14 Best Cars BMW Ever Made

– BMW, they're one of the most respected road car manufacturers in the history.

Over the years, they have given some of the greatest cars ever.

But which one is the absolute best? In this list, we've got oldBMWs, we've got new BMWs.

We've even got a BMW ownedby rock and roll royalty, and no, I'm not talking about myself.

These are the 14 bestproduction BMWs of all time, and this show is called.

– [Narrator] D-List.

– Number 14, E36 M3 LTW CSL.

After having to start so many lists of great cars with thewords “Not sold in America, ” I finally, finally, get to say this.

The BMW E36 M3 LTW CSL often referred to as the Lightweight wassold, are you ready? Only in North America.

I just got shivers.

Now let's not get it twisted.

The regular E36 M3 is one ofthe raddest cars out there.

Especially in Dakar Yellow.

Watch our video on yellowcars from last week to find out more about that.

However, in the monthsafter the M3 launching in 1992, American raceteams were immediately just bugging BMW to homologate the car so that they can race it.

So 1995, they gave the worldthe LTW or Lightweight CSL a version of their DTMin World Touring Car which was also homologatedfor use on the US roads.

They managed to shave 200 pounds from the dry weight of the car by getting rid of theradio, a lot of the car bit, the sunroof, the air conditioning, tools, you know, all of the stuff that none of our cars actually have.

They also upgraded the stock suspension and removed the limiter on the engine.

Like about 125 of these carswere built at the BMW factory in Munich before being shipped to Virginia, which is where I was born, to have their distinctive red and blue checkered flag decals applied over their Alpine White paint jobs.

And yes, all of thesecars were painted white.

Each car also had a kit put in the trunk which included severalof the race ready parts such as an adjustablefront splitter, spacers to raise the rear wing which weren't, technically, legal for the road.

It was like, you know howDodge did the Demon Crate? It was like BMW did theDemon Crate almost 30 years before Dodge did the Demon Crate.

Now somehow, BMW had a reallyhard time selling these when they first came out, but one guy, really likedthem and bought five.

May have heard of him.

His name is Paul Walkerand they all just sold for like a bajillion dollars this year.

Number 13, E34 M5 Touring.

The third generation of thefive series was produced between 1987 and 1996.

The M5 Touring arrived in 1991, and was the first M car tobe available in a wagon.

It was powered by one ofBMW's most successful engines.

The 3.

8 liter, inline six S38.

It made 335 horsepower, setting the benchmark for fast wagons for years to come.

It also came on some of thecoolest OEM wheels ever made.

17-inch Throwing Stars.

Number 12, the BMW 850CSi.

In 2018, BMW brought usthe new eight series.

The first eighth series sincethe original eight series back in 1990.

Now the original, E31, was BMW's attempt to corner the Grand Tourer market.

BMW's in Germany, so is the Autobahn.

What is a Grand Tourer? Grand Tourer's a car that you can drive 130 miles anhour very comfortably.

And they spent close to a billion dollars on RND and pioneered the useof CAD software in car design, which is very impressive.

And the results were amazing.

The E31 is one thecoolest looking cars ever.

It had very low drag and a really cool, one of my favorite design features of any car, no B-pillar.

You got your A-pillar here, and you got your C-pillarback here, you need one if you got a roof, then alot of cars got this one boy in the middle just likemessing up the flow, but you keep this boy open, just like.

But I'm willing to bet thatpeople weren't buying this car for its looks as much aswhat was under the hood, because the E31 was availablewith two engine specs.

Either a V8 or a V12.

Now that V12, by the way, was an earlier version of the engine that ended upgoing into the McLaren F1.

It's a freaking great motor.

Number 11, the Z3M Coupe.

Now the Z3M was another first for BMW.

Their first fully convertible M car.

Though, it's not officially an M car, but an M variant of a standard car.

Nevertheless, came witha lot of tasty extras and upgrades usually reserved for the Ms.

But BMW's piece de laresistance wasn't the Z3M, but the Z3M Coupe.

