Extreme Sports Documentary: skydiving cars

my name is Konstantine I live inHouston Texas I got into skydiving about 10 years ago the opportunity presenteditself I fell in love with it my name is Dalton Swan I'm from Texas.

I skydivedone time and just fell in love with it.

i just kind of kept wanting to fly fly mybody really I'm always trying to find something that's the next big thing thenext thing that's just more entertaining today is just like a warm up day we'regonna shake up the dust you know just go fly with friends yeah get ready for thebig day oh yeah so it goes sorry go lemme stop go where the cars were shipped from CollegeStation to Arizona we spend at least 300 hours they had to go through a fullteardown where we had to take all the fluids out and make them safe for thedesert rip out the transmission or about the engine rip out the fuel tankreinforce the frame so that we could put a metal sub bottom so the vehicle wouldbecome aerodynamic my name's Steve Curtis see you Artie isI've got thrown 12 cars and planes in a Sarah Curtis I am the wife of SteveCurtis Constantine contacted us and more specifically Steve to help him safelythrow cars out of a plane somebody stole the radio two days agofrom Steve's house oh yeah dude I mean it's no I'm serioussomebody stole the radio heavy check craigslist Jeep Kurtis pulls up to thevehicles and he sees somebody in it he thought it was somebody from our group Ishow up later that evening and I see the wires in the dashboard somebody whoripped the stereo out of the cars it was really cool and I was reallystoked you know cause the team to to invite me out here and it's quite acompliment got me involved in some other things before and yeah you seen a lot ofthe stuff than I did and I went out to a junkyard and bryan-college station andjust measured hundreds of cars trying to find the right one and we put inhundreds of hours just trying to prep it and doing this doing that whenever wecould after work or reach up for a few days into a whole lot well we justloaded the car up and got to get final preparations some sharp edges covered sothat we don't get injured in case we flip out of the car as we exit or infreefall we're not exactly sure how the car is going to react in freefall theimpact area we're looking for which is based on not endangering the powerlinesand canal better to be it's closer to the time when we're gonna jump so anyanxiety that I have is getting heightened a little bit but then thesame goes with the excitement they go hand in hand so I'm getting a little bitmore excited as we get closer so I got involved in this project because myhusband was Constantine and it's been a dream of his for a really long timeprobably 10 years since he started skydivingto do a car jump and he has been talking about it ever since I met him I'm readyfor like I really I'm looking forward to it because I've been waiting for to dothis 10 years it took me a while to organize it you know get all the peopleon the same page but I get to do with my friends it'sgonna be sick yeah we got two of them we got like a little Honda Civic and like aNissan Sentra daddy they're sick they're painted straight Auto fear and loathingbro like we're going straight through back country in this shit I'm Lea reactI got into skydiving about four and a half years ago life brings so manydistractions and being able to focus on one thing at a time is my happy placegetting up there in the clouds with my friends and holding hands and looking atthe scenery that's when I'm at most peace in this town it was more I wasmore worried about my friends I wanted to make sure that everybody went home atthe end of the day because you we did jump with a metal Beastso it's actually like happening huh yeah I'm feeling pretty good about it nowyes I don't know with all the prep that we've done and everything seems likemaybe we never know but I'm feeling pretty good about it I'm a littleconcerned yeah I mean I think there's definitely some risk involved and justthe unknown but never looking forward to it it's gonna be fun can't get a goodnight's sleep huh yes should I go wake him up Larry will justlabel it Slayer who's just America I think it's like two two two two Americanfor you fuck yet two groups but the first one is we gonna have Curtis isgonna push out the water heater for the first one and then he's gonna do fiveseconds a Therese he's jumping with with his problem sofor the trip and then we're gonna have the ground crew is gonna spot and we'regonna see the difference between the both the rocket is it way to do anythingit's gonna be fast it's gonna be damaged okay the babies are pork has to bestraight out of the east this is what I've got that meanseverybody who's in freefall it's gonna want to fly a tour north or south rangein this triangle gears we scout I do you think about what couldbe going wrong with what could go right and kind of just preparing that's how mymind works as I go through and I think of the skydivingwhat's different avenues that I could take funny with me before me yeah fucking perfectit went out and rocked a little bit and then just cutting this nice steady rockand it rocked all the way down and maybe maybe 9, 000 feet then all of a sudden itjust sort of stood on end and whipped out from underneath us like you fell offa skateboard that was amazing that was better than I could have hoped forOh awesome never have I ever jumped a car out of an airplane and lost thatgame it was beyond amazing I could have it was surreal wow just wow I have nowords it's just beyond my expectations Tom didn't get to get in the car he'sgonna make his appearance I look at Curtis on eggs I'm like howlong we holding on he goes as long as we can as soon as we got out awesome justBAM it went so nose-heavy when we landed and I realized that we'dpulled the stun off I was really surprised actually I did not think thecar would fly that well and when it did I was really happy about it it's alwaysgood when something goes off without a hitch we all landed together high-fivedeverything's good we come up to the car on the ground andthere's just this pile it's just basically like a like an accordioncompressed together folded up you know you got a strut coming up this way fromthe car you've got a disc brake God that launched you know 50 yards thatdirection it's amazing how much energy was transferred into the earth aseuphoric I felt like goes on top of the world I don't think I felt that way ever of course I wanted to do it but I wantedto do with my tribe and you got to do that man and I got it I got to do it Iit was amazing it's awesome I see itstraight it's zippy right along here it might be okay joven identity the momentof truth careful careful that way yeah yeah sureyou know it's gonna be hard to and it's gonna be hard to but yeah you know we'llwe'll top it we'll find something to this is thisdefinitely so far takes the cake by far you.

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