A Melrose Christmas Carol – 1994

you kiss your Harley another Christmas Carol for their you know Jacob Marley longtime businessman of Melrose died at December 24th 1987 at his home there is no doubt of that fact none disputed it and even fewer regretted it screwed in he were partners for many many years Scrooge was his sole associate sole legatee sole friend and sole mourner the register of his burial was signed by the clergyman clerk and undertaker Scrooge signed it and all new his signature was good date of death December 24th 1987 date of burial December 26th 1987 yes that should be all then Thank You mr.

Scrooge are you sure you wouldn't like to accompany us to the graveyard what good would that do either him or me I'm sorry I have a business to run I've lost two days of work already yesterday because it was Christmas today because of the funeral no you watch your business I'll watch mine I daresay you'll have the final transaction you and mr.

Marley were in business together how long for nearly three and a half decades I suppose I'll have to hire some extra help no that's an expense that we have done without your fees have all been met then they have then I hope not to be seeing you again goodbye and if it's not out of order Merry Christmas it is and you're late Christmas was yesterday now it must be clearly understood that Jacob Marley has been dead for seven years otherwise what happened on December 24th 1994 will make no sense whatsoever but unlike its unique ending this day began just like any other change the setting mrs.

cratchit and it will be necessary for you to change the players it's all cold in here it's hard to work if I can where are you employed by where are you employed at well by you then it stands to reason that you should work at when I consider the most expedient conditions doesn't it no no back to work oh by the way please deduct this time from your break period Merry Christmas uncle and to you mrs.

Cratchit and all your wonderful Cratchit children just how many is that no just three for the last seven years just three for seven years exactly three that's because it hasn't been another mr.

Cratchit but that may change – time next year I'll see to it that you don't change you are about the only and when I want to do this entire business unless you have business here I insist you did not disturb my secretary he could learn something of customer relations by the way uncle when did you get computers oh I've come to wish you a Merry Christmas Christmas bah Oh Christmas uh ah what surely uncle you don't mean that but I do Merry Christmas what reason do you have to be married you're poor enough ah but then by your very own logic you should be keeping the marriage so Christmas this year you're rich enough bah humbug uncle don't be angry with me why shouldn't I be when I live in a world such as this Merry Christmas thank out what Merry Christmas what does Christmastime anyway but a time for creating bills without money time to find yourself another year older and not one hour richer if I had my way every dingbat that goes around with Merry Christmas on his lips should be boiled in his own pudding buried with a holly stick in his heart that's a bit drastic don't you think uncle nephew let me keep Christmas my way you keep it yours but you don't keep it precisely besides eunuch keeper good well had many good things done then don't reward me financially Christmas being just one of them but I think of Christmas as a good time the one time in the whole long year when people come together by their own accord to wish one another well why they're wishing people and helping people below them as if they really were fellow passengers on of life and although others never put a piece of gold or silver in my pockets I say God bless it trouble Bravo Fred very good I didn't hire you to be a cheerleader he put up you'll spend Christmas looking for a job and asked real why don't you run for state legislature well if I couldn't get you to come over to Christmas with Barbara and me I just might I'll see it appeal first but why why did you get married what well because I fell in love because you fell in love what a ridiculous reason to marry you know it's because of her that I don't come to see you don't use that as an excuse you never came to visit before I married don't use there's a reason now good afternoon I've got no quarrel with you and I don't know why you're angry why can't we be friends good afternoon I really wish you would reconsider but I'm not gonna let you or anyone else dampen my Christmas spirit so merry Christmas to you uncle good afternoon do you do mrs.

Cratchit Merry Christmas I will do that you're another one of them you're a widow with three children not over 18 you make only $12, 000 a year again you say Merry Christmas make sure these reasons happen today Scrooge and Marley's I believe as either mr.

Scrooge or mr.

Marley available mr.

Marley's been dead for seven years though ASEAN mr.

Strowbridge we can see into that here we are here for project given gift and we were wondering if the firm wish to continue the donations mr.

