A Very Country Christmas – Full Movie

[Applause] and somebody please tell me why Zayn is not on stage hey I want more fireworks for the finale wanna light this place up what's right yeah yeah yeah I'll be right there yeah I gotta take this I want to see there is nothing to worry about our boys just build it up it's his face Seuss can't even come in a luxury suite to yell at me Oh [Music] all is calm [Music] where's Brian [Music] Vergil mother and child Oh so Dan my speed have fun heeey eat sleep in [Music] hey you I need you to take me as a mistress [Music] can't do the same [Applause] [Music] [Music] so they just have a second house they don't live in yep like a spare tire now you got it and why are we messing around with it we're not messing around with it we're staging it what's staging well when people are getting ready to sell their house they hire someone like me to make it beautiful so more people want to buy it could we live here it'd be better than living with manases you know like where we live I do but this place is awesome we could put Nana Sue's house inside this house Quinn I'm sorry it was an accident it's my fault I put it up there I'm almost finished we can go see if Nana Sue's has one like it at the gallery come here for peace and quiet [Music] [Applause] [Music] do I even need to ask if you know why I pulled you over doing a little fast I imagine fast is putting it lightly sir snow like this and reckless driving gets folks killed license and registration sorry ma'am you are absolutely right problem officer here's ain't gonna my whole life now or mr.

günther rather I and your hugest fan I thought you and Alice no 8 and I am not ashamed to say that you've had me bawling like a little baby with that voice of yours no I was very proud of you say can I ask are you doing here look I just came out here to think a little bit I was hoping to get out of the public eye for a while so if we could just keep this meeting between you and I that'd be great yes sir you have nothing to worry about with me um I just need you to sign right here please is uh this is my ticket don't forget about the ticket this is for me maybe something personal if it's not too much to ask maybe love the same I don't know sir consciousness dressing alright thank you very best day of my life it's the least I could do for cutting you bro like you have a good day and oh this is just for me I promise okay nice meeting you guys me do any one more thing what's that man slow down [Music] very interesting use of color in line yeah I think you're right it's the most beautiful piece in the gallery right now funny I thought it was speaking most beautiful thing in the camera well I just doesn't get old Charlie I wish you could say the same for me yeah me too hey we did yeah oh so it looks like you two have enough to know good we had an accident at the client's house well fortunately it doesn't look very expensive no I was hoping I could replace it with something in storage yeah I'm sure you can find something in the basement I see sweet Charlie's here yeah again he's very sweet you're right but he just wants me for my arms right can quaint along with you sure okay ladybug turned out to break anything else today okay bye so what do you say we're gonna do some painting yeah [Music] [Music] that looks pretty good if I do say so myself who are you what are you doing here uh well I was just trying to relax and take a shower till I heard a strange woman in here talking to a phase ah this is your house hi I'm Jeanette I'm your interior designer oh okay well that makes more sense I'm Zane do a great job Thanks so when were you talking to a vase that wasn't talking back to you no actually I came here to replace it you see I was staging and Quinn was on the couch that's my daughter and Oh normally I don't bring my daughter to stagings it's just my mom was busy and I really hope that the bay's wasn't special to you who's my mom's oh yeah my father gave it to her as a wedding gift I'm kidding I'm kidding okay I haven't seen that base before I think he just came with the house I'm sorry I couldn't help myself but honestly thank you for replacing you didn't need to do that okay I'm gonna go and I replace it so yeah I'm gonna I'm gonna go hey look it was just a joke you don't have to go [Music] [Music] Zain gunther country music's reigning superstar disappears from a sold-out concert without even singing single word that's right Bradley to say that this is not the year zing Gunther would be an absolute understatement the year started off with Zane losing his father to a long-fought battle with cancer then his supermodel girlfriend Alexis breaks off their engagement revealing that she's been having an affair with a director producer Calvin black and to top things off his latest album this summer had some mixed reviews from critics now all those sales would be considered good for anyone else in the world the numbers were some of the lowest for