what is up guys welcome back to mychannel if you're new here I'm Lizzy and today we are going to be well the boysare going to be competing in the best day wins a garland boys boys I have oneconcern about this so you and Carter dated I feel like

he has a prettydistinct advantage that stove and I don't have losers will be losers whatcould I say I mean you lost her and yourrelationship because you broke up so Oh deep cut so you guys have 20 minutes toplan out your dates and after you guys finished planning out

your dates I'mgonna date you guys each one by one back to back and the best day in my opiniongets to win okay so you're gonna date all three of us yeah and then whoever'sdate was your favorite you're gonna kiss them yeah the I can kiss on the lips

orother cheek from me we're on the lips I don't really want to I already want tocompete anymore really are you serious you can give one of us a kiss yeahthere's the highest stakes they've ever done and I just want to kiss Liz justcuz they make Carter upset why

would they go 17 okay guys your date prepstarts now 20 minutes all right let's go I have my day but I already know whatwe're gonna do that's all really how long is the date allowed to be an hourmm-hmm okay I already have one and so it's an hour

long day and we have 20minutes to prep yeah so that's a lot of pressure oh my gosh what to wear what to I got a witnessdate so I got a look good oh yes this is perfect all right I honestly only needone thing for my date with Liz

I'm pretty excited and that one thing isright here Oh coach he's play sleepythis dog the way to a girl's heart is by getting her dog to love you first yeah Igot my outfit I love this oh actually oh I know I'm the beads now when this artsand crafts

I know she's really creative and she loves jewelry and stuff soyou're gonna have to find out what we make Oh best date ever this is glass I got to be careful perfect we're almost set up almost okayher looking for this this is exactly what I need one and

come on come on comeon come on come on Oh okay so all the boys are getting ready for their date Ihave no idea what Ryan's planning and I don't know what Stokes planning but helooks ridiculous duh for Liz she's gonna love it just one more thingoh heck it's

nobody were you wearing what are you wearing I'm wearing a suitthis looks classy what bag is that we're going back to the 70s we come back Idon't know time for this okay guys the time is running out there's only a fewmore minutes until they're 20 minutes of prep

time is upI haven't seen my new lunch and stove I so don't know what he's doing Carter'sbeen running around the house like a madman though guys time is running outyou guys have like I'm done put this on just put this onthat's all we need like this put on

your head like that your goggles put them onlet's go okay well I exported it's the first day I'm gonna set the standardlook ridiculous what these days even ridiculously romantic so put on a crazyoutfit you put on a crazy round cake clearly someone's not trying yeah mydate is ready

Liz you ready or not let's do this so first I'll go last then yougo you can go second okay I'm sorry doesn't matter when I go I go whateverif I go last you're gonna liz is gonna remember itfor sure it's gonna be fresh in her mind but if

I go second and then mine'sbetter than yours she'll totally forget about yours come on let's go Dana mylove okay date number one is Carter's date Carteris running around the entire house getting set for this so yeah barely gotit done over 20 minutes but look at me I look

amazing even even Ryan said I lookridiculous it's amazing it's cool I really hope we don't have to go in thepool I just did all my makeup on my hair Carter what is going on well in order towin this thing because I am competitive I'm gonna win any challenge

I said afterwe're going back with the basics back to our first ever underwater date all right Lizzie ready for a datenumber one underwater date let's go the hostess says our tables ready andthey're taking orders for your choice of air would you like your air sparkling orstill um still

okay perfect we'll have to airs waiting for us at our tablelet's go wow that's really cute likewell-thought-out romantic it and the colors are like red and pink it looks socool so fun well I wonder what Ryan has planned for me cuz I think it day isnext all right