Marley presented us with know at this type of year Mr through the time when we need to help most the poor and the destitute they don't want the luxury is just some necessities tell me are you members of religious bodies yes and for your church does not have blood drives and provide oh yes but it's not enough to go around how the social services still operating and the various soup kitchens yes do not have prisons yes but good because what I thought they'd been closed no I pay my taxes that should be an honor good day those places cannot provide the cheer and fellowship of a family and even with these gifts they won't be having much how much can I do doing for nothing you wish to remain anonymous I wish to be left alone I don't make merry at Christmas and I can't afford to make idle people Perry there are a number of institutions that can so let them they don't wish that Hill or it's not delivered then let them die and decrease the overpopulation I mind my business and I expect others to mind theirs good day well it's nearly 4:00 p.


and we have another appointment to go to if you wish to reconsider we'll leave you are in our car Scrooge and Marley Oh mr.

Scrooge I have your money sir the final payment new at 7:00 p.


this evening it is now seven old seven you are too late let's show vacua true premises by December 26th or any materials in there will belong to me that is my business it's my livelihood I can't possibly arrange for any exchange before the next day my business I am successful because I watched carefully we had a deal you did not keep your portion I will keep mine good day see the man with the weather the parable anticipated a being a friend and paddle without carefully numbered with the other aspect he disapproved to him a schedule to run over Google fighting see that when complete he's like leaving a home one time to Isaac Jacob Marley we get the Halloween ceiling by that nature and with his own life in his fault he throws away mini from the Holland could be repeated that please new night in his bed he's been important got any distinct about Molly for the last seven years huh what what what is it oh it's it's nothing that's right satisfied that always as it should be in ecology and having forgotten visit by the Yeti a community members and pillage food support for another night of weeks was who argue here a bit exacting for a ghost in life I was your partner Jacob Marley would you sit down I can do so there you don't believe in me no I don't what evidence of my existence must I give beyond your reasonable senses I don't know then white mouse any little thing can affect him a slight stomach disorder undigested bit of beef western cheese even a bad potato you have more gravy than grave about you whatever you are do you know what I hold in my hand a button but you didn't look at it I still can see it I could swallow this and be visited by any number of unwanted visitors you're all humbug I tell you mana worldly mind you believe in me or not well I do I do why are you here why do spirits walk the world it is required of everyone that the spirit within them walk far and wide throughout the world if it does not do so in this life it must do so after death it is doomed to wander throughout the world and witness what it cannot share but what it might have shared and thus gain happiness if you are condemned to wander why do you have chains I wear these chains because they Forge them throughout my life I made it link by link and yard by yard I made it to my own free will and I wear it of my own free will do you find the pattern strange I've never seen anything like it before drew's the chain for you was easily this long seven years ago but you have added to its tense it is heavy now but unless you change it will become heavier Jacob old friend you bring no good news to me no kind words for an old friend no I have none to give nor the time to get it I who never left the county house must forever stay I will wander throughout the world until my spirit has completed its travel and the worry journey it is if you've been traveling you've been very slow slow you've taken all this time all the time no rest no peace just the constant torture of remorse you travel fast on the wings of the wind but you must cover a great deal of growing that the ages must pass before any good could come about knowing that those who act in kindness would find their life far too short to accomplish what is needed knowing that I will never have the chance to act in kindness that is what I travel with those are the change that I must although I know now how I should have run my business you always had a good head for business mankind was my business the common welfare tolerance benevolence were all my business my dealings in my trade were but a drop in the ocean of my business this is the worst time of the year for me I suffer the most now why could I not walk with my eyes seeing none other why were they not raised to see the blessed star that led the wise men to the humble stable were there no homes to which its light could have led me oh it is too late for me but not for you who have an either you have time listen to me my time is nearly gone I will never listen to you I came here pleading and warning you so that you will have a chance to escape my fate you are always a good friend Jacob you will be visited by three spirits got to it's my only chance it is I'd rather not without them you cannot hope to avoid this path the first one will arrive at one couldn't they all come at once and get it over with expect the second the same time the next night and the third will be it on the last stroke of midnight you will see me no more you must go your own path I know are you the spirit whose coming was foretold to me who would what are you I am the ghost of Christmas past the far past what what brings you here your welfare observe and learn hey wait I'm human I can't even easier where you going for Christmas everybody's in never goes home for Christmas Merry Christmas John have a safe journey Ben Christmas but that's pan and John we were close in those days and there's David and that boy tall boy here all together together why are we here hello George mr.