this one's country music powerhouse now for more on this story we take you to our expert in Hollywood on celebrity right away I know I know I'm late I'm sorry no worries it's a slow morning besides the boss likes you you're my boss Cindy and don't you forget it what were you watching more news about seeing Gunther walking out on this concert that country is it good is aim that there isn't some country music guy he's only the biggest it's okay it's okay you look pretty today yep less than 30 seconds and he said on you can Jeanette have tonight I have to go out with me she's off at 4:00 that's great at 4:00 I have to go pick up Quinn then I got to go straight over to my other job and then I have a full night of something it's nothing personal Tom I just don't date all right I'm hearing you loud and clear I am NOT gonna chalk this one up as a loss I will see you later if that boy could bottle his resistance he'd be a billionaire [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hello Mary any idea had the media got ahold of your phone message however I do have a theory while I was sleeping what do you mean Billie do you know how I got to where I am I was gonna say a deal with the devil I'm gonna let that slide because it made me smile I got here because I worked all the time no breaks no sleep and that's why trash TV never got ahold of my phone and intercepted my messages that's why none of my talent ever walked away from a sold-out stadium are you starting to notice the difference between you and me Billie yeah I think I am star on our roster how do you propose I do that he's obviously on some lost artists woe is me touchy-feely search so get back to your good old boy roots and get looking Mary I have a lot of other acts that I need to pay attention to so oh and since you seem to have trouble reading between the lines bring back Zane or don't come back [Music] we're back on my latte [Music] [Music] I didn't hear you come in she made you supper I'd see that so how did operation replace the broken bosco uh uh yeah I got caught red-handed crap did you get into a bunch of trouble no turns out the homeowner has a pretty nice six-pack though exactly what kind of trouble did you get into young lady nothing happened it was just a bright spot in my day when I was in Italy I dated this guy named Franco it was before I met your dad fine my point is it would not hurt for you to get yourself back out there a little bit it's been a long time I know you mean well I do hmm but I've got a lot on my plate right now I just wanna be happy I am happy but I've got a lot of studying to do don't step too late and you don't stay up too late dreamy about Franco for a while you go okay his name is Franco [Music] hey Marco I'm heading over the house now and just running a bit late what is this what the vase I replaced it he said it was fine never mind okay [Music] then there was this one time when I was seven my mom signed me up for ballet classes for the first time mm-hmm I didn't spend half of that class knocking people over it and myself too but then after the dance class I overheard the dance teacher talking to my mom saying that I have two left feet Jolene can you believe it I had three people Tommy I had two left feet in one week you don't say that's what my mom said that I should probably just start singing instead Oh sweetie I think you should be the one handling that staple gun why not I mean I've never used one before but I have fired a real gun now why on God's green earth well Michael my ex-boyfriend he used to take me to his uncle's junkyard to fire guns all the time it's one time Pete Jolene I'm so sorry I don't know what happened you know what I got a great idea why don't we take a lunch break and we'll just hang this after we eat yeah okay I'm hungry thank the Lord that one's cute as a button you know if you're trying to stay incognito you have got to stop wearing that god-awful Cologne I stopped wearing that Cologne years ago well I can still smell it Zain Thomas Gunther what are you doing here oh it's good to see you missed you I missed you too man you got half the music industry camped out at your folks old place in Florida you got the other half stepping in cow pies at your big ranch in California and here you are in our little bitty town I like it here well you always did you know we had to shut down the music camp yeah I heard about that that's too bad you know I learned a lot for you there and got me out of my shell you remember how shy I once was terrified of the stage well you had it in you then and you still got it in you now just good to see in the real world yeah well I could use a dose of the real world right I'm sorry to hear about your dad Thanks so what is it girl break your heart nah nah she wasn't right for me did you blow all your money on that terrible Cologne how many times you think I sang last year I don't know 100 euro insurance company tells me and I shouldn't sing my own soaps I mean