DIY *OUTDOOR* Escape Room || Step-By-Step Tutorial to Make Your Own Escape Room Outside

It's summer and at this time of year noone wants to be stuck inside when it's nice out , not even foran escape room! But what if I told you I have a superfun escape room plan set for outdoors? To make this outsideescape room all you need is a little bit of greenspace and some creativity.

Stay tuned to find out how! I've done several escape room videos onmy channel before, which I will link down in thedescription box below, but so far they've all been inside.

With all of thebeautiful weather we've been having lately, I wanted to host an outsideescape room puzzle here at my home.

I've invited my sisterAcacia and her husband Dan over here for acasual Friday night barbecue.

But what they don't know is that I havelocked all of the drinks and beverages inside a cooler, which is going to behiding here in our backyard and they're going to have to solveescape room puzzles in order to release the snacks!We're going to play the game and then I'm going to explain to youhow it works and how you can recreate it asthey are solving it.

I'll also show you how to create some of the puzzlesyourself afterwards.

To make it easier for you torecreate I will time stamp all of the puzzles inthe description box below so that you can find them in the futurequickly and easily.

I think I just heard a car door slam.

I think they're here! Let's go! This is my sister Acacia.

(A: Hello!) Hello, and she gets this one rhubarb slushy drink, and then after that, Acacia, all your drinks are locked up in this cooler.

(A: Oh my goodness!) Deal? (A: Deal!) Okay so you and Dan have to solve my escape room torescue your drinks.

First they get an angry message from thenext door neighbour.

When you moved in next door last year Ithought, “Great! A small family with young kids.

They'll be nice and quiet, ” I thought.

But ever since you got here it's beennothing but loud music, kids screaming, dancing with brooms inball gowns, and other such nonsense.

Well I've had it! No more!I'm calling off this barbecue of yours.

I've locked up your sugary drinks andother garbage into that cooler of yours, and good luck getting it back.

Anywayit's for your own good.

We wouldn't want you BALLOONING up withall those extra calories! POP isn't even good for you.

Trust me, you'll thank me later! Now please be quiet! Thatis the KEY to being a good neighbour after all.

The message mentions water balloons, pop, and key and it just so happens that there's a bucket filled with waterballoons in the yard.

Your players will have to smash theballoons to find a key hidden inside of one of them.

Make sure your players actually rememberto look for the key! (A: A key!!) Just a reminder they only had one hourto solve this and only three hints from me.

The keyCOULD be for the lock on the cooler, but of course, that's too easy.

Your players will have to search for another lock somewhere in the space.

Oh perfect! They found a mysterious blackbag hidden in the day lilies, and it has a purple marked lock thatrequires a purple marked key.

Inside the bag are two fishing rods.

Earlier while they were searching for clues, they saw fish floating in thefountain with a sign saying, “Absolutely no fishingin the fountain without a proper fishing rod.

“Now they need to do a little angling to move on to the next step of the game.

the backs of the fish are blank but onefish has an arrow code on it this code correspondsto a directional lock hidden on a bag somewhere in the gamearea that's a thing it's it i think you have to like push it in fivetimes inside this bag is a word search puzzlethey must find all the words whatever letters are left uncircled spell out amessage and give the players the lock code toour next word lock found on a cage lock with somethingof value trapped inside oh i found it the codeword is vlog whether or not they agreed with my codeword they still had to find the cage lock we needed to spell blobs inside is a key for solving a codedpuzzle earlier they saw a sign blatantly postedon the shed wall but couldn't solve it until now using the sign language key they'dretrieved from the cage they were able to solve the puzzle witha little bit of mishap no it's not an age it's a case finally they figured out the message andheaded off to look under the skunk which is actuallywhat the message said unfortunately i have three of themin my backyard look a little harder hidden just under the dirt under theskunk is a note let me read it digging in this part with shovels onlypreviously the players saw a clear box with a shovel insidelocked with a four-digit bike lock now they need to solve it on a table in the yard was a snackstation while acacia and dan believed it was a nice gesture on my part to givethem sustenance through the game it really was a clue the dish of gummieswere a decoy and fair game for eating but in the sign was a hidden riddle thesign on the table said help yourself to some candy while youplay keep your energy up our favorite colors are pink purpleyellow and blue this actually tells them the correctorder of colors all right how many are there of eachpink has three purple is five wait i the note under the skunk also had aphoto of random gummies or were they random our players firstneeded to count how many pink gummies were in the photothen purple then yellow then blue to get the correctcombo for the bike lock in the same order as the snack signhinted with their new shovel they were nowallowed to dig in the pot nice awesome their next challenge was to open one ofmy favorite puzzle boxes while you're not supposed to shake thedaylights out of my puzzle box it did the trick and soon they were ontheir final lock i'm pretty sure they had a good time buti don't know if running away is a good signon a side note a lot of these products can be found on amazonand you can buy them through my amazon affiliate links which will thenhelp my channel so i will have a giant list of escape room products in thedescription box below feel free to take a peek that was theescape room in a nutshell if you want to recreate this escape roompuzzle at your own home stay tuned because coming right up ishow i made a lot of these puzzles remember there are time stamps down inthe description box below if you want to go back just to specificpuzzles and recreate them yourself okay so i have this word lockthat i haven't used yet in an escape room and so right now it's set as thecode of you know the top tab zero zero zerozero but i wanna choose a word that i can usefor my escape room so in order to do thatyou have to have your lock open you can spin the end dial and actuallypull off the end tab and then all of theserings pull off like so there we goso once you have all the little rings pulled off you'll see that there aresome grooves all around this lock and there's somethat are painted red and those are your way to open it up so you'regoing to line up the letters of the word that youwant to spell onto the red grooves we're going tospell the word blob just because it seems like a fun wordfor this escape room so i'll start with b so i've got blined up on the red dot so there we have the word a blob theni'll just put the cap back on and snap it back in place so that thedot here is all lined up and now when i go toclick my lock shut it worksnow i'm making the word search which will have a messagehidden inside of it once they find all of the clue wordsso i found puzzlemaker.