Bookman it's me HIPPA Nizar Scrooge why are we here no they are ghosts what have been do you know this place I know this place this is the place that I was taught and all that raised then you know that there is one child solitary left here by his friends yes let's go to him your family is not coming for you have an user no there is no time the school cooks then I could stay here there's some food here and he only asked that I clean up after myself but I would invite you to my place but it's against school policy and the janitors or the director said the janitor would check on you once in a while I don't live that far away from you maybe I could take him they don't want me I wish none of this too late no you were going to say something that was the boys singing a Christmas carol last night I wish I had given him something that's all there are more Christmas as we must see look evany Sir Edmund easer I'm here to take you home bond is that you yes father is so much kinder than before he says you can come home remember my sister fond she seems a delicate creature not large at heart indeed she was home you've come to take me home yes home forever and ever father said so he is so much better than before and last night when we were talking I decided to ask him if he could come home he said yes and this morning when I woke he told me he had already called a company and provided us with the moving van he would have come into South but he is getting school registration papers done but first we're gonna have the merriest of Christmases ever let us start packing do you remember her yes she met a man I believe he was a good man she loved him they married and they had children one child your nephew Fred who never saw his mother she died when he was born we have other Christmases to see you know this place to what this is old Fezziwig place I started here it is Bell coming tonight yes I think she is deputies are dick look at the time no more work tonight Christmas Eve let's shut down and start the party he deserves his price something the matter know something it must be something oh no it's just that now I wished I had said the kind word or two to my secretary today my time grows short there are other Christmases we must see I'm sorry Belle but now isn't it time for us to marry displaced oh that is fair isn't well if I were that way to want money the world would think me lazy when I go for it the world thinks I'm greedy you care too much about what others think because of that on your bedroom virtues have disappeared one by one until all you can see is whether or not there's a game to be made by an action you are not that way when we made our pledge I was aborted then but no matter how much wiser I've become my feelings for you have not changed you say were a boy then and yet you claim that you have not changed our pledge was an old one it was made at fezziwig's Christmas party two years ago they were both poor than content to be so until we by working made more money and prospered but you've changed it money the desire of gain it changed you your own feelings tell you that you are not what you once were thought on this for some time now we decided to let you break the pledge have I ever asked for a release for me you haven't no your one saving grace is that you will not step aside from your promise I have not asked for a release but you wish it if you are free today from any concern would you marry a poor girl from a poor family you think I would not if I really thought you would I would say you would you make an exception to your principle do you really expect me to believe that you would not regret the choice and curse the decision no you can't work just whatever these two for the love of amendment you want to squirt I would rather not but it is your choice it's my choice now you made yours you may feel pain for a little while but it'll pass we'll just cancel it out by every colleague it is unprofitable may be happy whatever take me away Scooby no more these things bring me no joy because you brought no joy to them come there's one more you mess you see humbug homeboy you didn't have to do this Emile one helps prepare is the best share and I know my contribution will be small indeed and it wouldn't be Christmas without a proper Christmas toast at the end of the meal thank you so much for taking into services his legs seem to hurt so much last night and I don't think there's any way we could have gotten him there tonight he's quite a young man in that young body he was good as gold during the service and he really made me think he told me on the way back when we stopped to pick up the beverage then he hoped that everyone who would see him would be happy knowing that this is the birthday of the man who could cure cripples really he doesn't mention it that much at home but I guess you do get him to talk well let's enjoy the meal such as it is Linda why don't you lead us in prayer thank you Lord for this time together and for our family and on this day thank you for this piece on it god bless us everyone feast feast whatever school she's attending better teacher the meaning of the word feast well it's all they can afford on Robins salary oh well I know where he works he could afford more what and deprive her of a chance of giving him a Christmas meal his generosity might not be financial but it will earn him a reward they seem happy can you see into the future not far but I have some images what happens to this family I see four people sitting at the table next year and the crutch against the wall that Tim is not cured I think not and now for dessert I hope their to your liking mmm good very good I propose a toast to Robin Cratchit preparing a meal that anyone will be proud to call his own but will Tim live or not I see an empty chair and an empty heart but why why will he die well what matter if he does it would be better if he did and decrease the surplus population those are your words but if you are human you will take them back who are you to decide which men shall live and which shall die it could well be that in the sight of heaven you are more worthless and less fit than a million Tim's I give you mr.

