99: Nicholas Jamerson, Outdoor Enthusiast, Singer & Songwriter

this episode was recorded a few weeksago when the world was a different place the pandemic was the biggest problem wehad on our plates and my how things have changed since then you know Nick ourguest here is a really observant person and Nick often articulates himselfbetter than I could you know in regards to the pandemic and having thishard cut from the busyness of life he said this is the first time he's feltlike he's been in his own body that really resonated with me I don't knowhow it does with you but it really was something like thatmore than anything that idea came away from this podcast with me Nick lives avery remote life you know this isn't like he cut out the big city but he'straveled all across the country which i think is interesting he's played showsfor tens of thousands of people he's charted on Billboard he's played on CNNare not CNN CMT he's he's played with legends I mean like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Iknow he's toured with some other really big name groups yet he's also oneof the most humble guys you're gonna meet and you're really gonna enjoy thisconversation with him I think it's a true breath of fresh air amid all thetoxicity and arguing that's going on today now before we go on and get intoNick's fantastic interview which if you love music if you love you knowsoul-searching and the outdoors stick around you're gonna love the show but before wego on I do ask that you subscribe to the show so whether that's via the podcastor on YouTube I don't care you know wherever you want to watch it if youwanna watch it if you wanna listen just make sure you subscribe so you get moregreat content like what you're about to get and if you're into my musicianconversations this is not the first one we've actually had Nick HoffmanChristopher Bentley who actually played with Nick who I'm gonna read to have onthat's the Chris I'm talking about when we talk about him we've had Emily ScottRobinson Jimmy Herman you know Jordan Davis and they're all from like atotally different perspective of songwriting and performance which so youknow there's a lot more you can dive into and some of those otherepisodes if you're interested I'm interviewing another fantasticsongwriter this afternoon and he's actually a fellow angler and abow hunter and a West Virginian so I'll let you guys try to figure out who thatis I'm really excited about that episode too I don't know when that's gonna dropbut it'll be soon all right this is restless native with songwriterand outdoor enthusiast Nicholas Jamerson all right here we go Nick welcome torecitative man thanks for having me dude it's been a it's been a while sinceI feel like I've seen you and you and I like I don't even know how manyconversations we had directly over the years but I used to go to your shows alot when you guys were playing a lot of the small bars back in the early daysand I don't know that I ever got to see you guys when you started playing theyou know bigger venues or anything so I'm trying to think when I first saw youI was like I don't remember the last time I saw Nick in person but it's beena while and you and I kind of mypodcast as familiar with Blake because he comes up from time to time inconversation but you know he kind of introduced me to you guys and it's beenour mutual connection so it's good to see you good to chat with you a littlebit and hear how things are going for you as a songwriter but also during apandemic yeah man I know it's it's nice to talk to someone else outside of thehouse or neighborhood so yeah well let's we'll get into like how I found outabout you but that's a good point of like what is it like where you arebecause you're living in Prestonsburg right like what's it like there andbecause it's got to be way different than you know I'm in Louisville okaywhich is larger metropolitan area but then there's there's gonna like even metwo people I'm talking with sometimes in LA or New York I'm like holy crap sodifferent so I just love to hear what it's like for you like how has thisimpacted you well you know I spent most of the last 10 years of my life on theroad and not here so it's been pretty similar to how life was beforeexcept you know you go to food city and Walmart and people some people havemasks some people don't but man it's been it's it's so chill around here forthe most part so I feel like it's slowed people down even more here it's been nice honestly you know yeah manI am I say that too and I say it with a little bit of hesitancy because I dorealize there's people this is definitely not nice for right yeahlike very mindful of that and I'm sure you are too but I've had the sameexperience I'm like man I needed some noise cut out of my life and in part ofme hopes that the world doesn't go back to normal I mean I think you know werun ourselves to death as parents with our kids got so many freaking activitiesand events and you know you're just constantly on the go and it like I feellike my kid would look back on this and it's been he's enjoyed it.

it'sbeen better for him than maybe normal having the time with you andyeah yeah there's parts of it that has been nice and I travel a lot right nowfor GoWild not like you guys do when you're traveling because you guys arejust gone like yeah but I do a lot of tradeshows and I was coming out of about6 or 7 weeks of straight travel I get a few days home few days off but I've beentraveling a lot too and then I went my entire 2020 schedule I just watched itgo you know that's true you did you happy because you just had an album comeout I'm sure you had a whole lot planned yeah but it's it was kind of bizarre andat first I was a little stressed about it trying to figure out what I was gonnado yeah you know we do depend on trade shows for our businessbut uh you know instead I ended up staying at home and growing a stupidmustache that's okay thanks for not commenting on it I know manI had to do to show up on my last one and he brought it up he's like what isthat like what is going on there I don't know man people do weird ain't oftenpandemic yeah I mean I have to pull the I pull the moustache out from time totime she's a big handle bar though yeah yeah but this that's that's usually mytransition from the beard to like but I just went straight for it been warm andI was just like just cutting it all off my mustache usually lasts about 12hours because I shave a beard off and it and my wife starts crying because itlooks so bad I have like gotten past the pedophile-y look cuz I had like thatearly stage mustache is not a good look for me it is at least has some shape toit now but I still look stupid I feel like moustaches get a bad rap because ofthe like you said the pedophiles are those yeahwell it's like that where people immediately think you're a cop I've hadmultiple people yeah which now that it's starting to curlI've getting less of that and I think I'm moving into like a douchey level mywife looked at me today she's like that's got to go so I don't know howmuch longer I would go to rock it we'll see alright man well I want to startwith I want to talk about that first connection we had and you know you Nickyou made quite the ripple back in the day when you got started I knowyou played before that but I mean really professionally you had been in schoolyou hadn't really had a chance to take a run at being on the road I assume youknow I don't I don't know your background pre-Sunday best butyou know you really kicked off of to me like in my mind when I think backthrough Kentucky musicians you guys really kicked off an era with like thatstarted I know Sturgill was doing his thingbefore or like not