15 Minute Pilates Booty Workout (no equipment)… this will BURN 🔥

hey guys cassie here and welcome to today's beginner butt workout now before we get started i want to thank pronamel for sponsoring today's video i like to use pronamel because it's gentler on my tooth enamel it strengthens my teeth because it's peach neutral and also helps protect against

acid erosion even though i eat pretty healthy it doesn't mean that i'm safe against the acid in my healthy foods like the ones you can find in fruit fruit juices sparkling water with lemon and even salad dressings i'm telling you this because i want you to take care

of your smile that's like one of the most important things all right you guys now on to the workout i want to let you know that today's video is 15 minutes it's all about the booty i'm gonna go over the foundation of everything making sure that you have

proper form and technique so that when we move on and graduate on to level two intermediate and level three super crazy advance you will be able to do the moves with perfection and the most effectiveness okay all right thanks for enamel now on to the workout so you

guys for first move we're gonna get into the pointed butt lift so what i want you to do is to get on all fours for me palms underneath the shoulders just like so and go ahead and lift your right right foot okay just like that so what you're

going to do here making sure that your hips are square to the mat you're simply going to lift up like this and up just like that very nice you guys nice and slow and controlled so things that i want you to really watch out for okay i don't

want you to open your hip like this i don't want you to slouch like this keep those arms straight but also like mini bend in them okay i want you to point your toes belly button in lift so this is also working that low back and that upper

glute lift perfect and you want to stay high if you do get tired it's okay to limit your range of motion down here but you can get the most when you're up you really want to think about there is like a little gnome pushing on that knee pushing

you up higher higher like that lift oh yes so you guys because this is our beginner butt lift um we're not gonna do all the moves on one side first we're gonna switch so that you can survive okay in our next video in intermediate then in advance i

am definitely going to load it on on one side right now you're lucky and lift but it's still hard right i'm feeling it 10 more seconds and lift and lift you're doing so good all right you guys now same thing you're going to lift up the other leg

i'm going to lift and lift try not to flare out that knee right here ah toes to the sky to the ceiling beautiful now let's watch those hands are they underneath your shoulders are your hips square okay belly button shining down onto the mat our palms are pressing

into the mat elbows slightly bend so we're not all crazy like this okay shoulders relaxed neck eyes slightly forward on the edge of your mat lift lift it's so crazy how this tiny movement can do so much yes and endless amazing up and up i really want you

to think about pointing your toes why because that will help engage your entire leg yeah how's the feeling nice and slow that's what we want right here and just concentrate keeping those hips nice and square beautiful ah you're doing so good this is your beginner butt lift and

it's feeling and also banana right now this is hard and lift and lift and lift and one more right here good now you guys let's head back to that right butt cheek we're gonna go into our hammy curl so check it out and keep the arms in the

same position you're gonna lift up this time but this time you are flexing your foot okay so i want you to lead with your heel just like so strain out that leg before coming back in so really important that you're keeping that core shining down towards the mat

and try not to open up your hips okay here we go out and in extend and in now i know you've probably heard me say this a million times before but i'm gonna say it again you guys the hamstrings are the elevator to your booty that's why you

gotta work it and that's what this move here is for i really want you to push try not to move the knee the knee stays in one position okay again that little gnome underneath your knee now it's just holding you there okay like it's a a bolster or

something just holding you there out and in very nice lengthen are you flexing how you feeling and out and amazing you guys by the way my hair is growing so long because i stopped dyeing it like a lighter color and it's so much healthier now keep going plus

it's like what i'm eating too all these healthy foods is really like making my body thrive other side go ahead and lift up flexing that foot making sure the knee stays around hip height you're going to lengthen flexing that foot out and bring it back in all right

you're ready let's make it good hand me curls here we go out and in and out and in beautiful really paying attention to your lines extend so good out you're doing amazing again keeping those hips square to the mat try not to open beautiful good stuff lengthening you

got it come on now back to the hair my goal is to have it go down to my low back and i think it's almost there i gotta check i gotta check maybe when i straighten it it's pretty much there so then i guess my next goal would

be to have my hair at low back curled yeah that'll be my next goal lengthen and i love living a life with like goals and things to look ahead to including my hair growth and else and in but seriously having healthy hair just makes me also feel like

so much more beautiful and confident you know what i mean just like another part of your body that you can work on and see grow it's kind of like house plants you know what i'm saying i love house plants out and and out and in almost there out

and in bring it down okay you guys i don't know about you but my butt cheeks are on fire now we're gonna go into our straight leg heel lift so you're gonna come down onto the mat right here elbows down palms flat into the mat okay your back

is still flat now i'm gonna extend out your right leg you're in lift and lower so you're flexing and down now we're basically combining the first move and the second move getting your hamstrings and that butt lift entire glute and low and up come up down really flexing

the heel towards the ceiling and because this is beginner level one i'm not going to make you pulse but i do want a nice long full extension with the with the heel down and up good come on low lift breathe keeping your chest down to the mat and