I got a lip sync man things have changed haven't they they used to be happy to make you sing that you can sing anymore yeah it's not what I signed up for you think this is what I signed up for you know I miss those days riding across the country and a nice big bus people screaming your name want your autograph we didn't do selfies yeah no but it wasn't all it was cracked up to be either nostalgia just got a funny way of putting a spin on it don't get me wrong I'm grateful okay I am but to be honest to find singing and writing I just can't do anymore so I thought it might be good for me to come out here and clear my head just Billy now you're here I'll be fine it's good to see Chico ah it belonged to my mother no it didn't I was just kidding I'm so handsome look at my abs you have got to be kidding me how many were there I don't know I didn't stop to find out I gotta there's fast as I could what was Chris doing how do you think filmed it you would oh man you married him lord help me I did Janette why don't we everything okay you know if you're really upset about the face you want we could have the decency to say it to my face I'm sorry bro I am but I did the best I could wait you two know each other you might be rich but some of us have to work very hard for a living some of us the people who can this so why don't you think about that next time you get someone fired for breaking a stupid face thing did you get Janette fired how do you two know each other we're friends look god I didn't call anyone okay wait you didn't know I actually really like that baby AMI so you didn't call my boss and get me fired okay this is what you'd call real awkward look I I took the house off the market and then I guess the real estate agent thought that it didn't need to be staged anymore I'm really sorry I I thought you were mad and you know what I'm just gonna say sorry and give you back your desk look I I'm honestly not this horrible person you think I am he's really not and I've known him longer than I care to admit well at least you have your clothes on this time excuse me what look I she was at my house I just came out of the shower okay I was wearing pants and you were checking him out no no I wasn't oh you are do you want to check your clothes Joe okay Jolene come on look honestly I feel terrible for putting out of work you know what I have an idea why don't you come here and help me put on this Christmas concert Jolene that's really sweet but I don't want charity trust me it is not charity I need all the help I can get and you're an interior designer you've got that artistic guy and anyone that will speak to Zane Gunther like that I want working for me oh wait Zane Gunther Zane Zane got that the music Wow okay um you know what I will see you tomorrow bye buddy come back in the morning Haemon uh no nothing's wrong actually I just got fired it's okay though I got another job mm-hmm yeah it's you know weird morning I'll tell you all about it when I get home uh mom I gotta go okay bye hey I'm really sorry about that I jumped to conclusions it's all good I cost you a job and I was hoping to make it up to you by may be taken out for dinner like it like a date yeah yeah sure why not I mean unless you're married I'm not but dating was not really something I'm doing right now thanks anyway it's all good yeah yeah like I said I just feel terrible about everything and I just want to make it right you have a nice day [Music] morning [Music] hello gonna get you something there mr.

fancy suit same old Marty how's that then it's me bill do I know you it's billy goat little billy goat from music camp yeah thanks come on do the goat no I I don't do that anymore you know I really never liked it at camp when you made me do that do the goat smarty it took me a lot of time in therapy to get over that I don't do that in and just do it it's nice to see you've come so far since working here at your father's bar yeah so whatever happened to you guess he got a big-city job yeah I got an executive job a man whose name and I just thought I'd stop by to see if you might have seen him Zain Gunther you think zing Gunther might be here well he's not at his home in Florida and he's not at his ranch in California so I know he's always had this thing for this small town well how about that somebody with big-city options decides they like this small town of ours yeah I'm sorry uh-huh hey can I get a sandwich to go nope [Music] good morning Wow aren't you a sight for sore eyes thanks Tilly I was talking to the coffee uh oh Monica sweetie why don't you come out here for a minute so lean that staple gun just keeps going off on its own I think it's broken well don't worry about it right now this is my friend Jeanette Jeanette Monica Monica meet Jeanette I think I've seen you around before you at the coffee shop right yeah that's right I worked there twice a weekend coffee I don't think this one needs caffeine I love coffee I've only had three cups