much like before but like I knew of you guys before Sturgilland then and then came Chris Stapleton and Tyler Childers and now we've gotEric Olander but like really man a lot of that for meand appreciating a new wave of Kentucky musicians because obviously Kentucky'sgot a great history of musicians and I don't want to say that you guys startedit or the Tyler or anybody like this lots of great musicians have come fromthat area that you guys are in but and it is interesting to me of how many ofthose guys have come out of that little core area right there and EasternKentucky near where you are and how far is like where Sturgill and Tyler grew upfrom you how far is that I'm probably about an hour from SturgillI think Tyler Lawrence County is so for me I'm the county over from like chrisstapleton I live really close to Van Leer you know Loretta Lynn andthen the other side of Johnson County is Lawrence County where Tyler fromand laid-back country picker and Ricky Skaggs and you know I mean right thereyou people don't know laid-back country picker too they gotta go check that outthis is great but you know you guys were some of the first to like of recentmemory really kick that up again and man you guys had national attention onyou for a little bit and you know we'll get to new album shortly but I wanted toask like what was it like going fairly quickly from college kid and DanvilleKentucky to like holy crap were on CNN that's my music video we just shottalked a little bit about that yeah well I say I was in Pikville so it was evenmore of a culture shock for me you aren't with okay was Bentley theonly one that went to Centre yes okay so Bentley was at Centre and then was it after hegraduated or did you guys do this while he was a Centre this was after hegraduated okay he's actually a year younger than me but I took alittle bit longer getting through school so I graduated after I had thesix year undergrad degree yeah so I enjoyed my it was it was perfect timingbut you were just being efficient making sure you got the most out of college andit's been doctorate undergrad is what I called it but yes so I mean I've beenin Pikeville and Lexington was always Pikeville was not a huge place you know it waseven bigger growing up around the Prestonsburg Prater area but you knowLexington was always where people that's that's where you go it's the big citythat's that's a that's where you go to kind of this is then I say this just inlike what was going through my head as a young person like that's where you go tolike really experience life I you know so man it was surrealjust going through that stuff how quickly it took and Redmansis where we were really starting to make our mark and that was the place when Iwas in college that I really enjoyed and I it was like one of the first that'swhat kind of that experience was like what made me want to get out and play inbars was just being in that environment with with with people and theelectricity to it and so you know like you said there wasn't a lot of people thatat that time like Lexington was this place that was known for original music it wasbeing done Justin Wales he was he was there with like fifth onthe floor and trying to think brian minx and like those crosstown rivals butthere were like there wasn't a lot of people that was that were just writingsongs and in doing that so a lot of those guys justin Wales I don'tremember him at the time I'm a fan of him now was he with fifth on the floor yeah he was a lead singer on the floor okaythat's coming together but they were like a bar band at that time right likeI feel like he's gone on to be more of a singer-songwriter maybe I'm wrong butthat was kind of my perception of fifth on the floor in those dayskind of cut out i didn't hear what you said they more of like bar band type I mean like youknow they weren't necessarily I think of you differently now than like the fifthon the floor days and maybe it was just my awareness of them they were more of abar entertainment kind of band at the time now their albums are good but Imean no I know more than no I mean I feel like they were playing originalmusic too there was an evolution of that band that I'm also not familiar withlike before yeah Justin so it may have had another that that band may havehad another life but I mean Justin to me was always like they were just playinglike they were putting on shows you know for people it wasn't reallygoing to bars for me I remember I remember seeing their that their bandwas on the Marquis of a lot of bars when I was in college so maybe maybe that'sjust my recollection of it but like so you went from you know you guys werewere really like I mean it wasn't just like regional touring either I mean allof a sudden you guys were playing with some pretty big names at the peak of itall like what do you think of as the peak of it all like what do you lookback on and kind of think of now when you watch that crazy roller coaster rideyou guys did there for a couple years what comes to mind as the the top ofthat ride and I don't know it's it's hard to say reallyyou know Redmans in itself like I said that was a dream come true doingthat and just man this the flocks of people that came there in the communitythat I felt like was built just friendships that were made youknow then playing grand ole opry and so sayit's funny you mentioned Redmon's so strongly because you you guys had somehuge milestones to but it's like it it's kind of cool that you grew up wanting togo to Lexington that's like what you really reflect back on and and yeah isthat moment man that was it was just it was a lot of fun you know and it wasthis the all these dreams that were coming to fruition it's like you'd kindof kind of felt like I've been bottled up in the mountains you know my wholelife up to that point and then I was getting ready really tocome you know I came to Lexington and out of school for the first time andreally getting to explore life and myself and people and that was rightthat was right there and like I said that introduced me to so many peoplethat are lifelong friends you know Blake carpenter you know that that connectionwas Blake was there and it was like a lot of mountain kids were there at thesame time looking for the same thing yeah I think and so that's why you knowI think people just we gravitate towards you know like-minded people and so itwas cool Lexington's a cool town you know just growing up such a big Kentuckyfan you know the University there and getting to kind of be in the middle ofit and the horse-racing the whole the whole culture there I really I you knowit was I enjoyed it and I appreciated it and learned to appreciate it more butyou know that was really special to me I used I usedto love the 20-minute R&B like hip hop yeah I saw that a Redmon's a time or twoyeah it it's crazy the evolution of that it started out likeI don't remember I was there's this there was this group called the BoyceAvenue I think they were like the first people that I ever saw like Play Cajonand they were doing like all these covers online and they were doingmore R&B type stuff and yeah that kind of got me into it and I just remember itstarting with like two songs and then the more we played it the more we canjust add to it just like yeah it was literally 20 minutes so it was you couldgo to the bathroom a couple times during during that it was awesome though whatwere the songs that you guys were people don't know what we're talking about whatwere a couple the songs that you guys must have tied together it was a mash-upand it started that was like that was when that song is a billionaire I wantto be a bill yeah start out with that and it was like Fresh Prince sorry mrs.