I know what my data is I need 10 seconds to just grab the starherself Milly and then we're gonna head out alright let's head out why are youtaking me question list thinks I'm so annoying and this is gonna be a greattime after you ladies first that's brownie points

right there peoplelovely fall day why would you not want to be out in about so you're likeactually kidding me somewhere yeah I'm like Carter who doesn't like to leavehis house ha ha so here's my car okay we're abouthalfway there Millie bleep the way to a girl's heart it's

by getting her dog tolove you first all right Liz before we get out Millie's looking kind of antsywhere do you think we're going give me one guess as to where you thinkI'm taking you just one good guests on it's a librarywe're gonna go silently read for two hours

is there oh cool well that's notwhere we're going okay real quick Liz before we go to the actual surprise I'mfeeling kind of a peckish so we're gonna grab some smoothies my treat of coursebecause it's a real date got a smoothie boom got a smoothielovely sunset let's go we're

about a block awayI think Millie's excited oh my thank you I'm so silly I should have knownfrom the get-go when you said we were gonna bring Millie Bailey's getting super excited we're atthe dog park all right this might be horrible but we showed him to the dogpark and

the girl from the tinder in real life videos here name is Alex Imean I'm not saying your love at first sight because you know I couldn't seethrough the dinosaur I couldn't see your face but I still saw my heart I knew heyRyan how are you so how's your

eyes is date going good until now I take it cashyou can make a friend go go go oh my gosh oh really she may have friend Cocoplease be social I'm going to live vicariously by casuals playing though goforth and be sociable cash is ithe goes no see how

that works playing watch right good boy that was just goodHey he's actually sitting when I said said I just took itguys this is kind of awkward because um we came to a dog house her date but Ryanis exes here so I feel like this date is I don't

know kind of awkward nowoh my gosh go get really tired it's like lines on a date with Alex andnot me you go okay we can head out all right we're just getting back to thehouse right now Liz there Millie come on so that was kind of crazy we

ran intoAlex there if you don't remember who she is I referenced earlier but she was inthe tinder in real life video how do you feel this I'm I feel fine okay well thatwas wild because alex is great and we hung out with her I think was mad at

menow I don't know if that's gonna hurt me or help me in this challenge but we havea stove up next and card already won so I guess we'll see how things went okay well it looks like liz is back from herdate with Ryan I think I'm up next

I got that outfit that he she's gonna lovethis but it's really flashy I think she likes flashy stuff it is a little bittight but made some modifications and let's go find her so where are you readydo you like actually close your eyes close your eyes okay oh wow

it's for itsfor our date there's actually really sweetno one got me anything really you ready yeah what are we doing all right firstthing I got to do is up I need grab my oh that you to take you a ride aroundtown in my brand new car oh let

me open the door for you you're supposed to youknow open doors for your date on the first dateall right any date and supposed to dress up maybe not like thiswell I'm pulled out this is the the car ride car okay my gosh are you trying tokill me no

that gives you a drum adrenaline oh my gosh that actually goesso fast a funeral out of videos online where thegirls are in the pastor's seat and they seem to enjoy that kind of stuff and sothat's why I want to give you like an adrenaline rush oh that's interestingyou

know yeah you need to spice things up a little bit you probably weren'texpecting that at all yeah that's true it wasn't and then so after that littleride are you are you getting hungry Iactually I'm kind of hungry mmm so I couldn't really get anyreservations tonight and we'll all

just be straight upbecause it was too short notice okay so now are we gonna do so now andgo back and we're gonna eat okay and but before we get dinner I do want to showyou one of my favorite sneaker shops so we're getting a sneaker shop boy sneakershopping

okay you weren't expecting over yeah no I wasn't actually well youshould get hyped because I'm I'm really hyped for it I think I there's a lot ofshoes I think will fit you really well like your style and your outfits thatyou wear and but obviously it will be your

choice but if you and I do have alot of sneakers so there's a good chance that we're gonna be matching as well sookay so this is like kind of like a cute likeness to it yeah yeah you know allcouples like to match stuff so this is off to

hook that's true a good start umLiz I have a problem what I forgot my wallet a legit forgot I told I just Igrab my key we might have to turn around and get you might go get my walletactually yeah I'll just pay for my own shoes no Ireally

