'll start with the first question as far as implementing safe practice advice of pregnant women just like others and and we have special protocols in place here at Allegheny Health Network at West Bend specifically in the outlying hospitals to essentially treat people that are either under investigation or with kovat to remain safe essentially and the separation is going to happen unfortunately to keep both baby and mom safe in terms of breastfeeding we still recommend it it's something that's very important passive immunity is a huge deal and it's something that we will take every standard precaution to to try to eliminate that risk of passing it from mom to baby in that setting thank you so much doctor thank you doctor night for joining us because we really appreciate your time and hopefully people hearing the answers to some of these questions can make people calm down a little bit it's important just to have the information a little bit of relief from that yeah well remember to keep watching our eye on health series right here on PTL it happens on Wednesdays and it's brought to you by Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield together with Allegheny Health Network for your health.

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