Jackson I want it that way Backstreet Boys there were some Biggie Smalls inthere baller shot caller then yeah dude oh my god it was so good and like peoplewent nuts too when you would kind of get into that part of the because you knownot only that one of their favorite bands but you guys have playing a lot ofsongs and people remember like from their childhood you know that I kind ofcut you off a second ago I'll let you finish it like you mentioned Grand OleOpry I know you guys didn't you open for Lynyrd Skynyrd oh yeah here atthe Expo Center that was that was pretty surreal he's like I can't even I wasn'treally grasping it in the moment I don't really know you know it's like how doyou even you know I feel like I I'm just it's it's hard to believe honestly sothat that was surreal we opened up for Steve Miller Band at theRyman that's so awesome yes Steve Miller likein person did you mean that no no I didn't I didn't know if you did it Icould see kind of I what I understand about him like he he'skind of that phase were like he's strictly business and he also does notmess around from what I've heard about him on the business side of yeah I meana lot of those older older guys that have just been doing it for forever theydon't mess around ya know it's like it's like they just Imean they're showing up for work like they yeah you know and I appreciate thatChris Knight was like that when he played the Fall Festival in Middlesborothis year he showed up and the band before him took way too long tosoundcheck and he was late and he was kind of pissed I think but he justwalked up like no nonsense and then it was over and it was almost like he justvanished you know yeah very very like no-nonsense kind of guy yeah and it'slike it's to me it's like whatever people want to do because like you saidit's it's it is a job and it's like hard to you know when you're it's emotionallyit can be really taxing so if you're if you're like trying to do just get givethe best show you can it's just sometimes you just don't have anythingleft ya know afterwards so I could relate tothat on not on the level of like what you guys do with so many people but Itried to explain to my wife sometimes with pitching our company to investorsI've done a bunch of pitch events and sometimes I've pitched like 300 peopleand and these are like people from all over the world that traveled in for thisevent and then you go Network that trying to raise money for you know hoursand you end up putting in a 12-hour day where you're constantly talking topeople and you're just on your a-game and I cannot speak at the end of itbecause my man it's not like I'm tired it's like my brain is tired and it'sreally just like I come home and I would come home for some of this stuff andthese trips and she'd be talking and I'd have a hard time listening you know kidsjust like Charlie Brown I'm sorry I didn't hear anything you just I need youto say it again you're there is there's definitely I'm not a I'm not smartenough to even understand what this is but there's some kind of mental like yourbrain gets a workout from that much focus like staying that focus and tunedin so I imagine it's similar for you guys when you areput on a good show and you're trying to stay in the moment not just like driftoff and play songs you know you know without even thinking about it like yougot to make sure you're performing right yeah absolutely and and it's yeah it'sit's a real thing where you're done and you're just like yeah you're just kindof emotionally you've been just on on on and then you're you're able to be offand it's like you kind of got a real reboot yeah yeah so you I mean you guysjust like it was crazy and you know your album with door without a screen was theone that like really connected with me and actually I remember going back youguys had something you'd put out before that I really liked that album too butlike I found out about you through door without a screen and you know it's likeit was written by a small-town guy instead of being written for asmall-town guy and there's a big difference in that and I know you guysused to like Adam hood and he's even got a song you know talking about you knowdon't come singing about tractors you know it's really offensive to me he hasa songwriter and somebody from a small town I always like connected I camethrough a song that is of his but I always connected with that notion andthese people you know through songwriters people writing songs forthem but also you know record labels kind of prop up certain people that aregood performers they're good on paper they're good so they have social-mediafollowings and they don't necessarily understand the rural life like I thinkyou guys did and you know you captured it really well then and I think you doeven better now and I'm not trying to kiss your ass or anything but like Ifeel like you've evolved a lot as a songwriter over the years too and youknow continue to be impressed with it but I wanted you to talk a little bitabout where that experience came from tell people what it's like living whereyou do and like how you grew up I think it's interesting context and you canfeel it in your songs but I like I'd like to hear about it so you can see howgenuine it is well I appreciate the kind words of evolution I've really triedto do that so it's it's nice to hear it you know son like I loved or withoutscreen but you guys in a lot of ways a lot of them as party anthems right likedrunk right now is a fun song but it has nowhere near the weight to it that yourstuff today does you know I like you're a songwriter now and you guys were moreentertainers then great entertainers I love that album I listen that albumprobably more than it's probably in and if I had a counter for how many times Iplayed it it's probably in the top 20 of like the last decade truly at one pointwhen I used to listen iTunes before I shifted over to Spotify if that was thealbum I loved that album but it's a flood of those of party anthems rightlike you guys have some really great tracks on there too but like you you'vejust matured right like in the same way I captured two and in a business andeven in my mindset I might not be just drawn to a party anthem today you knowbecause that's not that's not where your primary focus is yeah in your life youknow I think not for everybody but you know at that time it was like that wasjust a big part of my life was drinking yeah just rowdy and yeahchasing girls and you know the whole thing and so I mean that record inparticular you know some of those songs that was like the earliest and theearliest songs that that I wrote wrote a lot of those in in in college and I meanjust your point of like growing up around Eastern Kentucky you know I thinkone of the biggest things for me you knowscenic wise you know the scenery here you know just the the openness andthe trees and the mountains and it's just like it's hard to describe growing up here it's a just there's just like aspirit here and I think that maybe it's like you know why there's so many peoplefrom this area that if that have been musicians because of just kind of maybeyou know being able to tap into that but you know I didn't I feel like I lived apretty simple quiet life growing up here we didn't ever have to go without youknow but there's a lot of people around here that do and I think for me withwriting these songs it was like I was always wanting it was always special tome growing up here the characters and the sports and just it meant a lot and Ithink it it's always easy for people to think about what there's this there'sthis like narrative I think with Eastern Kentucky with the poverty and the pillsand it can like instill this state of mind and people like they can't get outof it or they can't rise above it or they can't do anything they want to do because of their lack ofresource or people or because of you know what I'm saying like I so withsongs and I was talking to someone about this other day about Cory Smithand about how big of an influence he was on my early writing it was like hewas unapologetically specific in some of his songs and he put value in likethe place that he was at so for me it was like I don't know like with that first recordwas very Kentucky centric was very like specific to Kentucky and I think thatmakes not everybody puts more value in it but it's like you hear it in asong and it's like made into a piece of art it's like I think it has the abilityto elevate the subject you know what I'm saying I'm liking whatever you'retalking about it can elevate it and I don't know some of these some of thesesmall towns and areas and people it's like their tired I mean it's like you youhave to address both sides of it there's there is a dark you know negative sideto life you know but you know I just get tired of hearing about the pills all thetime and hearing about and this is in general I don't mean in in any sort ofmedia but like the media and things like that that's the commonnarrative with you with rural Kentucky yeah it's just always I've just alwayslooked at it as trying to just put more value in in those things you knowwhat I'm saying things that were important to me and Ithink a lot a lot of people so it's a yeah I think you