Eye On Health: Coronavirus Q&A

all right well time for our weekly coronavirus check this is when we talked to a top dock @h and dr.

Arvind Venkat to get information we really need answers that you all want to know about where we stand right now in this Cove in nineteen crisis and a lot of new information surfaced over the weekend and dr.

Venkat joins us to help sort us all out sort this all out and so dr.

Venkat we wanted to ask you first governor wolf in the health department said that on Friday if we leave the house we should wear a mask this is different advice than we heard before so why the change so good morning and pleasure to be here the change in advice is coming about because we're getting more evidence that beyond Cloe close contact there may be some spread of the virus from particles in the air not raided step but to some extent and so what that means is is that means you protect others by putting a face mask when we leave the house and so and doctor we should say we're hearing your voice rather than seeing you because we're having a bit of a technical issue with your picture but we thank you for joining us nonetheless so the masks are really more about if you unknowingly have symptoms you're preventing the spread of this from you right it's it's more about that than protecting you from juror the virus that could be out there is that correct that's correct you're not really protecting yourself from getting the virus because cloth masks don't have that degree of filtration but you're protecting others and you're also potentially giving yourself a precaution against touching your face if you have a map probably locked in to touch your face make sense and so a lot of people are wondering about this too kids need to wear masks so the recommendation is that anybody leaving the house especially if they're going to a place like a grocery store where there may be a bunch of people there that they should wear a mask the one caution I would have about wearing masks is that it shouldn't be used as a substitute for social distancing right so again most important recommendation is to minimize trip outside the house and that includes kids doctor leaders or health leaders are saying that this week could perhaps be the worst week that we've seen so far do you think that that is true and it doesn't really apply to our area like are we even close to hitting the peak of this in our area so a lot of this evidence is coming from public health experts who model the course of disease and the reason that they believe that this week may be the worst week is that a lot of the efforts to really socially distance only started about you know anywhere from two to two-and-a-half weeks ago and so based on the course of disease we expect to see unfortunately the most severely ill patients at the highest nominations this week but that could rapidly change in the all the modeling is based on the idea that we continue to socially distance and so we really need to continue to practice that to get over this this dreadful peak that we're likely to see it's really sad to think about but as we're talking about this if someone in your house does become sick or or appears to have symptoms of this what should you do if it's somebody else in your house should you then consider yourself quarantine and isolate yourself what if you need to go out to the store so the person who is sick needs to self isolate within the house so they need to be in their own room with their own bathroom as much as possible for those who are within the house the Department of Health guidance is that they are on quarantine and they should really should not leave the house either and so you have to leave your house for throw throughs I think you have to look at options like delivery by friends there by delivery by the grocery store that they can put outside the door and then watch yourself and watch your loved ones first symptoms you know there was one report doctor that experts believe nearly one in three infected patients are actually testing negative even though they're infected and so we wanted to ask you like is there a question about the accuracy of the tests or is that have to do with like the timing of when they were tested why is that happening so there are a variety of different tests out on the market now because this came on us so fast there was the usual process of being able to test the characteristics of how accurate these testing products offer and so some of this is a function of women well we're tested some of it is a function of how Mew these tests are and we're basically trying to do the best we can with limited in verbal yeah it's it's important information thank you dr.

van kit for providing all of that and it is it's evolving and changing so fast it really is so we really appreciate you being here with us each week to answer our questions it it makes a big difference and we we thank you and what every other healthcare professional is doing right now for all of us doing a wonderful job to keep us safe thank you all right well remember to keep watching our eye on health series right here on PTL this Wednesday we're gonna be talking about Koba 19 again and pregnancy and delivery it's a big concern for expectant couples these days that's coming up in Wednesday's eye on health which is brought to you by Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield together with Allegheny Health Network for your health.

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