5 Ways You're Ruining Your Bike | Essential Indoor & Outdoor Bike Maintenance Tips

your bike your trusty steed your pride and joy many of us absolutely love our bikes and ride them all year round so surely we take good care of them well you may think you do but today I'm actually gonna be sharing five ways in which you may actually

be ruining your bike or at least accelerating the wear of its components but before we get into that make sure you've subscribed to g10 you could do that just below this video and once you're there why not hit the bell icon to be notified every time our videos

goes up [Music] ah that all-important cafe ride you've pulled up for some delicious coffee and cake but in the midst of all that cake excitement you've forgotten about looking after your pride and joy what am I talking about here well there are loads of points on your bike

that you could use to lean up against a wall of railing a fence a chair whatever it may be but there are actually only a couple of points that you should use that will guarantee to preserve the look of your bike the main and probably the best practice

is using your rear tire and then if necessary your handlebars preferably onto the bar taking onto the brake lever or the shifter and then obviously not using yourself that is a common go-to I've been there I've lent my bike up against a brick wall and it's ripped the

side of the saddle or at least it can scratch it and then it goes without saying using your frame isn't absolute no no it is not easy to fix a frame now the cafe stop isn't the only time you need to be careful about placing your bike got

a puncture or a mechanical well the age-old bike upside down trick is not the best practice that is a surefire way of potentially scratching your hoods to your shifters or your saddle or at least transferring the dirt and grime off the road straight onto your bib Shores or

your hands the best practice is actually if you can't hand it to a mate is line your bike gently down on the non-drive side preferably onto a soft surface such as some grass and if you're using a TT bike definitely don't turn that upside down many of us

have learned the hard way on that one regardless of how or where you're placing your bike just make sure it is secure stable and safe a few things are worse than seeing or at least hearing a beautiful carbon bike clattering down onto the pavement [Music] well I want

to lube lube he's very important how much should you be using and on what parts well these are all very important cycling related questions chain lube is essential for minimizing the amount of moisture that we get into internal bushings and pins and for reducing the amount of friction

between moving parts now broadly speaking there are two types of chain it we've got wet lube and dry Li wet for wet conditions drive the dry conditions now using dry lube in wet conditions could result in the lubricant being quickly stripped from the chain and leaving the chain

susceptible to rust wear and corrosion using wet in dry conditions can leave the chain almost acting like a magnet picking up dust sand grit whatever you may be riding through and accelerating the wear of some of the components on your bike another common mistake we see people doing

quite a lot is actually applying more lubricant to an already dirty and lubricated chain now you might think the more lube the better but actually again it just makes that chain a magnet is gonna attract loads of dirt and grime off the road and absolutely destroy everything in

its path the cassette the jockey wheels etc and again just accelerating the wear of the components on your bike so best practice make sure you're decreasing your chain rate do your part applying a lube regularly to your chain and most importantly the correctly now training indoors is a

staple for many triathletes out there but how is this destroying or ruining your bike well in all that sweat that drips off you onto the bike well that is pretty lethal stuff not only is it just disgusting when you peel back your old bar tape and fine or

that old sweat that smell is revolting it's actually the salt in your sweat that can be so lethal because if that gets into your bike it can end up corroding rusting some parts particularly the bolts which in turn will weaken those bolts and could potentially lead to them

breaking which is obviously pretty dangerous so way around this is to make sure you lay a towel down over your bike when you do do a turbo session or some sort of sweat catcher and although it may seem quite weird given that you are riding your bike indoors

keeping it fairly clean make sure you are washing your bike down and cleaning it still on a regular basis a hair at GTM we love to be able to maintain our bikes regularly and from our own home and some of our own mechanical videos may have inspired you

to do the same it's great for your wallet but I would say just be cautious and wear it because using incorrect tools or correct tools incorrectly can end up being quite dangerous and quite costly now if you are embarking on any mechanics I just make sure that you

refer to manufacturer's instructions for the specific component you're working on or the tools that you're using and obviously just making sure that you're confident it and doing that task there is absolutely no shame in dropping a bike into your local bike shop or at least just seeking some

advice from them and trust me there's nothing worse than rounding out a bolt stripping the thread or even cross threading something so if that is you you're slightly unsure just make sure you do your research and drop it into a bike shop is your bike regularly dirty are

you riding in the rain often perhaps you live near the beach and your bike and chain picks up sand quite regularly whatever the conditions having a dirty bikes a surefire way to ruining your bike more quickly now quite often problems are disguised under the dirt and grime on

your bike components will start to function more poorly and perhaps even their wear out more quickly now what I suggest here is actually just washing your bike down quickly after every ride if you can just a quick rinse down dry off and re lube that chain then obviously

a more thorough clean on a fairly regular basis that's going to keep that bike looking nice and beautiful hopefully functioning well and preventing any mechanical disasters and most importantly keeping those components running from far far longer now there are five ways in which you may inadvertently be ruining

your bike let us know if any of these has surprised you or if you think we've missed any off drop them down in the comment section below I hope you have enjoyed today's video make sure you give it a like and don't forget to follow GTN on social


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