feel it throughthe authenticity of you know it it feels genuine so it's there you know I kind ofI mentioned that I feel like you've evolved but I mean you've been makingalbums for a while now and like what do you notice when you look back you knowat all I mean you've cranked out three albumsover the last three years which is a lot you know a lot of a lot of even Idon't call them working artists for like active artists that are touring andwhatnot or doing every other year cuz you know the schedule but I mean you'vegotten after it how do you how do you look at your work and how it's evolvedwhat do you notice that's different about it over time I think at first Iwas really just trying to get people to listen to me you know like I was reallythinking very hard about just songs that I thought would get attention and likeyou know like playing in bars you know it's like there was a lot of this tryingto get people's attention like what can I do to grab them and I think there isalways gonna be a part of that that's involved in the process you want youthat's how you stay connected to your audience but in more recent years it'sjust like I guess I try to block that out a little bit more because I think itcan be it's a double-edged sword with like the catering too much to what youthink people want to hear because I think that can kind of get in the way ofthe process of of what something could be and I think I just tried to be moreopen just open-minded with what I can writeabout and I think there's a more spiritual side to my life now than therewas at that time and not being afraid to explore that side of it because I justfeeling sort of reconnected to faith and I think there's a little bit more ofthat and I think also early on it I was very rigid in it was like things thathappened to me directly and now it's like learning how to tell a story withina story like I'm not so like I can just I'm just trying to like that's whatsongs that I like I always say this but like Hotel California everybody listensthat it's like what are they really talking about you know but it doesn'treally matter what the what the specific is it's like I think when you when youwhen you do it that way then it just leaves more room for interpretation youknow to the listener when it's just you know done that way so yeah there'sthere's autobiographical approaches and I hear that that's my daughter screaming her headoff in the background her mom's out there I'm sure she's fineyou know there's autobiographical approaches and some artists will startthere and they'll evolve like you said you did you know you're now telling morenarrative and it's it's storytelling and I mean this is what made John Prine sogreat right like he could he could see something at the grocery store and writea song about him yeah you know look at angel from Montgomery the first lines ofthis song is I'm an old woman you know he wrote that as a young man yeah and Ithink some people might stay with that forever but then there's definitely anevolution it's it's interesting you know Jason isbell we'll just released a new albumtoo and it feels like the most autobiographical album that he's done ina long time like I can feel his hit like who I think I don't know who he is I'venever talked to it personally but it talks about a young girl and he's got ayoung daughter now and he talks about being sober in ways that maybe he hasn'tbefore and I think he I even read an interview with him and he was talkingabout how much more personal that album seems like itwas and it is interesting how how people evolved and I actually like when I heardyour album the new one the wild frontier it felt like you would I am NOT justsaying this for a good interview like it really felt like what you're talkingabout where you know you're not worried as much about singles or you know tryingto get something that's gonna be popular like that album is a holistic piece ofwork like it really it feels like it's one album and it has one sound to itit's got a you know it's not like it's not like Tommy where you got tolisten to it all straight and it's like that's not like that kind of piece butit it has a feel to it unlike it's it's like that those songs wouldn't fit inyour previous albums in my opinion like they it's just got its own personalityand I really like enjoyed listening to that album without skipping anythingfront to back like holistic body of work where is I feel like I mean if I go wayback even's it like you're early Sunday dayslike I don't know that it was they were a collection of really good songs but Idon't I don't know that it was like a body of work in the same way like I canfeel that evolution yeah I agree I think that early on it was like what are the 10best songs yeah and I think a lot of guys still operate that way Childerssays he's still operates that way yeah I mean it's yeah I mean I think that Idon't think that there is like one way to do it you know I think I think Idon't think you have to cut that off entirely I just I don't know that wasjust where I was at during this process was like I really wanted it to be awhole thing because I was like man these aren't my strongest songs I think thesearen't the best ones that I have but within the parameters that I was workingin that I had decided in my mind I was like okay these are these are the songsthat fit this so I I just need to roll with it you know it's like not thinkingtoo much about cuz I was man yeah was just like these are not my bestsongs some of them are but it's I really I really enjoyed the albumand I've got some favorites we'll talk about that in a second but I wanted toask you I made it I was looking at my notes just now tell me about thisintroduction I mean the work it's a body as a whole really good but you gotthis story in the beginning that talks about William Osborn and you know it'sthe welcome track for anybody that wants to get this album and kind of Nick will tellus where to find it in here but you know the welcome track called introduction itstarts off and I felt like I was listening to the start of a westernmovie and then it gets into like this Big Lebowski moment and I just got toknow like what made you at what point in the process you bring that in what madeyou decide to do this where did this come from what is all that about oh manI want to know about that the first track introduction so you know this hasbeen a this whole concept record you know it's in it takesplace and there's a lot of imagination it's a lot of fictional land youknow it's the wild frontier is it's a place you know and I was just like withjust the songs and the whole will of the wild frontier is is the character that'ssort of so I'm trying to just trying to think about where I should start and howmany and how much time we have because I'm just like this is super deep on itif you don't want to I'm just kind of like curious like it may it sets up thatlike hey you just signed up to listen to an album that's that's pretty much whatit was yeah I wanted everybody just from the get-go we're gonna open this doorand you walk through it and we're gonna be in the wild frontier like I felt likelistening to that it was almost like this palate cleanser that like no matterwhere you were at or what you were expecting this record to be that onceyou listen to that record once you listen to that intro and that it takesyou to that place yes you know so once once you're there then it's likeI just felt like it made it was like it made the door open more for thepeople that we're going to continue to listen you know I'm saying because I dothink it's really different it's just a different approach it's it's a differentway of collecting songs and more of like a story and an experience then like justwhat the best songs are you know I'm saying yeah it did that for me and Iso whenever I listen to an album honestly I do this probably the firsttime ten times through an album at least I rarely jump around if I'm jumpingaround it's probably not a very good album like I don't like to listen tomusic if it's not good albums I have playlists that I listen to that I'll usekind of as white noise but if I'm listening to an album I like to go frontto back and Blake and I were just talking about this like I believe inthat for a couple reasons but like a lot of effort goes into the structure of thealbum and the flow and Emily Scott do you know Emily Scott Robinson or hermusic I don't think so great singer songwriter she came on here recently andwe were talking about this and you know she's got this song that like everydetail of the album was planned out and it tells a story similar there'slike there's heroines there's murderers there's you know rape and it's thisreally incredible collection of work and she put a lot of time into control inthat emotional roller coaster and you know I believe in like I'm gonna gothrough this and listen to it as they intended and I'll do that truly probablyif if it makes it 10 times through I usually won't start going back to myfavorites like I like to go through and just listen to it over and over and getthat feel and that that intro well it did palate cleanser is real good becauseit like keeps you from zoning out of it's like oh man I signed up forsomething yeah