don't open your hips low lift low yeah this is hard even for beginner well actually even for anything it's just hard but it's so simple let's go down up down up come on almost there one more [Music] okay rest go ahead and give yourself a little booty power

on to the other side you guys lengthen that leg i want you to flex the foot we're gonna come all the way up keeping those hips in line and coming down ready and here we go bring it up down up down [Music] lift ah nice keep going palms

pressing into the mat you got it by the way this is one of my favorite mats it's hard in the clouds i just feel like i'm on cloud bread right now by the way have you seen my cloud bread video i am obsessed it's just egg whites monk

fruit sugar and tapioca flour it's actually really good and feels like heaven melting in your mouth up down up super high protein and i'm sugar free too if you use among fruit sugar so check my ig for that or my tick tock you'll get the recipe lit and

laura come on up down you got it slipped you guys my hamstrings are on fire come on almost there let's go you're doing amazing [Music] and last one oh my gosh okay another booty pack you guys we've got five hydrants so this one i really need to talk

about because i see a lot of people opening up their hips for this one so what i want you to do is to really and i'm gonna turn this way so you can see me okay so you're gonna open up your knee to hip height before coming down

all right like this boom and in up and down so i'm on the same leg that we started with okay boom to make sure you give the other butt cheek a nice little break all right so really important here that we're not leaning over to get that leg

higher i'd rather you stay small right here just like that you're still going to get that side glute benefit nice now if you can open really think about bringing that outer thigh to the ceiling okay up and down just like that you are doing amazing come on let's

go let's go keep your eyes down on the mat don't worry about looking forward like this relax your head up down yeah so good how's that booty feeling is it on fire it's crazy and uh and down breathing one more right here so good okay i'm gonna turn

this one so you can see my other um fire hydrant so you're up and down so you don't have to move around like me i just wanted to do that so that the camera show you the best angle for this uh fire hydrant position now let's slow it

down a little bit we're up and down right there hold and down that's gonna make a big difference if you really give me that hold for coming down it's way better than going fast okay because you can really power through this and not feel much but if you

hold make every movement count man it's gonna bring you so much more out and in open that outer thigh to the ceiling so good keep going out and in [Music] lift and lower keeping those hips squared to the mat chest down to the mat spine long and straight

no hunching you have a lot of time to really focus on your form here i want your technique to be good okay pay attention to these moves that's what pilates is all about is that purpose behind your movement and uh one more up and down oh my gosh

give your booty a nice pass you guys go ahead and head down okay we're gonna lay down for just a second coming all the way down i'm gonna move my hair out of the way now we're gonna head into our bridge legs are hip width apart feet to

the floor lift and lower up and down so really important here your head neck and shoulders are resting on the mat all the energy is in your lower body okay up and down and if you've been doing power plays for a while you'll know that i always say

this when we do bridges you're going to squeeze your butt cheeks together on the top as if you were squeezing a penny between your butt cheeks that's how ty i want you to squeeze squeeze and lower come on up and down lift yep are you squeezing look i

can't check you better be squeezing the penny or whatever you want it to be is it a dollar coin a two dollar coin maybe the heavier the better and lift and down i guess you could squeeze off a ton of things between your butt cheeks but i'm just

gonna stop talking about the butt cheeks right now and lift and lower and up and down and lift and lower doing so good up and down really squeezing yes good stuff now hold it right there you guys this is your final move we've got bridge walks this is

gonna be crazy for your hamstrings i'm already shaking you guys how you feeling okay we're gonna go out out in in the key is to keep those hips nice and high i don't want you to sag at all we're out out in in this is your final move

so i really want you to pay attention to making this really perfect okay as perfect as you can perfect to your body's needs nice you guys keeping it high and this is a great pace this song really good with this walk nice relax your shoulders keep those hips

high you're doing amazing come on you guys last 30 seconds here you've got it [Music] i cannot wait to see what i'm gonna do to you in level two intermediate booty cause this is already hard man do you remember the final extreme thighs video where my leg was

like crazy shaking and i couldn't stop that's what i want to happen in the third and final um extreme of the booty and that's it you guys go ahead and lift your hips up and slowly roll down oh my gosh can we just stretch your butt real quick

let's just stretch her but i want you to bring the knees over each other hold on to the toes lift up oh man making sure that spine is pressing to the mat and pull down slightly oh my gosh oh my gosh i feel so much right there and

i'm barely pulling down that's how tight my glutes are you stretch like once more pull down one more let's go ahead and switch bring other knee on top of other knee lifting up and pulling down wow you guys beginner booty was a whole nother beast that i did

not expect that's that is what happens with the repetition it is some magic right there oh man okay go ahead and bring your legs forward reach those arms long inhale exhale slowly roll up with control and bring your arms down once again big thanks to pranamal for sponsoring

today's workout and making today's video possible don't forget to try pronamil toothpaste especially if you have an acidic diet pronoun can help strengthen your enamel as well as protect your teeth from sensitivity so you guys thank you so much for joining me today i'm so proud of you

for finishing today's beginner butt workout and i will see you next week for intermediate level 2 and you can expect that booty to be shaken even more i'll see you later [Music] bye

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