want to get you these shoes it's funno take five minutes to go get the wallet please is gonna ruin the day youcould just bend mo then mommy yeah but this isn't it doesn't look cool on onefilm women live in boat people all right guys so LizI wanted to

create some space because I wanted to say that I'm actually makingall this stuff up on the fly right now like from the car ride all the way tosneaker shopping because obviously 20 minutes is not enough for me to likeprepare an actual date so I think it's going well

though I she seems like shelikes it a lot hopefully I win this this kissladies I'm excited hi-yah yep so she got her first pair ofYeezys today that's crazy crazy Wow I'm excited you might have to show them whatit looks like oh my I can't believe you bought me

yeah so guys rememberearlier I just say I lost my wallet so I'm gonna venmo her the exact amount soyou guys know that I did buy these for her for sure and I haven't proved – oncewe get back to the house – ooh you wanted yeah okay as long

as that the oneyou wanted okay sighs like meant to be it's time to go back home and eat somefood if you're hungry and also you can show off your shoes back at the houseyeah I'm gonna show everyone my shoes hey all right so I'll see you guys backat

the house are back Carter look at what stovebought me what is that never seen it easy look like that looks like Skecherswhoa I have a pair of doors dude don't be disrespecting them nowthey look like sketches I also had your health in mind when I you know doing

myshopping those will better Baxter really well you can't even meet the competitorsI'd rather I'd rather go underwater but yeah sure you can see that jealousy onhis face look at my new shoes don't buy any shoes you got me easy I gotta Igotta prove that I'm gonna send you

money oh yeah464 okay hey-oh got it oh that's proof everyone that didpay for him okay guys time to judge who it took me on the best date what NickCarter with underwater days what's it Ryan with the dog park day where endshis ex are me sneaker shopping Bobby shoes

Oh comment down below who youthink took me on the best day ever so I'm gonna go from third place to thesecond place diverse place so in third placeyeah I got lostyeah sorry it was kind of the worst okay so knowledge on to stove in Carterwho's gonna win my

luscious kiss my in the first place with the best date evernumber one on trending in 28:19 2018 in cars offense he actually did work reallyhard he's the only one running around like setting things up stove it kind offelt like he didn't know what we were gonna do and

so he just came out withsomething last minute and Ryan had a great attempt by Taney show the dog parkwhich is actually really thoughtful but then his but that Alex was there andthen I felt like on some third wheel so for that sorry Ryan your date withsource you've been

fighting for all day I work hard but I always win and now Iwant to kiss from Liz okay this is the moment you've all been waiting forclose your eyes why you're gonna believe your eyes open when I kiss you are yougonna kiss me right now yeah we're on

the lips just close your eyes I didn'twait I have to grab something you're gonna do something weird that's rightyou're gonna close your eyes okay mm-hmm it's a kiss you get a kiss to Hersheykiss it's not supposed to be a Lizzy kiss okay bye you wanna live againthat's the

rules that's what you promised the way Liz come on seriouslyyou can't be playing around work harder we did a whole video we're gonna do thisand broke everyone oh yeah sorry idea this is crazy yeah you just picked me no matter what he was gonna get the Hershey kiss

Idon't get what's going on just like that yeah like this I don't get itokay guys just a kiss what is this come on you work so hard all this is awarning for well I don't want it anywhere give it this dough but you wantjust this is so weird

hey Larry the worst kiss I've ever seenVyas my ex just kiss me I'm out of here it's too much ring the tape you didn'tlike it but you worked all day for it rather have the Hershey kissyeah give me my shoes back I first heard that I was gonna

be the winneryou tried your best and valiant effort I'm Lynn mm-hmm I don't know why he'ddecide to wear that on our day you ever had so many cool hunky guys chasing foryour affections at one time actually yes really Wow when I was singleWow and a relationship are you

singing now yeah but it's just like I've been soout of it they're not cheating on me

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