exactly exactly that's exactly what it is all right so I got aquestion on these tracks a few of my favorite off here I really like ridegambler golden shores and there's another one that I really like and it'smy son's favorite and my son is funny cuz like you know he comes through and Idon't even know that he's listening something I had been listening to yournew album and I working and that kind of had the albumitself on loop and playing in the background and you know I don't eventhink in my mind he's not even paying attention he's off doing something elsewrecking the house or whatever making his sister cry it was the next day atbath time we always listen to music and I've got a playlist of his songs likekids movie stuff and certain songs of mine that he likes like there's someDavid Bowie in there something like that and he said dad daddy can you play thesong where the rabbit runs really fast I was like I don't know what your worldyou're talking about because the rabbit goes really really really really fast Ithink is really really really slow and then I can't remember I don't evenremember if I figured out what he was talking about but I remember it mighthave been later that brother rabbit came on he goes this is the song my sonloves that song because it's got all these fun faces in it and like I wouldargue that that's a song that's exactly what you just said like I don't thinkbrother rabbit would ever be a single that people would be crazy about but Ilove that song and in this album it's like so good and but it's like sodifferent that it's not like one that people would jam it's not a radio songno but do know it's so good though it's so good and like for the differentreasons than what my son loves it like that song reminds me of this is gonnasound a little weird but like Les Claypool from Primus would tell storiesright and he would take on the character and really live the character yeah and Imean you're people just got to listen to brotherit's wild Nick takes on this like you you'll be shocked don't start with thissong go through the album and it'll hit you when it hits you but you'll they'llbe shocked that the guy that on the podcast did brother rabbit because youget like I imagine you almost had to like psych yourself up to record thatsong it's you go so into character with it can you talk a little I just wannahear a little bit about that song and what was like recording and writing thatwell that song itself I think inspired the whole record like oh no kidding yeahlike the whole attitude towards it because it's such afiction just a fictional tale you know of two rabbits that are traveling aroundtrying to not get eaten about a big black dog you know it's a and I thoughtit's a it came about so organically and that's sort of what like I said shiftedmy my thinking to like just this like the story within the story and you knowit ends up being about just a rabbit that you know he gets everything hewants and then he's big and fat and can't get away from the big black dogbecause he's gonna even for two people so that sort of approach I was just likehow can we turn this into a bigger a bigger thing so so brother rabbit thatwas gluttony that got me thinking about like the seven deadly sins and like theseven virtues and so that was like what i roughly built the whole record aroundwas like just loose ideas of you know of these topics and before we recorded it irecorded it and so it was that my friend Levi Lowry who produced the record wedid this at his basement in his basement down in Georgia he hadwhen we had met we were playing we our drummer my drummer used to drum for himand we were playing a house show down Lawrence is a back deck and I had aboutsix seven beers and so luck I was I was I was being that character like I waslike just being goofy because that the thing for mewith this song was just like just being goofy man like just a chance to likereally have that sort of just personality with it and so we got down there and recorded it the first time he saw that'spretty good he said I want the six Budweiser version of this song and Imean I wasn't drinking but like that was what I was like yeah I knew what hemeant by that like so it was almost over the top you know it is like if I'm sureI would I would guarantee if I heard your first recording to that after youjust said that I'd be disappointed because it's so like you're so emphaticand yeah I think that's what my son likes about it is that it's a like theway the personality you take on tells the story with it and I don't even knowif like that it's not like this it's not so obvious that it's like oh it's arabbit eating for two he's gonna get eaten cuz he got fat like thereobviously there's more depth to his net but my son listening to it with the thevarious time changes and everything he's like no the rabbits running here likeit's like exactly hear it you know because of its so you know you play itup so much I was just curious man that's a great I think it's a great track offthis album what about you personally like which songs come to mind or amongyour favorites in this collection here well Leviathan is one that was the firstone that we tracked and and it it just really took a life on that that I wasn'texpecting when when I brought it to the studio but yeah that was the first onewe tracked and I think that's another one that's really cinematic I think thata lot of these songs have this sort of cinematic theatrical nature to them yeahthe golden shores is probably my favorite it really I felt like from itfrom top to bottom like from a musical lyrical and like the the guitar hookthat they play at the beginning it just hits me every time like I listen to itand and I yeah I don't know I think this record a cause of how much time we tookto do it like I've really just enjoyed it more like it's actually been what Ifeel like I wanted instead of like just before Ithink the process was so streamlined and just personally where I was at it waslike just not being patient with the process and so yeah golden shores I feellike that's my favorite I'm trying to think other ones that I really enjoyclear picture that's another one of my favorites but what so all right so youlaunch this album amid a pandemic economic ruin fairly hard time formusicians right now what's that been like trying to take something that youjust said it's like you're really proud of this and you know you want to shareit with people but a larger I mean what what were your plans and what are theynow like how are you how's it going I mean I've been lucky to have had it hadthis to kind of as a talking point you know people have been really supportiveI made it I felt like like 2020 was gonna be a year that people I just feltlike I needed to have that give us the people like it was just going to be youhear that I felt like people needed it and I it's just surreal you know thatthat this is what's what's going on it's been tough because usually the processof the record is you you make it you put it out and then you get to experiencethe excitement of new songs and like it's like an it brings new life to thelive show and that's always been such a therapeutic part of my life wasplaying out for people and experiencing that it was like that was kind ofalso a barometer for how you felt like people felt about the record so you knowthe Internet's cool and and I'm glad we have the technology we do to still stayin contact but there's just nothing like that live experience I feel like it's atrue like you can feel people's love yeah you canreally it's a real tangible transaction that I thinkhappens when when we're in that live setting so I just they you know thewhole thing it's like we're showing how little control we have over over somethings and most things in our life you know and so it I just kind of had tosurrender to so this is how it is and and you know thankfully like I saidpeople have been supportive with the live streams that I've done and boughtmerchandise and bought CDs and having a partner that that is also you know she'sbeen able to work some but yeah it wasn't what I was thinking was gonnahappen I can't imagine coz when did this albumactually come out April 20th so it had been about a month into lockdown yeah so but it's been so good to be home like Isaid you know earlier aside from the financial strains that I think that itjust put on everybody because it's like the market has just shrunk and yeah youknow some people have money some people are having more money some people it'slike unemployment it's been good for a lot of people you know that yeah why nota lot of musicians it's like we're making more now than they did giggingyou know so I'm glad that people have support but a part of me is also likeman what a messed up world we live in where you're more incentivized to stayunemployed no no I know that's that's a that's a very true it's it's definitelyexposes a lot of flaws and yeah and that we live in dude youI wanted I pulled up your website I was looking at your merch here and somethingI know we were gonna talk about you know you're living in a state park and youyou like to get outside and I saw this because we got this shirt with acampfire on it and it kind of reminded me to I want to talk a little