this morning [Applause] [Music] Monica why don't you and I go see if we can fix that staple gun okay go ahead I'll be right there Julian what is he doing here what he wanted to help out good morning Yoli how are you are you doing good morning Jeanette Jeanette was nice enough to bring us coffee this morning hi nice to meet you I'm Monica nice to meet you you know you kind of look like that same Gunther everybody's been looking for yeah I get that sometimes Oh Julian I kind of made a mess backstage it's okay go ahead I'll be there and help you clean it up okay Jeanette there's the stage there's some set pieces behind the curtain and there's decorations on the table so why don't you two see what you can come up with and fill me in when I get back well I guess we're working together yeah I guess so look I don't want to step on your toes so if there's anything I can do to help you let me know okay it's work [Music] last Saturday night nope hometown so I got horsepower I am I was one of 12 riders on that one not my finest work but it sure did sell records I'm really sorry you're super talented just I like my music more on the quiet side it's not the wrong thing well it's been three days now and you haven't asked me any of the questions what are the questions well most people ask me same things where do I buy my clothes what song Rumi the most you haven't even asked me for a picture I'd rather know about you than what's going on around here what about you huh I know you have a an amazing daughter amazing mother but tell me something about you I don't know well you know I'm a single mom that I work as many chumps as I have time for next year I will be graduating with a degree in interior design that's incredible that I did not know I guess that explains what my house looks like a million bucks I really love music just not the type that's on the radio no offense no none taken now I'm gonna throw you into the deep end here what's the selling that changed your life changed my life no top 5 favorites or anything yeah that's boy okay when Quinn was a baby we moved in with my mom I was new in town and Jolene was my first friend her kids were older than Quinn so I liked her for advice a lot and when Quinn was six months old she got her first tooth she was up for three days straight and I was at the end of my rope Angeline didn't have a cure for a teething baby but she did send me a song and it said what I needed to hear and gave me strength I haven't heard that song in years power of music I know that you are scared the troubles fade when they are shared we'll hold each other up until we see the Sun Rise Wow I recorded that song in Jolene's barn 10 years ago I didn't think anyone had ever heard it that was you yeah I like that song well thank you hey there ladybug shouldn't you be in school no it's Christmas break oh that's right is this the Quinn I've heard so much about achieved cutie pie it's an absolute pleasure to meet you I'm Zane is this the fellow you were telling me about the other night and you told your mom about me you were right yeah this is Zane same this is my mother Susanne it's a pleasure to meet you the pleasure's all mine I have to go to the gallery and meet a local artist so I have to go okay I hope you do it fun you always do right yeah it's my buddy Quinn hi Julie ha ha how are you you know what I saw you sing at your Christmas concert and you knocked my socks off now I need your mom to help me for a little while longer so what would you like to do can we go to the park in the snow Gwyn I brought crafts and a coloring book for you to do here oh please Zane what are you up to well I was kind of hoping to go play in the park did you happen to see a swing set out there I think so he was a new really don't have to oh don't worry about it he'd love to that would please mom please okay yes I still a big house because I bought it for my brother well he figured he was better suited for the big city very much so let's see how high you can go come on you gotta really pump the legs for that bitch know what kind of a question is that what car do you drive well I Drive a little blue car that my dad gave me when I was a teenager yeah all right you like the slide then walk let's do it again well I guess you never found the right girl I'm aware of that she's being married to my daddy but she passed away I'm really sorry to hear that she was a hero aren't you a lucky girl that heroes are dead you have kids never had the pleasure how come I don't have a Christmas trap that is a very good question you should put up a decent street you're absolutely right did you know that Christmas trees are my favorite mine too you need the Christmas tree so Santa has somewhere to put your presence exactly that's why you got to get the biggest Christmas tree you can I get a lot of presents oh you know what I didn't get a lot of Christmas presents when I was your age either how come well I was just like you well not exactly