Best Room Shakers & Lines In Battle Rap 2018 | Part 3

Well, if that's the case I'll put you back in your place great posture I'm talking hospital visit I'm talking hospital visits nurse Randi trying to get you to a great doctor your mom's stressing That's all the stomach effect that you'll ain't conscious your whole family trying to rush in the room, but they ain't stop Making only a few million portions wait for job I'm witness it so we can ride it but I will the noise sound is gonna like my peace and quiet.

I'm Affiliated get him look for nothing.

What Jack's Not a fan that's what the extra eyes are for.

So since I hide behind that stop summer the shades are the only thing I Gotta stop with barrel in this map finally get a cork in it is how State will be a short visit.

I'm sick of banelings.

No names don't shock 9h, okay pause a no-brain at the fucking Ring Ring Please the aim is better We must hope to balloons but you let the gas get for your head Co sends but Extra-curricular and for that you don't get any credit, but for the fact you won't give it a rest It's only right now boy if the bets you was better off taking a dive I mean, you said it yourself this year.

There was times you wanted to die But the truth is you're hoping Attention we do this shit for the likes and that's what makes you a fatty a fuckin thumbs up is the peace in your life You'll get shot to your soul get warned now now see I changed my life On the search.

Look I changed my life on this search for inner worth and power at one point I would hit the earth then research for hours looking at the Black Panthers, but it was like Black Panther Cuz I was getting in touch with my ancestors off the purple flower Should I look at you and I don't get that killer vibe by walking your kick back and let it kick back You got Killa Bob? Kill us and I something cuz I'm bigger If you dump them in a room Swag kidneys bad for you rockin with them fellas and doing it the freeway swag You're broke for men again making you freeze up was a challenge that I was down to display Crime in front of the can not for disrespecting my seasoning bet next time the fishing nigga What we do in the communities where our people shit me and you can do something awesome with them But I ain't teach them to teach.

So all he do is preach.

He just talk.

It's all not wit Y'all like y'all all gonna listen, I'm mad.

I gotta hit him with the news like what like the dog don't listen Fuck a good match what saved the best for later I came looking for a bot forensic investigator, right? Gun boards night bars, but not fucking he gonna die Japanese blade Just something small planet in bonsai It's Father's Day Yes, I'm fucking the mom first.

Ain't no son.

I'll revolve around your earth that ball right dishes say a lot cuz if it's him against the world when he belting out this I Think I know Bro bro, I'm not gonna play so I'm going to but if she knew a lot of wrong thing He not gonna say or I'm dragging your ass outside and leave nuts in your face.

I'll put these dogs on fleet.

Nice opposite Damn you You let your pussy trip on your pad mama mine's my hot blade and that's why I Am three god I'm fuckin loops that go free bad right bitches and you'll fuckin do Making your face to get a brick auntie bullshit making his face could get a break out the bullshit Go ahead pussy and get you a quick scrub on your little ass stupid initiative quick This nigga oil in his mouth from trying to hit a link Just giving next time you see me lifting something up it ain't gonna be uplifting I'm Too different and this coat you can't compute when I spew wisdom Sam that new parking tube socks with a confused vision like I hope Brenda's got a baby and I'm praying that the kid is tucked safe.

But when it's time to hit him up nigga fuck So full of yourself, but based on your facebook posts You can use them out how you put me to kill a nigga they wanna kill itself Kill it so you thought this was a shot they gave you drugs for your mental health.

I Always the smartest shitting his schoolwork over the first to finish, but I never did my homework They told me I wasted my wits and I left and they came to my grips You see I had to work they get it cuz my school had metal detectors So I stashed my name.

I'm on a football field nigga the shit that I had to learn was different Take away.

My bunk bag.

I still had weed does lean in perks up in it So what the fuck I look like coming to school with schoolwork when I already came to school with work up in it They got happening staff with my custom, but I even so work today nigga that work up, baby Oh, I was just like a good student the guy leave class until my work was finished I told my nigga soon as I land over and land over that's about the time.

Yeah, Oh And I slap the dog piss out you Now but it's I don't even need those tricks to get here.

I need a handout I already have my own in the mix to both The fucking with Roman and creepy to focus the suiza from every angle Julie nothing my swag.

It's for promotional reasons Against whatever face I'm on the wrong.

I mean Jayco every cricket smile.

I set him straight why? Because this is a test most niggas won't even try to finish a test most niggas living without a witness But that's the problem.

We're living in a moment Niggas never even considered on a minute and that's so fun PS LT was your name brand my nigga hmm heard it was your mom Fuck that bitch ripped this shirt off and make her white hot pussy with this the laws Bring a team lead but peace big man enrich enrich the machine.

Hey girl And shoot your blockable some hate and shit nigga, I'm throwing so even if there's a chance of snow, I'm still I'm still scheming.

This is still defeat TSA I'm here to kill the weak.

He said I ain't dumping mine big news in the summertime weather man, right or wrong you know feeling he See I wasn't even mad with Tory actually called me for this I was like before soleus not that too actually corny, but true for mommy in 1960 Well, if y'all didn't steal my point is it's some average about 40 They book you for me little nigga, I don't know your price I levitated.

So how we have it to a poltergeist I love potatoes.

So how do we have it to a poltergeist JC? What's banging? So turn to the devil with Sony, right? That's picking up Switching off always keep the Emilio clicking.

Oh, he's just got a closer.

Don't throw throw make it to kick in side to side going Streaming through the night We take you to months All right, Monica Peyman, they go and you thought your people who's gonna see you in our lights you woke up Giant in your pain like I'm a beat bags Probably screaming cuz you hate then I popped up like ah Let this breathe in this book and make a double eave it in its right Highest point it's still below now I'm going ham on lower leg, but that's baloney, but you got But you got beef bacon.

So there's a swine in your place everybody wanna flip Them under the Friday Night Lights get truly Wow black bow fuck fucking leg up in the field Put the tray hold six in all of its world Six train, but the tray holds six in that letter twirl I'm the elite one big machine gun from the underworld when I get just stomach curls put this bitch in front of the magazine Be easy-breezy you better cover girl Know caught him this morning with a muffin smacked it out his head here eat all day nigga.

I know you dizzy He bought the doll but still y'all gonna give him flight ready Not for real a new big Disney gonna win this battle make her forget it slow paper.

He likes ready keep dreaming You might get it like Debbie.

Don't stop not dizzy.

You like heady? Full full get in the remod if I gotta check it again.

I caught him in a squat lacking Well, I was proving to get this first man.

Try to act bad Bob.

I twisted his cat Let somebody is driving like lust finish.

It is a rat and every real hustler know.

Imma get the real after I finish the back What is almost up Listen this ain't right Nigga this ain't life Turn Saint Mike the faint Mike weather Never get old now that's magic Bishop Darwin Also pipsy I should check curse I get his chest learned put a hole any big enough to see the roots I can see What Questlove? And you can't say that it's not true He was right there inside see I've lost but never been cooked.

And that's why I'm still cold on the inside you see They got it wired up with Mack lift the line up and spray knock his hat loose Pappu's niggas get worked up with let's woody move on a fuckin new world.

He didn't all the noise I put your face on his head like the waterboy.

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