10 MIN FULL BODY WORKOUT | No Equipment Bodyweight – Home Workout

Welcome to the best full-body workout you have ever done in your life.

Let's get started.

Let's just go straight into that warmup We're starting off with a warm-up of air squats you want to drop as low as you can into your squat your feet are slightly Wider than shoulder-width apart and you're feeling good.

You're feeling good cuz you're doing good If you need a longer warmup pause the video get that in.

I have some examples in the description box and Let's get lit together butt kick squat so you're gonna drop into a squat and when you stand up you're going to attempt to touch your heel to your butt cheeks because This is a talent and we are talented humans around here.

Are you ready? Even if you're not ready, we're still gonna do it anyway, so let's get started Good good, don't worry about speed right now just focus on getting your form your knees shouldn't be going too far past your toes and the way you ensure that is to make Sure, you're sitting back into that imaginary chair when you drop into your squat You're doing good Next up we have switch kicks you're going to hop on one foot and kick your other leg out if you're unable to do the hopping motion do the Modification on the right where you're simply kicking your leg out Your goal here is to get your heart rate up.

And in this case you really are going for speed.

So do your best Your best is always good enough Good kick kick kick kick Before you know it this whole workout is going to be over and you're going to be feeling good that you showed up Almost there, you're almost there engage your abs.


Make sure your abs always stay involved in all your exercises next up we're going to do our Lunges you lunge forward and twist if you're unable to twist when you lunge forward do the alternating lunges of the modification on the right When you lunge do not let your back knee touch the floor and you push off with the same foot that stepped out.

Let's go There you go, you lunge you hold it and you twist from one side to the other your arms should be extended in front of you like a robot like I Am robot.

There you go This is a more challenging variation of regular lunches and it's okay if you struggle a bit just do your best Let's go let's go you're hopping from side to side touching your toes If you're unable to touch your toes to the modification on the right She was a skater boy.

She said see you later boy Is it really a workout if I don't sing keep going you're doing good Almost there get your heart rate up very important for this workout Next up you're gonna go on the floor.

We are doing quarter Jets.

Don't think about it.

Don't think about it Don't even think about it.

Just just do it.

There you go.

You're in that plank position.

You're stepping one foot at a time You're going for speed and your abs are engaged.

This is a full body workout after this you get a break You look amazing Keep going almost there.

Just a few more seconds.

You are changing your life and that is amazing That's awesome.

Oh Yeah, go ahead and take a quick break drink some water I'll be right back Just in case you're new here my name is Cola just like coca-cola and I am Married, and I have a son and we live in Indiana and we have a dog a Jack Russell terrier I'm a personal trainer and and Also certified in nutrition.


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I can't fit into this break period so just come over do the try It's free to try and let's let's just I think that's what I want to say.

I think yeah Welcome back We are going hard with push-ups if you're unable to do a full push-up you can do the modification on the left Which has you on your knees and it's okay if your elbows are not besides your torso Doing wide push-ups is a bit easier than putting your elbows near torso So just do as many as you can manage in the time that we have It's a full body workout we got to do it all You are awesome keep going Don't stop don't stop.

Just keep moving.

Make sure you're moving when that timer hits zero That was good All right We're gonna do donkey pulses you're getting on all fours Extend one leg and just pulse your leg the whole time if you start to burn a little too much It's okay to release but your goal here is to just stay pulsing the whole time this burns It's awesome for the booty Make sure your abs are engaged sucked in very good Switch legs That was good we're going to do mountain climbers Next abs are engaged and you're just running Running horizontally for whatever reason who comes up with these exercises Let's just do it.

Don't think about it.

Just do it You're not even gonna believe that you're almost at the end of this workout already that went by so fast Even with the push-ups you're doing amazing.

Just keep moving.

You might be moving in slow motion, but at least you're moving This is good you are doing good Go go go go.

Go go go go go go go.

That was good side planks Just hold in your side plank Try to keep us try to have a straight line from your head all the way down to your ankles tuck your abs in and You can do this Let's go Don't worry about the time don't worry about the time just do your best You're almost at the end hold it this is one of the best exercises out there and You're doing it you are doing one of the best exercises that exists in life Just hold it we're almost there Suck those muscles in good control your body.

Don't let your hips sad Don't let them hike toward the ceiling just maintain this neutral position.

You can do that.

You got this Yes, of course we have to do the other side as well one side of your body is Typically stronger than the other so you may struggle more on one side than the other.

It's totally normal Just do what you can do.

Your best is always good enough Just keep holding you don't even have to move That's the funny thing about planks.

You literally do not have to move.

You just need to control your muscles and stay in this sideways position Hang in there you're doing amazing Almost there hold it hold it Hold it Good now we're going to flip over you're gonna be on your chest and we're going to do some Sphinx pushes your hips Should be on the mat the front of your thigh on the mat and you extend your arms.

This works your lower back If you watched my lower back video You may remember I mentioned this before if you're doing a lot of ab exercises if you're doing a lot of even squats It's a good idea to train your lower back to avoid pain and discomfort Almost there Good, we're going to do a child's pose to cool down.

Just let your heart rate come down Let your body relax a little bit let your muscles loosen up I recommend doing more stretches than what I'm able to fit in this 10-minute video Very slowly just roll up You worked out today you did that You showed up and showed out and that just makes my day.

I hope it makes your day – Finally I want you to put a slight bend in your knee give yourself a huge hug I just want to remind you that sometimes things may get tough But you are even tougher than anything that's happening.

You're amazing.

You're beautiful You're awesome, and I love you.

Thank you so much for working out with me today Subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven't done so already and I will see you in my next workout video You.

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