like I was a little boy my dad worked really hard unfortunately which didn't have a lot of money left for gifts what about Santa well of course Santa brought his stuff come on I don't ask her to her expensive gifts anymore last year I asked him for a game system but I guess he couldn't make it well I imagined it'd be pretty tough for those little elves to make electronics he got me these gloves instead pretty good right well I think that the best gloves I've ever seen I'm just gonna put them on here my hands are a little cold just fine hey guys Jolene and I just finished looks like you two are having fun I'm Supergirl vane is my sidekick is that so and what's your name uh zebra girl – what else thanks for watching her no problem you got a great kid here okay we should go home and make dinner can stay in Joanna's please he's funny well like I'm I'm sure saying has plans of his own actually I do have plans but I was hoping maybe you two could join me you have plans and you want us to come with you yeah can you meet me at the circle theater in an hour oh don't worry it's not a date it said not date hmm well if it's a non-date then how can I say no [Music] [Music] yes yes I understand and I am I am fully aware of what's at stake no we have found Zayn and I have my best man with him now yes and as soon as he lands we are going to make it up to you okay all right then can someone find Zane [Music] ladies after you so cool where is everyone well I thought it'd be nice if we're the entire place to ourselves just that's mm-hmm I hate when people talk to movies can I see wherever you want it's a bit much don't you think I know the owner he cut me a deal but I did tell him you were dying so if you see him a beak off a little bit I am serious no joking all right if you can limp we might get some free popcorn mom look at this pick one please you got any more tricks up your sleeve mr.

Smith oh hey I'm not doing anything here this is a regular non-date [Music] laughter I don't know [Music] my hero is there a the stage [Music] that was a nice night what do you say thanks Inge well is that it we all done for the night did you want to go get some coffee well we could but then we wouldn't get to play this for the rest of the night what is that hit it are you kidding me nope for the next two hours you can play as much as you want on your system my system all yours [Music] umm Zane can I have a word yeah of course you get started alright I'll be back in a sec okay [Applause] Hey I'm sorry I don't know what kind of game she wanted to play so I just grabbed a few there's also a gift card national what is it that you want what do you mean first you flash your money around buying up movie theaters and then you go and show off by giving her something I can look I hold on us that is not what this is I thought we were just gonna go out I was really clear I don't do this hey now wait a minute I bought out the theater because unfortunately I can't be seen in public right now I'm sorry it has to be that way but my job makes it hard for me to have a regular night out no as far as that game in there goes look I know all too well what it's like to wake up on Christmas after asking Santa for something you really wanted only to find a bear gloves but I also know what it's like to work your butt off go without you need to give me else so you can scrape together whatever you can to make sure your kids have the best damn gloves possible so their hands don't freeze off I said one day or non-date whatever I won't bother you again but I would like Quinn to keep the system if that's okay all right now with your permission of course um I would really like to play some more video games with my new friend [Music] come on thing we gotta get out the moon [Music] brain that's right why are you upset I told you it wasn't gonna pick up the splits hey isn't that Jeanette where looks like her girls on a date pal no Tom are you okay [Music] Tom come on let's go back to my place we could fire up some games no thanks I'm I need a no Tom come on they'll leave [Music] another cafe mocha Tom no thank you morning deputy oh hey there Cindy house today grabbin yeah more than the hubby that's for sure I'm usually quiet there tom good morning what's the matter with him you didn't hear hear what seems that Jeanette's got herself a mystery man really didn't they get it receive that not sure any of us did hmm well speaking of mystery men I've got a little bit of one myself hey now this sounds juicy actually I'm not supposed to see anything oh come on give me a clue Gunther not really a clue is it I felt him over a while back didn't even recognize him at first shut the door you did not pull over his egg on there I did too he's driving an old blue fastback so I'm gonna keep our little thing a secret so if you don't mind are you really sitting here telling me that you're dating zing Gunther well I mean exactly faint dating but now what are you saying no way dating st.