bit aboutwe talked a lot about music but how are you getting outside how are you keepingyour sanity during all this man like what are you up to man like I said youknow I'm lucky to live in the mountains so we would just walk outside and we'rewe're in a densely it's like you get a cabin yeah I mean it pretty much is theybuilt these houses over here in the in the 60s like kind of a connection to thepark and I mean I'm a hundred yards from the lake and they've got the JennyWiley trail is close by which connects to the Appalachian Trail so you knowlike we said earlier is that the thought of being in a in a in a more denselypopulated area I couldn't imagine that right now I think I have a lot oftrouble with that so I mean just walking outside and having space and it's likethe squirrels and the birds they're they're not it's like they're notworried about anything so it's kind of like we get to just out here watchingthem all day because that's we'll sit out here and just watch the squirrelschase each other and there's been a lot of fledglings we found around here a lotof baby birds that are getting kicked out of their nest you know so it's it'sjust like it's been good healthy stimulation and yesterday we went outand we were out on Dewey Lake for about five six hours and floated around andkayaking kayaking yeah what kind of boat you guys run I'mjust a Walmart special you know dude I got one of those I got a couple that Ibought from Dick's one of which I don't I don't rememberPotomac and then I don't remember what the other one is but they're they'recheap I got a cheap sit-on-top for fishing and then I got a my wife's whichis a sit-in and you know I think I paid 150 for hers and yeah mine was like 300but dude you can do a lot of damage with a cheap kayak a lot of fun too youdon't need to invest a thousand bucks in one for you know casual not at all manand and it's like it's crazy how I have this lake and we've got the river howmuch people don't think about that as a thing to do yeah like I said it's reallygood stimulation I think we get so used to these phones and like electronicstuff that we forget about dude I'm I mean you know I own an app and I've beenadvocating for people to get away from their phones I mean I just don't thinkit's healthy and I don't want people sitting around at home spending moretime on our app I'm like we've been trying to actually push people to getoutside and we did this whole upside is outside challenge to get becauseanxiety is on the rise domestic violence is on the rise drug abuse is on the risedrink is on the rise like there's gonna be a lot I won't say worse thingsbecause death is obviously terrible and we've lost a lot of people but there'sgonna be a lot of bad things to come out of this that weren't just the coronavirus there's gonna and I worry about people's anxiety and mental healththrough this whole thing because staying inside and looking at same walls overand over it's not good for anybody it anybody's mental health and you can onlyyou know there's not always gonna be a tiger king every month to pull you outof that reality so I think people need to be tapping into what's around them ifyou don't live close to a lake or a park go find one then one of the biggesttragedies this whole thing in my opinion have been these these states that havehad these huge overreaches and closed down their parks and their trail headsand their boat ramps and you know I don't I think we're we're making somebad decisions out of fear you know I think people need to be outside man needto be out doing whatever it is you do I am I've even been conflicted you seethese pictures of the beaches but they're shot real low and everybodylooks like they're sitting on top of each other I'm likedude I've never been to the beach and been closer than six feet from astranger like I don't know about you all but I go to the beach and we picked thecorner the furthest spot away from anybody usually 20 or 30 feet away soyes a lot of I don't know I hope people I continue to beat this every chance Iget cuz I hope people will well you shouldn't bestaying at home like get outside go run go hike and you know like you said watchwatch the birds you know it sounds stupid but like we I built – I'm on mythird bird feeder that we built here and they provide a lot of entertainment likethere's little stuff like that that sounds stupid but like my wife sent me avideo there that a my son was loving a squirrel and a bird like fighting eachother over the bird feeder that we put out I don't know man little stuff likelittle wins like that are important right now absolutely I think it groundsyou in the moment and I think anxieties comes from when our thoughts aresomewhere else and where we're at you know and I think you're right like withwith all that stuff being on the rise because I think there's just lessdistractions from those those sort of just it's a lot of bad thinking habitsof just you know our mind just get away from this because because that's kind ofhow we have to operate in this world that's what I really know this is justlike man this is the first time I feel like I've been in my body and like sinceI was a kid like as far as my mind being here now because you know high schoolit's like well where am I going to go to college where am I going to get a jobit's like you're always thinking about the next thing and now I'm just likewell shit I don't know I'm not even planning for anything youknow because you know six months usually it's like you're thinking months aheadof time for when you're gonna book a show and now I'm just like I'm not evenI'm not even thinking about it i love that i actually wrote down that quotethat quote there that might be the quote for the show it's first time I felt likeI've been in my body I can relate to that man I mean I am I lived the lasttwo years looking at my next like week of like where am I going okay I'm inDallas next week I'm in Baltimore or wherever and itso it's been nice to know I'm literally the only two trips I have left this yearor vacations and I've insisted that we're going I'm not if I mean I'mjust I'm not gonna buckle up I mean I just think that at some point we don'tknow when there's gonna be a vaccination we don't know any of that stuff you canbe safe at home so why can't what would be what would keep me from going tobeach house being safe you know exactly I'm I'm supportive of people being smartand I don't think we should be putting up these statewide baby gates andtreating people like toddlers and if we're in this for the next couple yearswe got to find some safe ways to help people recreation I don't think we'vedone a good job of that so far well it's like I think I think it's justeverything happened so fast that yeah and it's scary yeah yeah it is and we don'tknow a lot about it and III want to believe that that our our politicalleaders have what's really best for everyone in mind but at the same time Ithink it's just giving people a little bit of grace I think for like never havebeen here before and and understanding that I think that's what we do as humanswe adapt it's like we push it to the limit and then we retract you know sayI'm like we have to see where our boundaries are to to like see where thesweet spot is you know so just having faith that that's gonna we're gonna besmart yeah man I hope we can get out of this soon I read this morning thatI had seen this stat but there was some other scary stuff but we've lost ahundred thousand small businesses so far we were we've already the last coupleweeks been at higher than we're at pretty much great depression levels ofunemployment Kentucky I think if this is I can't remember where I read this I don'tknow if this is hearsay if I read it Kentucky is leading the country inunemployment percentage leading on the wrong end of that scale like the highestyeah 750, 000 on 760, 000 unemployed of our two million workforce you know we'renot a very big state but that's a huge that's insane you knowyeah and you know there's a lot of questions I've had questions about someof our States decisions along the way and still do you know I think Basheer'sdone a good job in a lot of ways our governor but you know that the hospitalswe shut down all the elective surgeries out of the gate before we even did anyproper analysis and i felt like that was too early and now that we've hadthousands of healthcare workers furloughed and laid off and I've hadfamily members in health care that have had that and you know I just been a lotof knee-jerk reactions and I hope we can learn from it and evolve alrightman we weren't very good out of the pandemic talk we'll stay there all dayno I know all right so before you're gonna put you still play a couple songssure all right so before we do that let's go ahead and do the tell peoplewhere they can find this album where to buy your stuff where to find youpersonally on social media and all that good stuff and I'll link to all this asI can in the show notes but but lay it out there for anybody want to touch basewith you I'm most active like posting Facebook and Instagram I've been kind oflaying off of that a lot lately though what's your handle this NicholasJamerson okay and then what's your website NicholasJamerson.

