DIY Wedding Arch Tutorial | DIY Floral & Crystals Wedding Arch (Indoor/Outdoor)

you hey guys welcome back to my channel andif you do it to my channel go ahead and hit that subscribe button to see morehome holiday events in DIY decor today I'm going to show you how to make a veryeasy and very affordable beautiful wedding arch for your outdoor

weddinghere we go I'm very excited if you make it is winning arts today number onebecause it's going to be beautiful in number two and what to do work it ofcourse which is always refreshing and very exciting but before I hate tooutsource let me show you what I have

here which is what you're going to needto make your so this mi6 all arguments on the sideand obviously the fucking solo is going to be the one on top into a pesostogether you're going to need two elbows and then you're going to need two T's toplace under the

17th hole pipe which then are going to go inside the spotthat you're going to fill with pan so they can stand tall and then I'm goingto be painting my pipes in metallic bowl so you can see them both or you canpaint it spinning or whatever color scheme you

have for your wedding you'realso going to need three to four sheer start I'm going to have the informationfor this in the description box below so you know where to get them at a veryaffordable price you're also going to need greenery and I've got this atWalmart for three bucks

and I believe you would snore worth it because theCommerce room is going to use love it I got quite a few of these because that iswhat I do but you can put as many or thriller to life and you're going toneed floral wire and three different shapes of

whatever flowers you like Ilove these right here I've got this from Michaels and this one from Dollar TreeI'm sure to sing it before and you're also going to need hanging crystalsI also going to have the information for these in the description box below soyou know we're together alright

guys liquify and if you startedalright now I'm going to paint my pipes elbows and t's metallic goldyou look at that looks like a million bucksnice now I'm going to pay my pots white I was going to paint them go but now asI think about it the sheer scarves

are going to lay in front of them and sincethey are white I kind of want the pots to fade in the background so I'm justgoing to go ahead and paint them white and that's that alright guys so whatI'll wait for the paint on my pipe and pots to

dry I'm going to use thisfoldable table it's a fix of table but I'm going to use it to make my floorarrangement for my arch and I'm going to mark five feet here on the table whichis right here and right here so this is going to be my work

area let me closethis this is scary now I'm going to arrange my bravery and first thingyou're going to do it with the first step or with the first greenery is spentmost of the leaf going towards the ground and you know this picture the pipe righthere and then you

just going to send it and you're just going to go down the7-foot tall height so this part is going to be facing towards the ground and thisis where the elbow is going to go so where he curves so about cops is spentbecause you want to need it to

attach the rest of the very so then you grabeach other can you can bend them any way you want in a reason any way you wantI might want to let them do their thing and then at the end I'll just spend someof the lead so right here you

want to put up your watch and grab one of thestems from here and attach it to the steps down here bring you this going tograb the wire wrap it around and swift secure and that's how it should look like andthen you're going to grab the end of it

right here and do the same sort of thesewires nothing around and then twist to secure message and then you continue all theway to the end now that we're reaching the end now you want to turn thegreenery in the opposite direction where the greenery will go this way anddispense

that way and now for my last piece I'm going to do the same thing atthere at the end I'm going to vent the greenery with the leaf boy towards theground and the sense went in the direction soyou can help me attach it so this is what I have

so far guys and look howpretty it looks already beautiful and these were only $3 percent beautifulbeautiful beautiful I can only imagine how it'll look whenthe flowers are out there so I kind of sent a little bit off the lead spacingdown trickling down you have this little priorly things

here but oh so todaygoodness so pretty of your artistry shades on using this flower right herehas its peachy with a hint of pink right here in the inside this is like a lightpink and here are my darker pink hydrangeas starting off with my peachyones first so all I'm

going to do is just pull them off the stem and then I'mgoing to add glue and then I'm going to randomly but evenly place them on thegreenery here now I'm going to add the light pink one so I'm done adding one ofeach flowers to the greenery and I

have these left over but before I add my pinkhydrangeas to it I'm going to go ahead and use a little bit more of these so itcan look fuller all right so now it's time to add thedarker shade of flour and these are pink hydrangeas they are not the

darkest pinkwhen it comes to hydrangea where they're definitely darker than this over here soI'm just going to pull and glue so here is the floral arrangement for the archso far I cannot wait to put it on now I am going to step away from thisand start building the

arch okay so I let the paint dry for about two hoursand they are ready to go now I'm going to attach this elbow to the pipe toattach them together just like I did back there and I'm going to do it withthe second one so you can see how

I did it which is pretty easy I'm going to be draping my to sheerscarf over my pipes and I'm going to be working on the floor on the groundbecause I do not have a tall ladder I've been asking my husband to buy me aladder for over three months

and guess what today I need it and I don't have itI only have a very small stool and I do not want to risk it because it's noteven home to help me help me out so I have to do this by myself so like Ialways say I work

with what I have and I'm going to work on this on the groundall right let's do this I'm going to start with leaving a little room at thebottom because this is going to cover the pot so I'm going to leave a littleroom like this much down here let

me wrap it around a little windyand then I'm going to go ahead and like crap in here one time and then you're going to do the same onthe other side criss-cross now you're going to grab a couple ofsafety pins and secure both corners only a tattoo scarf where

you can definitelyadd more to make it look thicker I think they look just fine the way they areright now I'm going to see once I spend the whole arch up I'm going to see how Ifeel about it but for now I think this looks great and I'm going

to go aheadand add these flowers to the top of the arch to attach my floral arrangement onmy arch I'm going to be needing safety pins and floral wire so here's my art so far guys and oh mygosh I absolutely love it and it's not even finished yet so

I'm going to moveon to the next step which is to stand this baby up so I'm going to get my pathand my stance now I'm going to add water to the stand to make it heavier and youjust keep pouring water until the fan stops absorbing the water and

startsmaking a photo and there it is it's standing all on its own now I'm going to add a little moregreenery a little more flowers and be hanging crystals alright so this is thearch so far now I'm going to add my crystals for the final touch alright guys so

here is my dilemmaso now that I'm about to take video to show you the final productthis gets happening here and for some reason now I'm picking at it and thatlittle empty space right here is bothering me as well so I'm going to goahead and add a couple of

more scars so this can look a bit thicker and then I'mgoing to show you the final product alright guys this is that this is myfinal arrangement for my wedding arch I ended up taking away the middle scarfand added extra scarves to the side and I think it's absolutely

amazingand I actually did have to end up adding some extra support because since I addedmore greenery and I added more scars you got a little heavier my husband suggeststhat I added a bigger base pot so I can add more sand in that way it will bemuch heavier and

able to support the other weight and therefore that's wherewe have these sandbags here which is something that they do at weddings theyadd sandbags for this type of situation but you can just get a bigger base atmore sand and make it heavier I hope you guys enjoyed this video

and I will seeyou guys next time you you

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