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chef buck here and today we're gonnacook up a creamy homemade onion dip now my sister sent me an onion recipe and wetried it out and it was really delicious though a lot of times when I make aonion dip I use like a mix like this and this is good for an onion dip you knowif you just want to sit in your underwear and watch a Jackie Chan FilmFestival this is the way to go but if you're serving it for family and friendsand you want to impress them and show them that you care just a little bit youknow you can make it with fresh onion and a lot of it now this is for onionsabout this size and I've already got them sliced up now before we get goingcooking these things up I've already got my cream cheese set out and I want thissoftened up so we'll have that waiting and we will get going over here on ourskillet I'm gonna start it off on medium-high heat and get my oil andbutter going but we're gonna end up reducing the temperature and cooking itlow and slow so I got my oil and skillet heat it up now we're just going to throwour onions in here you're gonna want a good sized skillet for this as you cansee but like I said you know we're gonna cook these onions a long time so they'regonna cook down and it's gonna be sad how little onion is left in here whenwe're through it's gonna be depressing but it'll be like onion concentrategonna be of just SuperDuper onion flavor so now you just want to take a momenttoss your onions around get a little bit of oil and butter on them so we got themnice and coated up and they're sizzling away now I'm gonna go ahead and reducemy stovetop down to medium and we're just gonna let them cook away low andslow you know stirring them as need be and we're gonna be here for a littlewhile now you can still hear them sizzling away they've been going forabout eight minutes and I've been stirring them occasionally and theyreally haven't started to brown up yet because I've got so many onions in herebut look how soft and juicy those look and that's what you're looking for youdon't want to throw them in here on high heat I think you're gonna rush theprocess because you're gonna fail is that too harsh because you're gonna havecomplications you just have to be patient for optimal caramelization ofyour own now that they're nice and soft we'regonna go ahead and throw a few seasonings in hereI'm gonna keep it easy-peasy I just got a little bit of garlic powder and somesalt and we'll stir this in here and don't be shy with the seasoningI mean we're gonna have a lot of nice onion flavor but you want a littlepizazz too because we're gonna be adding that creamy cream cheese in here and alittle sour cream so you want to make sure and have enough flavor to hold upto the cream that smells fantastic yeah that onion smell that's deliciosowe got our seasoning mixed up here with these onions and I'm gonna keep it onmedium heat for a little bit longer because it doesn't seem to be cookingoverly fast and I'm gonna keep stirring it occasionally but we're just gonnaexercise our patience that's basically the only exercise I've been gettinglately that counts right now we're about 15 minutes into the cooking process andyou can see our onions are really cooking down now you know that salt weadded in here has helped to draw more moisture out of the onions so it'scooking off so we want to go ahead and make sure we keep this kind of a juicywe don't want it to dry out too much before it caramelizes so we're gonna addsome moisture to it now if you wanted to you could just drizzle a little water inthere or you could add some wine love cooking with wine you know doing it withcaramelized onion this is a great idea we generally have an open bottle of winebecause of camera girls hobby but if you're not a wine drinker you know agood thing to have around the house is these little dinky bottles of wine thatyou can use for cooking but I actually took some allergy medicine earlier todayso I'm going to lay off the alcohol I'm just gonna Dibble dabble a littleWorcestershire and I've still got on on medium but I'm gonna reduce it down tomedium-low just get this mixed up and then we'll continue to cook it downstirring it occasionally just making sure that we're not cooking it too fastso I'm just gonna let it keep going on medium low you know add a little bitmore wish your sister shower or water as needed stir it as needed keeping it niceand juicy not letting it dry out just letting it slowly caramelize until itreaches peak onion perfect now it has been 35 minutes I didn't needto add any more water or Worcestershire sauce so I started off on a medium-highheat add it on medium and finished it up the last half of the cooking process onmedium low let's get it over here off of the stove and I'm going to put it onthis cutting board so I could chop it up we started off with four onions so we'vegot a lot of concentrated onion flavor right here now let's get a bowl and wegot our softened cream cheese and I'm gonna mix it up with a couple ofspoonfuls of sour cream but I'm just gonna start out with just that muchbecause when I made this before I put too much sour cream in and it's sort ofoverwhelmed the onion so now I've jacked up the onion and I'm going to suppressthe cream so I'll give my onions chopped all rightytoss our onion in here and it's like an onion paste let's stir it up man lookhow dark this dip is gonna be that's how own you need it is and look how creamythat is man I'm glad I didn't put any more sour cream in here so it's bestjust to start you know with a couple of spoonfuls and see how it goeslook at that consistency you know now it will thicken up you know when theseonions cool down you know especially if you sitting in the fridge for a littlewhile it's definitely gonna harden up because all that cream cheese but youdon't want it overly stiff you know if you're gonna use it for like a dip anddip and dip but maybe you want it to be a little thicker because you can alsouse this you know you can put it in like a jalapeno for baked jalapenos you knowyou could use in an omelette you know like a creamy oniony filling for anomelette all kinds of things you can do you knowhow some people take a peanut butter you know and fill it up in a celery like apeanut butter canoe you could do that you know with this here thepossibilities are endless you could wear this as a hat that's just theoretical sonow we're just gonna leave it alone let it cool down then I'll transfer it intoa prettier Bowl and make it prettier like I was serving it to a loved onelook how gorgeous that is look at that presentation now don't be intimidatedyou know you I'm gonna be able to good look that goodI mean I have a degree in fashion and design obviously you guess the fashionpart now I put some chopped green onions on here you know the little green partsbecause what's kind of sad without it now this dip is cooled down andthickened up see how thick that is if you like your dip thinner than this youknow you can add some more sour cream to it look how oh you knew that is don't beshy with the onions its onion dip make an onion dip with fresh onions it justmakes it so creamy you ready for some camera girl mm-hmm oh yeah let's do thiswhat your room okay what is that that's a girly bite is it oniony enough for youmm-hmm and you can pretend you're eating something healthy because it has onionin it I don't think we can pretend that if you want to print this recipe go overto MyFoodChannel.

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