com that'swhere you can find hard copies of the record t-shirts and we've been trying tobe pretty up-to-date with the t-shirt stuff and just trying to shift the sortof creative stuff into the merchandise since we can't be out on theroad I'm gonna pick up one of these I like your blue shirt with the morningJays logo on and I'm gonna grab my clothescool I appreciate that we might be sold out I think we're sold out rightnow yeah but we will be getting those all right so you tell me you tell mewhen you go oh yeah you are sold unless you're a small for small you can grabone um you tell me when you got the mediums back in I'm your huckleberry you know and then music you knowobviously all the streaming services Spotify Apple play you know if you ifyou want to be old school and buy the record and then stream it that's alwaysappreciated Bandcamp well why do people use Bandcamp versus like what are theadvantages of Bandcamp this is just a personal question I'm curious about isit just cause people are it's an immediate like transaction you buy andit goes into my PayPal I would say you're not stream people aren'tstreaming as much as where you can just buy it there that's kind of how you'reusing it you can you can yeah you you can I think you can't stream it therebut you can also just buy the physical or not going to I the the audio versionyeah and with with anything any of these other streaming services it's like ait's a smaller percentage and it's like quarter it's like back dated it's aquarter you get it a quarter later like okay it's not an immediate thing so itmakes sense for you the streaming part of it I wasn't really sure because it'snot really a good streaming experience like Spotify for the listener but rightyeah you can okay so you guys so if you're gonna buy it buy it on Bandcampis that kind of the deal yeah that's good yeah and I mean iTunes does prettygood to know it's if you buy it's different the streaming is just like doyou even make any money off Spotify and that stuff is it like minimal it's veryminimal yeah yeah that's what I've heard this I've heard I wish I could rememberthat then one of the Metallica was James Hetfield or was it LarsJoe Rogan did a podcast was one of Metallica guys and he talked about howlike how much money the most popular song on Spotify actually made for theartists and it was like the saddest thing it's like crazy it was so littlemoney man I like 70 said I I think I have a song was like 70 thousand streamsand it's like maybe 600 bucks yeah you know and I meanthat's I'll take that but I'm just saying like if you think about likeseventy seventy thousand streams and having someone having to buy that tolist yeah it's like that's that's when it's a little and and Spotify was makinga killing so it's just like yeah there's some fishy stuff that yeah man spotifythat sucks huge platform you know yeah well I Ifinally I tell you what that I know it sucks for you guys on the payment sidebut I find all it's hard for me to argue against except find somebody feed thatguy dude dolly and it's people like like if Jamie Lynn Wilson from Texas evercomes to Kentucky I'm there like I found her on Spotify and you know I would buya ticket to go see her now and I wouldn't have even known about herwithout Spotify like there's so many people like thatabsolutely and I spent I don't remember how many it was like 72, 000 hours or someungodly amount of hours that I spent on Spotify last year and this year's gonnabe even more because I didn't I think I got a paid Spotify account early lastyear but I spent a ton of time on there I just burned it up all right man whatare you gonna play for us you know I think I'm gonna play golden shores foryou first I like that do you have a request it would have beenthat one or part of me what's to say brother rabbit but I feel like you can'tdo that like I feel like yeah I do like game learn ride but let's go with goldShores I like that and then I know you kind of mentioned you might have anotherone you want to play – that's not on the album sure sure okay good so while finding you guys that Iwill link I've got his face I got its website pulled up so make sure you go onconnect with him give him a follow buy some stuff yeah there we go it didn'tsound too bad but that's probably gonna be better when it was starting in thereis your guitar at all so it's a little weird I don't know if you have anability to know well we want to see you too so can you back up you got there wego and then raise the camera up a little bit there we go that's better now skip backsome take those so far that good yeah it's good man I don't have it all figured out I don't think anybody does think the reason for our brief existenceis to learn it's a canyon going farther andfarther running away from the surface to the core wave fear become weaker andweaker in its just the water and Golden Shore fell in love with the savior theysay that Jesus will bail them out but then you blame it on the devil just tocrucify rebels and never see what life is really about it's a canyon going farther andfarther running away from the surface to the core wave fear becomes weaker andweaker and it's just water and golden shores it's just the water and goldenshore the serpent is always at your feet there's always a knot to untie the farther you go the more that you go.