The Coupe Z3M was given a controversial, to say the least, shooting break design which really divided opinion.

You either love it or you hate it.

Personally, I love it.

I think it's one of the best, coolest looking cars ever.

I want it so bad.

The other day we were driving and my girlfriend was like”What is that ugly damn car? “I bet you like it.

” And I was like “Yeah babe, I really really love it.

“They call it a Clownshoe.

” And she was like, “Yeah, it makes sense.

“It looks like a shoe of a clown.

” Now I love this car because it's such a weirdbusiness decision for BMW.

I mean, they basicallytook all the good stuff from their M3s and put itinto a much smaller car.

I mean, it's tiny.

BMW, I want to thank you for being so freaking weird and awesome.

Number 10, the E39 M5.

Where previous M cars have put full focus on performance, the E39 BMW made an effort to mix performance and luxury in a way that they had never done before.

They took BMW into the 21st century and set the benchmark forM cars moving forward.

The E39 M5 was the firstto be powered by the S62.

A 4.

9 liter V8 capable ofproducing 394 horsepower with the help of VANOS.

VANOS stood for VariableNockenwellen Steurung and meant that the cam timing couldbe adjusted by the engine depending on the performancerequired by the driver.

It's basically V-tech for BMWs and it was a gamechanger when it came out.

Interestingly, the E39M5 never came as a wagon which I think was a huge mistake, but that didn't matter all that much because tuning company, Alpina, would make you an E39 B10 wagon.

Number nine, the number nine, the number nine, BMW M2 CS.

Now when the M2 launched in2016, it was a revelation.

Where in recent years, the M3 had grown to size of a five series, theM2 was a tiny two-door coupe.

The new for 2012 M2 CS has taken that one step further, borrowing the larger inline six from the M4 CS.

444 horsepower with 406pound feet of torque with either a six feet manual or a seven speed dual clutch auto.

It's not like a DSG.

It's based on a manual transmission so when you put it in neutral, it rolls.

There's no torque converter.

It's like as close tolike an electronic manual as anyone has ever been.

It's phenomenal.

What's so cool about theM2 CS, for me, is the fact that we have a very tinycar with tons of horsepower and a huge focus on handling.

It's awesome.

Number eight, the E24 635CSi.

E24 was the first of BMW's now well-established sex series line, and came to market in 1976.

It's gorgeous.

It looks like a knife andpeople call it The Shark.

BMW did make an M variant of this car, but for me, the 635CSi is the one to have and that's why it is the one on this list.

I love how much of a badass car it was despite not being an M car.

It came with a 3.

5liter, inline six capable of putting down 217 horsepower.

It was all wrapped upin what has to be one of the prettiest bodiesBMW has ever produced.

I think one of their most iconic race cars of this time was the 635 Group A.

This car is the reason I smoked cigarettes when I was a teenager.

Don't smoke.

It's disgusting and stupid and it might give youa heart attack one day.

Number seven, the E28 M5.

This is my dad's favorite car ever, and I wish I could buy him one.

Now this is the other shark nose, the E28, and it arrived in 1981 andwas produced through 1988.

Seven years before Post Malone was born.

The E28 had been indevelopment since the mid 70s, and at that time, thecompany had only one computer which was used for payroll management.

And design team ended upborrowing that computer when it wasn't being used to develop this newdrivetrain and chassis.


The E28 was also fitted with one of the sweetest engines BMW has ever made, the M88 inline six.

Personal E28 fact when I was a little kid, like a really little kid, like a baby, like a toddler, I had really bad asthma, andI would have asthma attacks and we'd have to go to the emergency room and they put me in like a respirator.

At one point, I spent like amonth or two in an oxygen tent.

There's one night where I hada really bad asthma attack and I was just choking, and my parents thought I was gonna die.

And my dad had a 1987 Alpine White 535is.

Not quite an M5, but almost an M5.

There's like a story my family, that that night my dad drove so fast that the tires never touched the road and that's the reason that I lived.

And E28 BMW is widely accepted by my family as saving my life.

So I love these cars very much.


Number six, the 507 Roadster.