comwhich has a hidden message word search generatorso the first step is put a title and this is where i put the clue leftoversare the best part of a barbecue hopefully that lets them know that anyleftover letters in this word search will spell out a message the messagethat will be hidden is the code word is blob with a list of15 words that can be hidden in the word searchand then we will generate the puzzle here is what theword search generator came up with so i just copied and pasted itinto my gimp program just so i could kind ofsolve the puzzle myself and see what i'm working withand here is what is left over so all the blacked out words are the cluesand everything that's in yellow sparkle is the hidden messageand then i'm left with these tiny little letters at the bottom which i think i'mjust gonna black out so that my players know that thoseletters aren't part of the message so it workedout well so i'm going to print this off the sign language puzzlei went to phonespace.

com and looked up sign language fonts there was plenty tochoose from but i liked the look of this one designed by sam wang becauseit's crisp and clear and it's easy todistinguish what the fingers are doing on each handso i did the free download and i installed this font into my pagesprogram then i typed out a little chart so ijust use helvetica font for the alphabet and then rightbeside it i put the sign language font so to makethe sign that's going to hang on the shed i just typed in the words lookunder the skunk in normal font and then i justconverted it to the hand sign font and enlarged itsuper big so it'd be really clear and easy to seeit's at font size 102 and that's going to be printed off and hanging on theshed to make the gummy bear clue my husbandwent and got me some gummies he couldn't find bearsso he got me gummy mermaids which fits the theme i guess because they'regoing to be doing a little backyard fishingso we're going to use these to make our picture clue so there's a couple bags of gummymermaids in here and now i will set up the photo here so here's how the photo turned out oncei sent it to my computer and you know kind of upped the color alittle bit and then i wrote the little message digging in this pot with shovelsonly management so that when they pick up theskunk and look underneath they'll see this bright colorful imageand corresponding to that gummy mermaid clue is the sign that will be placed atthe snack station out in the open beside the dish of gummy mermaids whichthey're free to eat because i'm done with them now to make the fish puzzlein the fountain i dug out my kids fish magnetic toys that theynever use anymore anyways so i don't mind using them and drawingall of them so they're just these little fish thathave a piece of metal on them andthey have these fishing rods that have a magnet hanging at the bottomwhich then pick up the fish so i'm going to havethese fish just floating because they're wooden they should floatfloating in the fountain in our backyard and most of them will be blank on theback however the fish that they are going tobe hunting for when they fish is going to have these directionalarrows written on it so this is the code forthe directional lock that they'll need to openi put the top and the bottom because obviously if you're holding it the wrongway it's going to give you a very different answerjust to be safe i did use some clear nail polishon the back because i know this ink will run when it gets wet and it'll kind ofsmear all over the wood so my hope is this clear nail polishwill prevent the smearing from happening if youenjoyed this video please remember to give it a hugethumbs up and feel free to leave a comment i do try to answer everycomments it might take me a little while but i will try and get back to you letme know your favorite part about this escape room and if you have any plans onchanging or adapting it for yourself if you're new to my channel pleaseconsider subscribing i would love to have you as part of my travel communityi do travel videos but i also do adventure videos whichi count escape room videos as adventure videosthanks so much for watching if you've made it this farwatching till the end makes you a super fan and i appreciate youso much.

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