you only lose a body when you die its a canyon going farther farther farther running away from the surface to the core wave fear becomes weaker and weaker and it's just the water and golden shores thank you that'sgood man thank you how'd it sound on that in itsounded really good zoom must have some kind of featurewhere it tries to muffle out background noise so your guitar volume was going upa little bit I'll be able to fix it I think mostly in post but um cuz I'm goodit actually surprisingly good for ear buds ya know because I'm assuming thisis where it's cutting the mics coming from yeah yeah soso what's the gist on the next one because I think you said you had onethat you thought would be a this audience might be a little interested inand it's not on this album but you wanted to play it my friend Tristan wasa guy that I grew up with he he passed away a few years ago unfortunately and Ijust was bringing up all these feelings of him and how it you grow up and youknow you grow up and you're close to people and then things change for onereason or another and I was just taking a thinking about how we'd takendifferent paths and when that path sort of diverged and when we got into highschool I was really into sports well that's how I met him was playing sportsthrough the grade school football and basketball and he was really good justhe was awesome everybody thought he was next big thing he got to high school and justwhat just wanted to ride his four-wheeler and hunt and fish and be outside and Ican't blame him for that you know so it's just kind ofthe story of him and and his love for being outside I do have a question ifyou have a problem with me saying S.




on I do not okay okay that's not it itwon't be the first okay I just wanted to ask so I appreciate it no it's a youngerman yeah cool this song's called good ol fella last time I saw him he was walkingbeside the creek up around the head a buffalo looking for ginseng I waved as I passed him and he justsmiled at me it's like I always remember just ashappy as could be a hauler child raised in the wild I swear there ain't notelling how many chickens he fought or deer he shot I can still hear him rebel yellin heloved tobacco spittin not giving a shit bout what the rest of the world was sellingmost of all I remember him being a good ol fell he could ride a dirt bike as good as he shot thethree swish he was faster than everybody we were all thirteen man hescored a bunch of touchdowns he was on my team he said goodbye to number one for a stand up in a tree holler child raised in the wild i swear there ain't no telling how many chickens he fought or deer he shot I couldstill hear him rebel yellin he loved tobacco spit and not giving a shit about what the restof the world was sellin most of all I remember him being a good ol fellanow he's on a stripjob riding four-wheelers in the sky up above the Eagles that boy could always fly a holler child raised in the wild I swearthere ain't no tellin how many chickens he fought or deer he shot I can still hear him rebel yellinhe loved tobacco spittin not giving a shit about what the rest of the world was sellinmost of all i remember him being a good ol fella most old friend we will see you again when I escape this worldof sin I don't know where and i don't know when but I will think of you until then good job dude that's great brotherthank you yeah you'll have to record that one on youtube or something so Ican hear it a little bit better I already enjoyed that yeah I'm about tostart doing demos for the next record so that's gonna be on there so youworkhorse yeah you already at it for the next one you just got one out I likeit yeah it's it's something it's hard to turn it off so but I thought what I'mthinking is that this thing that's you know that the wild frontier this is thefirst of a series sort of in that maybe like the first of three sort of in thatkind of the same theme so nice man I love what you're doing Nick I alwayshave and it's been fun to watch you evolve dude you're so talented and I hopeyou if you keep at it and you know I'm gonna do what I came here to try to drumup some new streams or shirt purchases sticker purchases whatever we can foryou so you have to come back on when you getthe next album out but dude congrats on releasing it's great piece of work Iappreciate you coming on and talk a little about it today man I reallyappreciate you having me and share and share your your time with me it means alot like I said to not be talking to my girlfriend or my mom and dad that's a I lovethem you know but it's nice to have know for sure for sure I get it so I'mgrateful for when I can talk to somebody that's older than five yeah exactlyall right dude well I appreciate it all right Thank You Nick I really appreciateyou coming on here man I've actually been trying to get Nick on here I wantedto get Nick on here rather for a long time and finally just reached out andmade it happen I think I think he's an interestingcharacter I really hope you guys will check out his new album it's fantasticit's been on the rotation of my house it's been even more on the rotationsince I've done this podcast and had some insights into some of these songsso I hope you enjoyed the two songs he played with us and I really hope you'llcheck out his album and I'll make sure to link to that in the show notes allright it's I'm not gonna lie it's um it's been really tough to create mynormal content right now I've been reflecting been listening and I don'tthink there's anything wrong with choosing to take this time forself-reflection and I feel pretty strongly that speaking up for the sakeof speaking is creating noise not nuance you know there's other groups that Iwould like to hear from and that I think should be speaking up right now and I'mjust trying to practice some empathy and you know imagine a world where wepractice empathy for those we don't understand and I think I hate to seesomething like racism be politicized but that's that's what's happened and I justyou know I really hope that we find a world where if you're gonna be on sideswhich again hurts me to see that that's what it is but I just hope that peoplelisten to the other side and you can't find perspective withoutseeking it out you know so this applies to everybody soI'm if you're not hearing from me as much as normalthat's why I'm just listening and I don't think there's anything wrong withthat you know I'm trying to to gain knowledge and with knowledge comeswisdom so not quite to the wisdom phase yet I don't know when I'll be there ifI'll ever be there but that's why so I just want to clarify if I haven't beensharing as much lately if I you know I'm not going on and on in a post podcastinterview or anything you know it's just I'm trying to shut up and listen alittle bit more so I appreciate you guys coming in to listen and watch Restless Native every week every other week whatever it is this is going to end upbeing a weekly we release last week if you're if you're paying attention youknow that episode 100 of restless native is coming next all goes planned that'sgonna release the following week so we'll be announcing something very bigwith that show so I'm really excited about that I'm I'm excited to show thenext evolution of content from GoWild and we're gonna look back at the firsthundred episodes of Restless Native and you know to highlight some of myfavorite shows some favorite conversations and I'll talk about thoseI'll talk about those people and you know we'll link a link to all that toobut I'm excited to dive deep look at where we've been look at what we'regoing this is gonna be a really important show in the history of GoWildand I just can't wait I can't wait to record it I can't wait to be able toshare that with you guys and to to really show you how GoWild has evolvedas content creators not just a platform but how how we're challenging our teamand our perspective and our trying to utilize our knowledge and ourunderstanding and our community for good so I'm excited to share that with youall it's good I think you're going to be really excited about it if you've everhad a question about the outdoors and how to make yourself better and youwanted to connect with the right people and you know you've been frustrated likejust like I was frustrated when I started go out you know I could not findpeople to answer questions if you have been there whether it's with fishinghunting hiking whatever it is you know I thinkI think you're gonna really enjoy episode 100 so that's my teaser I hopeyou'll tune back in for that again please subscribe to the GoWild youtubechannel or to restless native on the podcast platforms that you're followingalong with so that you make sure you catch that episode that is it for metoday I appreciate you guys I'm out.

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