Gunnar [Music] guess he's not as encountered fan [Music] looks like hard work that's not that bad need to do it as a kid that we heated the house it's my job to chop the wood look I wanted to say thank you for last night what you did was really nice and I was too busy trying to find something wrong with it it's just being putting an eye for so long you know and if I'm being a hundred percent honest I hated seeing you give her something I can't yeah why I should have run that by the first no it's okay she told me that you guys talked about it it was a really thoughtful gift and I should never get in the way of someone making my little girl smile so thank you well I appreciate you coming by to say that and I was hoping I could make it up to you my treat oh I can't ask you to spend any money help me no don't worry about that I also know you need to stay hidden so here know what do you say I say yes these do chariot away [Music] starting a little light beanie it's my mom's gallery [Music] okay you should be Christmas decorations in here somewhere you know I never was very good at decorating so you have me yeah that's right you were my decorator until I got you fired that is and when I graduate and become a famous interior designer you can hire me back all right I honestly don't know how you do it you're working two jobs taking nine courses raising an amazing daughter I think that's the other box Oh serious oh it's uh it's inspiring this is everything [Music] thanks les whoa we can't just steal a Christmas dress this is your property really all right well let's go check it out dad figures if the cat won't leave it alone they'll just pull it up high enough that mr.

snuggles can't reach it oh I think I know where this is going so it's 3:00 a.


and we hear a huge crunch we go downstairs the tree is on the ground everything's a mess and there's mr.

snuggles in the corner with the decoration in his well we don't worry about that in this house no cats no dogs just me so how long you gonna hide out here well I haven't really thought about it then realize how much I miss the peace and quiet you like this little town yeah yeah most people can't wait to get out of here no I a bit of a history here though my parents used to bring my brother and I here for music summer camp this is where I fell in love with music but back to your point most people they want to get out of a small town because they're searching for something right and they think they can find that in a bigger city you well I've been to just about every big city there is and I can tell you that fun and happiness isn't about how many intersections there are and where do you find happiness no it's just about the people you're with and the experiences you have it's about moments being happy it's not just about big days with big wins it's about those little moments like a cup of coffee with your newspaper on Sunday morning yeah that's a good one or I standing out in the forest just closing your eyes listening to that the wind blows through the trees or listening to an old record that's a good one yes or decorating a Christmas tree with a new friend friend yeah we're friends I thought we were more than just friends [Music] sorry hey sweetie everything okay hey Mary I was just about to call you oh that's good because I was where should I send your gift basket funny thing is I haven't found him just yet how is that funny right well I'm actually asking for a little bit more time three days if he's not there neither are you I got it I mean you'll be fired thank you for clearing that up what pressure over got sleeves well that is one good-looking Christmas tree thanks for doing this you're welcome hmm also uh about earlier when we got decorations every mom's gallery you know after that oh when you open a bottle away before then oh when you tried to kiss me oh you lean into right anyways I'm sorry if I was little too forward no that's fine I just don't date Quinn told me about her father when we said till death do us part I didn't think it would be so soon the hardest part is having to explain it to go ahead imagine but that's not why I don't date I'm just busy following my dreams what about you you got your dream and walked away well being famous was never mind dreaming it's just something that sort of happened yeah seems like Fame was more of the dream for everyone else around me what is here you I'll tell you another time Oh mysterious well I gotta save something for our next non date you think there's gonna be another non date no maybe what would we do did you ever play guitar uh actually there's one right there have you ever played no I have zero musical ability well maybe you just haven't had the right teacher good chef now let's see we can start with the G chord so well the G you want to play your middle finger right here no index thing ring finger way down there squeeze hard strumming hey you made a new chord yeah squeeze tight right there yeah hey and there's your first cheek I should be getting home I'm not Quinn understand [Applause] freedom all yeah it's okay for calling I'd like that don't say good night to Quinta morning nothing [Music] hi Joe Maine hey Billy I'm looking for Zane I don't know what to tell you I haven't seen him give me a break listen I just need to