Now there are only 252 of thesebuild between 1956 and 1959.

This BMW Roadster is the mostcollectible BMW ever made, and for good reason.

The list of ownersalone qualifies this car into a particularly elite group with F1 driver John Surtees, F1 kingpin Bernie Ecclestone, and even Elvis.

Yes, that Elvis, owning one.

Elvis picked his 507 up whilehe was stationed in Europe during the war, and his was pearl white, and he used to have thewomen he dated kiss it.

And when Elvis had tocome back to the States and he sold the car, it was socovered in gals' mouth paint that the dude who boughtit repainted it red.

Which was, in hindsight, probably a mistake.

I think I would have just kept all like the lady kisses aimed at Elvis on it, probably would have made it worth like a lot, a lot, alot, a lot, a lot, a lot of money right now.

It's like Tupac was killedin a seven series BMW in Las Vegas and last year, the car that he was murdered in was for sale, but they like restored it.

I don't know much aboutinvestments and moneys and stuff but seems like a no-brainer to me.

Number five, the BMW M1.

If anyone ever ask me like”If you can have any car, “what car would you have?” The answer is not easy.

It's like “What do you mean? “Like a car I got to drive everyday, “or money's not anoption, or like whatever?” This is the car that Ihave decided is my answer, and that's because it was the first M car.

Right, let that sink in for a second.

More than 40 years ofirresponsible driving, all because of this car.

And did I mention that ithas the engine in the middle? Because BMW decided to gofreaking insane in the 70s.

Initially, it was built by Lamborghini before they went bankrupt back then.

Basically, by the time that Lamborghini finished the cars, group five wasn't a thing anymore.

So, what did BMW do? They started their own race series.

That's what they did andthey only had BMW M1s in it.

It was called the Procar Series, and it was basically the opening act before F1 Gran Prix races in 1979.

And basically, they took thetop 10 Formula 1 drivers, and also a handful of otherracers and just rich guys, and the morning before theF1 race, they would all race in BMW M1s.

That's insane, dude.

Those guys are insured forlike 56 million dollars.

They're just gonna put them in a stock car and have them bump doors withsome freaking up and comer and like a rich dude? Absurd.

Number four, the E46 M3 GTR.

The E46 M3 is one of the bestcars ever made in my opinion, and the M3 CSL is abetter version than that.

Both are phenomenal.

Both worthy of a spot on this list.

But the E46 spot on thelist of best production BMWs of all time goes towell, listen to this car.

Now you might be like “What? “James, that's a racing prototype.

“That's not a production car.

” Well, I'm here to say thatyou're dead wrong pal.

You're dead freaking wrong.

That's right.

BMW was not content of having made one of the greatest sports cars of all time with the inline six powered E46 M3.

BMW actually developed V8 M3 and in order to race it, theyhad to produce road cars.

BMW had to make only 10 GTRroad cars for homologation.

But allegedly, only ended up making six, and only actually selling three, and the MSRP was a quarterof a million euros.

The road car got the four liter V8 which had been developed just for the GTR.

And it kept many of theracing engine features like dry sump, had the same transmission, had the same depth.

It was only very slightly de-tuned down to 382 HRSPRS for the road.

And thanks to all that powerand a lot of weight saving through the use of carbonfiber, the GTR road car had a top speed of 183 miles per hour.

Today, it's a unicorn and I know that it's a stretch to put iton a list of production cars, but on paper, it totally qualifies.

So, boom.

Number three, the 2002 Turbo.

Coming in number threeis one of the first cars to ever use turbo technology, and sort of like a shot in the face for anybody who is pissedoff when the M3 became turbo.

It's like forced inductionis part of BMW's history, so.

Now the BMW 2002 is an icon.

And really launched a lot of what we think of as BMW these days.

People loved it, but whatdo people always want? (alarms rings) More power, baby.

Hey man, good to see you.

Thanks for coming out.

Thank you, I'm a fan.

I'm excited about your new show.

And because people wantedmore power baby, BMW decided to fit something that had beenkicking around the workshop since their airplane manufacturing days.

