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I was the first to arrive in a car from my era the superb Jensen Healey this is a beauty built by Jensen designed by the father-and-son team that brought us the Healey 3-litre styled by the same man who did the Aston Martin Lagonda and powered by a twin-cam Lotus engine you really can think of this then has been like one of those old 70s super groups Crosby Stills Nash and young William but oh well yeah here we go speak of the devil James that is magnificent a TVR s from your period it is it's TVR s2 action is – yeah 170 horsepower cologne ford v6 from the Granada absolutely no this was superb and the other thing as well about these can you open the boot yes mmm no on the Antiques Roadshow yes they always looked behind the clockface and they can tell who made it make his mark yeah yeah well normally on a TVR if you look underneath the carpets or the roof lining or something like that you often find a clue as to who built the car yes there you go this was made by man called Nobi Nobi I think yes Nobby you just don't get that on a lot of golf as we admired our wonderful cars Richard arrived in a little gem from his youth and noticing them it's come back it's come home it has it's a poetic moment actually the last event here back at Lotus it is I remember when this came out that square stance nobody built a square car booth no no nobody had done that it was yeah that was the were reasons for that apparently that the the plastic used to shrink and they didn't know that the suppliers had come with a new plastic that didn't shrink so it was wider than ingenuity making the best of him I mean it was the same the TV are plastic okay plastic there's some plastic plastic body just sound and the engine in this wasn't Lotus was it yeah Isuzu but that's Japanese reliable when they tested one of these they ran it ran a racetrack for 24 hours straight yeah 22 of those hours it didn't break down seriously as we chatted a challenge arrived [Music] you will now race around the Lotus test track to see which of your ridiculous cars is best ridiculous it goes on and then you must put the Stig in a car that wiped your British sports cars off the map a Peugeot 205 GTI and set a time seriously things a crummy little French hatchback can beat these purpose-built cars and we got to get the Peugeot says we've got to put him in it yes first though we did some laps in our classic British sports cars [Music] this is a stirring save three great British sportscars herring across the British landscape love the sound of a twin cam engine noise you're hearing not fixed up no there Oh Deary me there we go yes I knew there'd be one there if I looked hard enough this car is of course very light weighs just nine hundred and eighty-seven kilograms because it's made from canoe building materials sorry scrap that because it has made them culpers is physically your lab is front-wheel drive because it's just better the same time this car was coming out Mazda were bringing out the mx-5 rear-wheel drive old-fashioned only solving massive numbers for decades they didn't have the same exclusivity that their land it's never sold in the same vulgar [Music] sometimes with this engine you do notice that the old question could drop alarmingly in a fast corner it's okay the engine would never blow up there's normally the water pump would go first and very useful feet to that when you press the throttle in the TVR there is a slight delay before anything happens a lot of people thought this was a fault but actually very innovative safety feature I'll demonstrate you driving along you Preston swap horn the car says are you sure [Music] TVR Chimaera cornering so flat for you after the Second World War which we won Britain was littered with disused airfields and many of them like this one in fact were converted into racetracks and it was on these twisting turning racetracks that the lightweight nimble British sports car this sort of developed and honed [Music] we could have gone round all day but the producer said we must pull in and post on lap times the time has come Hammond would you reveal your fastest lap my fastest lap in my Lotus Elan was 2 minutes and 19 minutes 970 story is there's no other word it there is no other word blistering jail right TVRs to my fastest lap time was to fifteen point nine to fifteen point nine and here the 1970s Jensen Healey 217 nine so what we can see here is progress as you'd expect from the British sports car obviously that's very good that's even better that's even the cars have come on deck exactly and now it's time to find out how fast the Stig can go around in this Peugeot 205 GTI doesn't look like a GTI no no I couldn't get a GTI so I've got a diesel and they're basically the same thing okay stakes start it up the Stig wound up the PIRs oh and began is fine affect the reason I couldn't get a GTO I suspect is because they've all rusted away all been crashed or fallen to pieces the handling was terrible on this crash any thoughts with your car and he talks with yours oh and did you know in the whole history of TV are there is no recorded incident of one ever breaking down I've heard that and here he comes two or nine to 15 to 17 for us to 22.

0 point I think we need to go.

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