talk to him I'd love to help you but I haven't seen Zane since last year I can give you his number if you like I have his number Joline just hadn't picked up in a few days do you ever think that if he can't get ahold of him that maybe he doesn't want to talk to you what we used to be friends to Billy I'm sorry yeah you want to know where to find Zane Gunter yeah you know where he is it'll cost you [Music] but what are you doing here why do you have all that money and I'm about to make a whole lot more – what are you talking about hey you want to know where's Ian Gunther is bug stop what's it worth to you [Music] oh well well Turkey long enough I don't know why I didn't think this place first let me to solve your key I thought you sold it I was about to but just couldn't pull the trigger too many good memories in this town yeah well in case you don't recall my times here weren't as good as yours you didn't have an older brother looking out for you well the brother now that's good to know I return my calls so I thought you walked away from me too I'm sorry I just uh just needing some time I don't know why you don't think I want the best for you I know you do hey I just look I figured if I kept you out of it they couldn't blame yeah well there's no chance there Mary said if I don't bring you back and I'm out of a job hey I don't know if I ever said this but I don't really care for her very much and one of the truth is I didn't come looking for you to save a job I know I'm alright so your fans are as rabbit as ever she's no fan hey what's wrong I didn't say anything I think you saw something so down okay we need a coup sauce on there [Music] Genet wait wait look I need to get out of here for a while and I'm hoping you and Quinn might come with me saying I can't just uproot mine and Quinn's life look it'd just be for a bit my brother's got a condo in the city we can stay there too this whole thing blows over I mean who knows maybe um I like it there and what happens after that I can't just run away from this look being with you has been the realest thing I felt in a long time saying I don't have the luxury of just taking off my life is here I have responsibilities what happens if you changed your mind need someone better you know what kind of person think I have that's just it I honestly don't know can you stand here and promise me that if I uproot my daughter we're all gonna live happily ever after [Music] no I can I can't promise you anything but I'm standing here in front of you begging you to come with me and that's not nothing no it's not for just me I'd already be packed when it comes to what I want and Quinn needs which is what's best for her every day of the week family you asked me before what my dream was it was never the music or the fame all I wanted was a family that would have been enough I'm not giving up on us [Music] I know I am [Music] and the riddle for where in the world is Zayn Gunther has been solved blazing enemy just as another starts everyone wants to know who is this Jeanette Williams and what do I have to do to switch places with her right I mean this simple small-town single mom has been swept off her feet now the question is is she an undercover princess what's an undercover princess I'm sure there's something better you could do with your time why you're not talking to me now okay well I was looking for someone to share candy with they said you made him leave I liked him he was nice to us well Quinn sometimes like him someone isn't enough he was my friend and you ruined it I think you can spend the rest of the day in your room fine I have to go to work I said underwear room way back it's gonna be all right you want me to talk to her honestly mother do what everyone they're saying that he's back on tour and playing down in the city tonight yeah he's probably got a few new girlfriends already well I gotta get back to work don't worry buddy I got this one you never pay hey there she is Zayn's at a woman please no more I got a bad enough from the reporters yeah it looks like you looked you both behind heck of a guy well since I imagine you guys are gonna hear about it soon enough or what nothing it's just maybe I might have exaggerated a little bit about being the same you don't say well I for one I'm blown away by this news so you weren't dating Zane I'm not in a typical sense you know Patti okay you got me no dating no nothing all right I got his autograph and took a picture you have a Patti's a loser so he's only dating Jeanette hey do you guys see the news they look like they're so in love so in love [Music] [Music] we wish you a Merry Christmas we wish you a Merry Christmas we wish you a merry Chris I can't bring up the white feed new year we wish you a Merry Christmas we wish you a Merry Christmas we wish you a Merry Christmas happy new year that's full of you the twinkles to you and your kin good tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Year come on guys the show's in a couple of hours what have I got to do to get my twinkles okay guys let's cut soundcheck Kelsey save your voice honey it sounds beautiful thank you tolling and it is gorgeous in here Jeanette can you get up there please Jeanette don't tell me I've lost you too I couldn't take that today sorry I'll get right on it