Scrooge the founder of the feast mr.

Scrooge if he were here I'd give him a piece of my mind and hope he choked on it Linda we do have company he knows him remember Dan he tell us what other business people say about him that he is odious stingy hard and unfeeling and that the only toast he will get will be at his death they usually note that he is successful well this is still Christmas Day and he is my employer your mother is right on this day of any we should be drinking to his health and to a long life I doubt it for the day sake Merry Christmas the result for mom can help them present after the table is cleared you said that Tim would not be here yet you set there one before can you explain that that is about to be made known to you where wherever did they get him he does local charities help with donated funds there's matter I have another I happen to know of a business in town in need of bright part-time help I've suggested Linda and they're interested you should be there tomorrow well and also there is another one that seems to have been forgotten back here but I didn't get anything for you but one word would mean a lifetime of gifts open it yes come it's time to go he's a dear old comical fellow if not as pleasant as he might be but who's the loser he is and I have nothing to say against him that's because he's rich at least you always tell me so what if he is he doesn't do anything with his money he doesn't make him happy he doesn't spend it to make himself comfortable he doesn't even have the bragging wings to come out and say that he makes us well I wouldn't give him the time of day I have you know his follow moods makes him the loser bandits game for us Oh take today for example he has put it into his head that he does not like Christmas and decides not to come here for Christmas dinner back to you my dear is a blessing so you admit that I can prepare a good meal no I said then he misses out on a good meal I did not say this was the best one of the best you've ever prepared alone friend all right all right I'll admit that the meal was yeah however you all missed my point he is the one missing out on the good moments at the Fellowship's what he's gonna rail against Christmas until the day he dies that's true and I cannot think of a better plan of defeating him than to go into his office each and every year and the best of spirits and wish him a Merry Christmas why you give a secretary just one bonus it would be worth it and I think I shook him up this year this week Sally hello what the game your students played at school the other day what game you know played at the Christmas party oh yes you'll really enjoy this friend we played a guessing game and you could ask up to 20 questions here let's play it now we'll last 20 yes-or-no questions and we'll see who gets the right answer isn't something alive yes is it an animal definitely yes does it have words no yes that's fine it must be an alley cat doesn't walk the streets it's only locomotion oh is it a junkyard dog no that'll only college is one is it two legged yes once again did provide a face of merriment for someone yes that he does and for that I will drink a toast iam Merry Christmas uncle Ebenezer I know he'll reject it but I wish it to him just the same Merry Christmas and Happy New Year bring it back bring them back ah my time grows short and is nearly over you grow older yes neither me nor my sisters stay here for more than 24 hours even though my time draws near forgive me of what I'm about to ask seem strange but what is that look look at them I think yours but they have mankind and they cling to me appealing to me for their faith these are ignorance and want they are both dangerous but ignorance more so because we're ignorant scums doomed ignored them and you abide is there no one to help them I did no prisons or social systems or soup kitchens I heard he was found dead early yesterday morning don't know why he died either I think this is the only service will happen heard they're burying him as soon as they thought the breathing could be exactly should we meet at debris I'll see as much to provide it without were they talking about okay let's see what you brought everybody has the right to take what they can get you did don't you dare be a total you see what I've managed to get came here before I shoot it you come by this stuff legally there will be anybody to clean it better help us than the state so what do you gonna give me for all I'll give you a for the first plow here I'll give you a $50 it might have been but it ain't anymore take the $50 I always hit a soft spot there lady that mine should be worth even more $15 and no more but that shirts still good and those pants among the best you've ever seen this stuff's out of style and let's face it it's gonna be too easily recognized I want it out of here soon your turn what do you think of this stuff this is good yeah no names good quality where'd you get it well you see they wanted to bury it with them and that went to the grave all they was waiting for a ground so guess they didn't dug deep enough and found five hundred dollars I'll give you 800 and the police will never hear me done those could be my very own eye nose well one thing's for sure you'll never need this these items where he's going nothing he said he can't grab me an extension after my work I build it up again he could grab me on but he just can't do it though no he's dead I wanted the extension but he's dead it doesn't matter by the time they get that paperwork completed we'll have the money no other firm could be boosted thinking everything will be all right now is there no tenderness of the death no change is there instead with them it likes him you know Timmy's not going to be here remember he was in that truck accident okay I'll rest call me I had really hoped that the visit homework help it was really nice of you and him to be here I really thought I could do better for you and your family we would never do that starik it is close to the time the Mendes Park I have seen tenderness and depth and that one poor child maybe more than me but I not know is that man who died no one mourns must've to find an answer before I here tell me when these events that will be for the baby once light has been erodes and there are many intersections depending on the tools before the ending will be different no spirit no hear me I have changed because see tonight my life has changed I was told you were here to help and intercede with me tell me now how I may yet changed my life it'll keep Christmas in my heart and we'll try to keep it all year round I'll keep Christmas past present and future I will keep its message in my heart take not that look for me no can you ring this up quickly and delivered to Robin Cratchit you know where she lives well everyone knows where is but we're not delivering dates Christmas okay all the more reason for you to do so isn't it I can't take it myself but if you won't do so I'll carry every item to see that it gets there places our last-minute purchase sir I'm endeavoring to have this delivered to Robin Cratchit anonymously but I can't seem to do a secure delivery service well ma'am my band you're sure I'd be happy to take it for you well god bless you sir and I hope this covers the cost of your delivery three and remember she's not to know who sent it well this will cover it for about a year and if he can get it loaded and on its way in ten minutes give this as a bonus to your car hey I'll have it done in five minutes merry Christmas to you mr.