Turbo power, baby.

This little rocket ship ofa car produced 170 HRSPRS and 177 pound feet of torques.

But, unfortunately, becauseof the oil crisis in the 70s, and primitive turbo technology, it ate a lot of gas.

So while everyone wantedone, nobody could afford to have one, so only 1, 672 were ever made.

One of the best looking turbo fonts.

I might get that tattooedabove my heart, honestly.

I've been thinking abouta heart attack tattoo.

And they even printed itbackwards on the front of the car so you could see it coming.

I'm gonna do it backwards.

Everyday, when I look in the mirror, it's like “Oh yeah dog, turbo.

” Let's do it.

Number two, and honestly, when we started thinking of this list, this onewas definitely number one, but it is number two, so Ithink you're gonna be surprised at number one but not mad at us.

The E30 M3.

Now you could literallynot have a list of BMWs without mentioning the car that, in my opinion, literally made BMW.

The OG, original (mumbles), M3.

Now as a follow up to the E21 three series which gave us the 320i Turbo, one of the raddest racing BMWs ever made, but E30 platform had a lot to live up to when it was released in 1982.

And, oh let's just say, it did.

The standard E30 platform is phenomenal, but when the M3 came out in 1986, a year after I was born, nine years before Post Malone wasborn, it changed everything.

Not just for BMW, but forsmall race cars in general.

The M3 was BMW's road goinghomologation special for racing, and it shared basically no parts with the base model E30like the one sitting in Max's garage right now.

It was wider, it was boxier, it was lighter, and it was powered by the almighty naturally-aspiratedS14 inline four.

Production cars made 200horsepower which is insane for a four-cylinder atthat time with no turbos.

But the race cars made 300 horsepower.


They were competing againstfreaking turbocharged and all-wheel drive cars.

And this thing ate everything up.

Spa, the Nurburgring, GroupB rally stages, you name it, and the M3 won in it.

In fact, this car is the mostvictorious racing chassis of all time.

It combined the luxury of the BMW name with pure racing dominations, cementing the term Ultimate Driving Machine.

And really, this is why BMW is BMW.

Finally we are here.

There's so many cool cars on this list.

I think, pound for pound, this is the most heavy hitter episode we've ever done so far.

Every single car on thislist is a freaking stunner.

And so finding thenumber one BMW ever sold was a really huge challenge.

But we all agree that number one has to go to the 3.

0 CSLa.


a The Prime Mobile.

The E9 first came along in 1968.

Now those early E9s aregreat because they had that classic late 60s styling.

They're all chrome, wrapped around fenders, and little, tiny 10-inch wheels.

Initially, they had four-cylinder engines.

They're cute, they're quaint.

But over the years, the engines got bigger.

Little by little until ourold friend homologation came along in 1972.

Now BMW had decided to racethe three liter version of the E9 in the EuropeanTouring Car Championships.

1, 265 CSLs, the L standing for lightweight were built in 1972.

Designers used thinner steel on the body.

The doors were aluminum.

The windows were plexiglass.

Practically, all the trimwas stripped from the car including the soundproofing.

Sadly, we never got the CSL in the States, but I mean, if you can afford to buy one, you can afford to import one.

Finally in 1973, theultimate 3.

0 was homologated, and a huge front air dam, the front fenders were huge, and the rear spoiler was huge.

Very similar to the E36, rear spoiler wasn't fitted to the car from thefactory, but it was left in the trunk for home instillation, because they were illegal.

And on the track, it literally cleaned up.

They went on to completely dominate the Group Two Touring CarChampionship all over Europe.

If the E30 M3 is the reason that BMW is BMW right now, the 3.

0 CSL is the reason that BMW felt confidentenough to make the E30 M3.

This is one of thecoolest cars ever built, and that's why I have dubbedit the coolest BMW ever made.

This list is very close to me.

I know that I missed a lot of the ones that you guys think should be on here.

Go easy on me, but Ican't wait to talk to you about them in the comments.

And I'm sure there'll be another episode on BMWs on The D-list.

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