look don't worry about it the lights will still be messed up in five minutes how you holding up good [Music] not good no even as tough girls get our hearts broken sometimes I think I blew it you didn't blow it it's not an easy choice anyone can make an easy choice do you think I should have gone with him [Music] you're a mom and a damn good one and you're always gonna put that sweet little girl's needs above your own [Music] are you have God with him Oh in a heartbeat but you know I'm a terrible mom no you're not I cannot tell you with any certainty where my kids are right now I think they're with my husband but I truly have no idea listen there's gonna be a quick need green maybe a couple of handshakes with some sex honestly I cannot tell their own parts that don't look at me for any names then I was thinking maybe we should run down to Mexico rob a bank kind of a bucket-list thing you know yeah sure same one we just stopped the car turn really I mean why are we doing this let's just says she gave up [Music] what did LR tell you when they went to sign you years of your honor yeah well I do they said they'd only sign you if you got [Music] you walked away of course I did well sometimes sticker the ones you loved it means they want [Music] never getting gone it's going great out there okay remember we're singing to celebrate the birth of Jesus so let's try not to screw it last one yeah see I told you I knew what I was doing yeah you did you know what there's a little girl in the front row out there that looks like she'd love to see the finale with her mama really you're done for the night I can't go in with you oh no you're done that's an order [Applause] [Music] they're the halls with boughs beep at 11:00 tis the season to be jolly on the level of duh yeah you pet [Music] hi Janice so I saw you in saying Gunther on the news it's great I'm so happy for you seems like a pretty great guy you're a great guy too Tom trust me you're gonna meet someone soon Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Reggie hey Tom I am save Jesse see the blazing you'll be for Allah strike the harp and join the chorus [Music] they turn you I'm sorry I'll let you I'm sorry to lady back I forgot already got me hey Charlie dojin [Music] we were watching you from the sound I used to be watching the show we were having a lot of fun watching you organize the singers [Music] that's the way Neil Deere passes by the level of the new year [Music] sing we joyous all together heedless of the way [Music] love [Music] Oh easy easy that's enough of that it's doing before we close I just wanted to say what an honor it's been to put on this show for you nice folks and we've had it pretty crazy around here the last few days haven't we so tonight I wanted to do something a little different you see I can't go a day around this town without somebody asking me if I'm gonna sing at the concert and every time I say no way but tonight I couldn't pass up the chance to sing with an old friend [Applause] [Music] hey everybody I know a lot of you probably have been wondering where I've been and I'd like to say that I was on a spiritual journey or something but truth is I was running away it wasn't until I met a very special someone that I realized what I needed was to be running back Jeanette [Music] when I saw you standing in my kitchen talking to a vase I didn't know who you were but I haven't been able to stop thinking about you since now I'm I'm not here to ask you to come be a part of my world I'm just hoping you'll let me be a part of yours I love you dad [Music] hello Mary so I heard you found Zane brought him to his show only to let him turn around and play a Christmas concert in that tiny town of nowhere that does seem to be true what is not often that I say this but genius the Cinderella story big star makes the little Tony's dream come true Wow genius when you get back we can discuss your office and your raise well that sounds great but I don't think I'm gonna be available I think I'm gonna start my own music label what do you mean start your own label you can't just do that Billy bye Mary it's horrible knowing you Billy check please okay guys this looks like the perfect time for Christmas [Applause] [Music] whoa [Music] Oh is cold is right around number mother and child Holy Infant so did [Music] slave [Music] sleeeeep [Music] saying will you come and sing oh Jesus [Music] Jesus died [Music] Merry Christmas everybody [Applause] but around acting like a food open enough a year to see right I was heading for the rocks saying I shouldn't know any other girl showing the attention is a trouble that I failed to is she getting tired of the struggle never leave me no no you are [Music] this baby won't ever leave [Music] never getting gone every minute of the time with it's better everyday [Music] every day [Music] it's better everyday a nursing fool can make a man wait to the Golden Boot everyone who went and girl got her trust [Music] you can take a line for a ball step to the bad shirt do not buy the woman maintaining strong [Music] now I know you are [Music] never leading up to this baby I would take away a ball never leave [Music] never getting dog ever at the time [Music] Spyder Evan Spyder [Music].

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