Scrooge I don't think we have anything to talk about but in the spirit of the day I'll listen well perhaps you can read this and step can you accept this from a bitter old man except I think that's no I just say it isn't enough I assure you but there are some bag famous thank you sir holster I think you should know that I won't get processed your delinquent payment but if you can have the payment in before closing time tomorrow I think we could see fifth to close your account thank you sir but could ask why why because I need your services to begin printing letterheads for my business and I believe you do quality work Merry Christmas are you sure it's not April first someone's early I'll get the more Merry Christmas hmm fire guess who's here he wasn't fight it was night I've been away too too long and you are most welcome for you thank you bread I would like to talk to you about a partnership screw does that work very early the next morning he wanted to be there when Robin Cratchit arrived mrs.

Cratchit you are late I'm sorry sir it's just that yesterday yesterday you had a dinner with your children than your boyfriend spent today celebrating and being happy and as a result you are late as a result it won't happen again sir as a result I'm going to have to give you a raise that's not fair I work very hard excuse me freeze I wish you could see your face turn up the Thursday it's a bit chilly in here now please we have a lot to talk about we do yes I'm taking Freddie on as a partner Sona and I'd like to get the matter of your raised settled before there besides that I think we should see about getting your gym to see a doctor Scrooge was better than his word to Tiny Tim who did not die he became a second father Scrooge saw no more spirits but he did share the Christmas spirit many more times and it was dead he knew how to keep Christmas you.

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